I admire such a living woman.

I admire such a living woman.
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what kind of women should we be in our lives?

many people are not clear about this.

but when asked what kind of women we admire, everyone has his or her own answer.

some people say, I admire gentle and powerful people;

some people say that I appreciate strong and confident people;

the people we are admiring are often the kind of people we want to be.

excellent personality, we all like, the following human high-quality female characteristics, you have several.


is not frivolous, there is a saying: those who are calm and stable are not frivolous, and those who are calm are not impetuous.

frivolous people are often too casual and have no self-respect, so they can't get the respect of others.

people, if you want to be respected, you must first respect yourself.

talk is fixed, work is calm, communication has a bottom line, clothes are not exposed.

Women can be charming as much as they like, but don't be frivolous.

both charming and sexy are high-level aesthetics divorced from bad taste, but frivolity is not.

frivolity is a kind of vulgarity, a kind of vulgarity without texture.

Women should pursue a life with texture.

keeping calm is a kind of texture of life.

Life, there is no plain sailing, no one does things according to the script.

can withstand the twists and turns of life, but also withstand everyone's unexpected, is everyone's practice.

when I was young, I couldn't hold things in my mind, so I couldn't help myself as soon as I got emotional.

when the experience grew, I didn't change my color in the face of things, and I wanted to calm down when the wind and rain came.

this is a woman's stillness.

A quiet woman can withstand strong winds and waves and swallow the daily life of the world.


is simple and clean.

"Cai Gentan" says: "there is no difference in character, but it is just the way it is."

says that to be a man in the end, what you pursue is the original appearance of a person, that is, simple, sincere and kind.

there are not too many twists and turns, only sincerity is the shortcut to other people's hearts;

without too many complicated thoughts, away from calculation and dark psychology, people can live calmly and happily.

to be a man, it is better to be pure and simple.

it's too tiring to spend time and energy thinking about other people.

it's better to build a simple heart, don't think too much about everything, maintain an optimistic and positive attitude, worry will be reduced naturally, and good luck will be doubled.

people say that a woman who is born in the heart and has a simple mind has a natural, clean and beautiful appearance.

Clean is the best temperament of a woman.

A woman with clean appearance and well-dressed clothes shows a woman's inner aesthetic and self-confidence.

A woman who is calm and calm never dresses indiscriminately, pursues originality or splendor.

comfortable material, simple design, clean clothes, is a decent business card.

Beauty lies not only in appearance, but also in soul.

people with a clean heart, no matter how old they live, still embrace a complex and changeable life with their initial goodwill.

only when you are with such a person can you keep your enthusiasm for life and find it beautiful.

make your life shine on every ordinary day.


material independence, spiritual autonomy

there is a kind of woman who never disdains to beg for a life from others.

they try their best to make money instead of asking others for money;

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they make money to buy things they like instead of waiting for others to give them away;

their lives are by no means a beautiful vine, but a powerful tree.

the life they want is to firmly grasp the initiative in life, even if the wind and rain strikes, they have their own eaves instead of seeking shelter from the rain.

such a woman knows a truth early on:

relying on mountains and relying on everyone to run is not as good as relying on themselves.

having a skill that others can't take away, and enough bank card balance, is the sense of security for a woman to walk the world.

in addition to material independence, women also need to maintain mental and spiritual independence.

nothing to read more, enrich your mind, so that you won't follow others;

keep your thoughts and views on the world, so that you won't be led away;

have a hobby of your own, and when you are alone, you won't be empty.

be your own master, become your own source of energy, do not rely on external things, do not place hopes on others.

has the ability to make money, is a woman to resist external armor.

keeping spiritual independence is the inner strength of a woman.


the ability to live a good day

Liang Wendao said:

when the situation is good, it is very easy to live a good day;

when things are not going well, it is a person's real strength to be able to live a good day.

No one can have good luck all the time, it's always a good day, and it can't be bad luck forever.

as Bi Shumin said:

there is a certain proportion of good days and bad days.

that is to say, your life can't be a good day-mixing oil in honey every day;

it can't be a bad day-Coptis chinensis mixed with gall bladder all the time. It must be a cross of good days and bad days, like a piece of plaid cloth.

A really strong woman can live both a good life and a bad life.

in the good days, enjoy the high places of life and watch the scenery by the fence;

in the bad days, don't be pessimistic, don't lose, preserve your strength, take advantage of the wind, and bring yourself out of the valley again.

We will envy people who hold good cards at birth, but those who play bad cards well are more admirable.

fate is not unbreakable. Try your best to do it, and everyone will get the result that suits you best.


on the way of life, we tend to envy others and always ignore ourselves.

when we hit rock bottom, we always fantasize about coming alone to save ourselves, and then we find out that we always find our way out in the most difficult times.

in fact, you are powerful, and you can pass all those tests of fate.

everyone is self-sufficient.

the ability to be happy originally comes from yourself, and what you need to do is to find this power.