How long you sit every day determines your life span.

How long you sit every day determines your life span.
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Bacon has a famous saying: habit is a tenacious and great force, it can dominate life. Good habits nourish one's life, but bad habits destroy one's tiredness. What habits do the most harm to the body? People often think of smoking at the first time.

there is a bad habit that is far more harmful to people than smoking, that is, sitting for a long time!


sitting for a long time, the nearest bad habit to death

there was news some time ago:

Ms. Wu took the train for 17 hours. Ms. Wu felt a little numb and sore on her legs. After getting off the train, Ms. Wu suddenly showed symptoms such as shortness of breath, followed by panic and dizziness, which could not be relieved after a rest.

it was diagnosed as pulmonary embolism only after emergency medical treatment, and it was in critical condition.

one of the disadvantages of sitting for a long time is that it makes the blood stay in the lower limbs and slows down the flow, resulting in decreased cardiopulmonary function and insufficient blood supply to the brain. Because of this, sitting for a long time is called the gentlest chronic suicide, the closest action to death. The World Health Organization has long listed sedentary as one of the top ten killers of death and disease.

being sedentary is the worst habit.

correcting bad habits can keep us away from a lot of trouble and form good habits so that we can have a healthier and positive life.

doing more than 40 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a day can offset the risk of death associated with sitting, according to a study. We should consciously avoid sitting for more than 90 minutes. Even when sitting, we can bend over, lift our shoulders, or take a deep breath. After sitting for a long time, getting up and stretching, twisting your waist, or squatting, standing against the wall, raising your legs, push-ups and so on are all relatively simple and easy exercises. You can also practice one or two groups of yoga or tai chi. You don't have to take too long. You can relax your body in a few minutes.

the way to be healthy is to sit as little as possible, walk more and exercise frequently.


sedentary people age earlier

A famous medical journal once published such a study: they evaluated nearly 1500 older women and found that people who like to be sedentary are 8 years older than their actual age.

because sitting for a long time will accelerate the aging of cells, it may not look much different from their peers in appearance, but people in their 40s obviously have the same physical function as those in their 50s.

Haruki Murakami was unhealthy in the first few years when he became a writer. He has been sitting at his desk for a long time, causing his body to decay rapidly from the inside out. Haruki Murakami realized that if he wanted to continue his long writing, he had to find a way to stay healthy. He began a life as regular as a march, fixed desk time every day, jogging in the afternoon, and never changed. The Internal Classic also says: "it hurts blood for a long time, hurts qi for a long time, hurts flesh for a long time, hurts bones for a long time, and hurts muscles for a long time. This is the so-called injury caused by labor."

sitting for a long time makes the body age early. Under the squeeze of various organs over the years, it is difficult not to get hurt.

to let your ass leave the stool regularly is to reduce stress and prolong life.


hyperactivity is king

exercise can not only maintain good health, but also improve memory and effectively prevent diseases.

have a sport that you like and persist in, such as walking, mountain climbing, dancing, etc., in order to keep fit.

the best example is Zhong Nanshan.

even if he is 84 years old, his mental activity is no worse than that of young people. After fighting against the epidemic for several months, he is still full of spirit and always speaks logically and forcefully.

the writer Zhou Ling has a good saying:

exercise is the most natural maintenance secret.

in the first half of life, we invest our time in wealth in order to survive.

and in the second half, we want to invest our limited capital in health.

set aside some time each week to exercise, not too violently, can make us relax, sweat, and persevere.

learn to go out for a walk, make your legs active and pay attention to the beauty around you.

in that way, we will have more energy to live a poem and turn a barren garden into a beautiful world.

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