How do different playlists blend?

How do different playlists blend?
Travel all over the world and find that there is no such person.

Wen /eel whale

I was crazy about a song in which there was only accompaniment and monologue. The general idea of the lyrics is like this-one night, the girl asked the male god to see "2001 Space Odyssey", which she could not understand more than a decade ago. Today, the girl finally understands. At the end of the show, the male god gentleman sends the girl home. The girl is still excitedly talking to each other about the plot in the movie, admiring Kubrick, the male god nodded and did not answer. The girl asked "is it good?" and the male god said "I don't understand." At the end of the

song, she asked in agony, "Why can't the perfect man understand Kubrick?" Perfect male god, can defects be forgiven? "

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recently, I seem to be cut off from the rest of the world. I have closed my moments, stopped using Wechat, shut down my mobile phone, or even turned off my phone automatically. If I don't go out, I will actually be cut off from the outside world. Until 7-up got through to my landline, Oh, by the way, the phone at home seemed to be out of service. I could get through and couldn't get out. It feels like I haven't seen you with 7-up for a century, and I'm a little surprised. After all, there are very few people who can remember your landline number.

7-up asked me to meet. I changed my moldy pajamas, picked out my favorite suit, changed it, and put on makeup. I thought we could talk for a long time as usual and go out with this idea. The place where I met with 7-up was the coffee shop I used to go to in high school. The other party arrived early, and there was already a cup of my old favorite on the table.

sit down, we greet each other, and then I talk about the recent frenzied movie, the music of the cycle, the band that loves so much, and a wonderful part of the book I read, which makes me think. I talked about wonderful ideas, talked about my plans for the future, and told the story of "A man died near me recently, but I watched a comedy in my room." it's customary for the other person to talk to me about it. But I don't know if I haven't contacted the track for too long, or for what reason, 7-up yawned during the conversation.

it was late. 7-up said to drive me home. I told him that my father would pick me up for midnight snacks and let him go first. Three minutes after he left, I pushed open the glass door and walked back alone in the drizzle.

I met two boys a few days ago, temporarily known as "high achiever" and "low achiever". High achiever is good-looking, tall, heavy-reading, planned, innovative and advanced ideas, low achiever is not good-looking, not tall, dropped out of junior high school, traditional stubborn and narrow-minded. Such two people have become good friends. No matter how different they are in appearance, they are ideologically two extremes, and they can answer two completely opposite points of view for every question I ask.

until I asked, "how long have you known each other?" . High achiever said seven years, low achiever said eight years, two people began to argue, memories, a casually asked question, they quarreled for half an hour before telling me the final answer.

I asked again, "remember how you became a buddy?"

"in fact, it's nothing, but my classmates forgot how they got to know each other." "Oh yes, play ball!" "and also, playing games!"

I asked the third question: "what is the most impressive thing the other person has done?"

high achiever told me that during his freshman year, the old group of friends gathered in the city where he was at university and planned to have a party, but low achiever could not go to work at home. On the eve of the party, he received 1000 yuan from low achiever. Low achiever said at that time, "I can't make it. I'll treat you to this party. You guys have a good time." High achiever said that this is the most impressive thing low achiever has done.

and low achiever told me, it's nothing, brother, everyone knows it.

remembering that in mind Hunter, psychology professor Sean can read will, a hidden mathematical genius, and can do psychological counseling for him, let go of his defenses and help him find what he wants to do most. That kind of "understanding" between a few people is really rare, but Chuck is different. When Chuck was a troubled teenager, he accompanied him to drink and stir up trouble every day, and the brother who moved bricks on the construction site actually relied on will's genius IQ. We don't think they are from the same world, but when will gave up the persuasion to go back to the construction site to move bricks with Chuck, Chuck's words changed my mind--

you are my best brother

I hope you can go where you really belong

even if I

suddenly understand how those two extremes have been in love for eight years.

I used to believe in a word sung by Yang Qianfu, "I am most afraid of traveling all over the world to find that there is no such person", and I was in a state of panic all day long.

An is the person who can eat with me but can't talk to each other, because we have the same obsession with eating, but the view of watching things is at two extremes.

B is the person who can travel with me but cannot eat together. Because we are all restless adventurers like "wild children", but we can't eat together. She loves durian that I never touch. She can't touch the spiciness I love.

C is a person who can work together but cannot travel together, because we are absolutely close partners at work, a source of ideas can collide a lot of sparks, fantastic ideas are strikingly similar, but once we travel together, try, quarrel seven times in three days, how to deal with hotel towels can be noisy, food can be noisy, subway or bus can quarrel

D is a person who can talk to each other but can't work together. I can talk to D unreservedly about my thoughts and negative emotions, but we can't work together. I'm the kind of person who is impatient to say and do. The agreed time will arrive early, and he is the kind of person who can be an hour or two late or even doesn't show up at all. Working with him, I just want to kill this person.

We meet a lot of people, and it seems no problem to lose any of them. Without A, I can eat alone.Dinner or occasionally looking for D, without B, I can travel alone or find A, without C, I can work harder to get things done by myself. Without D, it's okay to talk to B, just have an ice coke and write a diary. But what if they all don't exist?

"I am most afraid to travel all over the world and find that there is no such person."

in fact, I know that even if I travel all over the world, I can't find this person. There is no such person in the world. To this day, I have to admit that what we are looking for is nothing but another self. Copy yourself, listen to the same band, understand the movies you watch, forgive all your negative emotions, talk with you about the sudden idea staying up all night, about midnight snacks and breakfast at five in the morning, and suddenly come up with the idea of getting up in the middle of the night to buy a ticket and skipping class to accompany you to the concert.

so, on the way to play, An is eating, B is traveling, C is working, D is heart-to-heart talk. On ABCD, we pieced together the other one ourselves.

so, if the girl in the song asks again: can the flaw of the perfect male god be forgiven?

I will answer, forgive me.

male gods may not understand Kubrick, girls may not understand Hannah Arendt, but in fact, this does not prevent friends from getting along, does not prevent lovers from getting married, once I did not think so, but now I agree.

it's 04:30 in the morning to finish this article, and D, who can talk to me, has already fallen asleep. I'm going to find an E chat with insomnia. After dawn, I'll call A who is used to getting up early for breakfast.