I am most afraid of self-touching.

I am most afraid of self-touching.
Admit it.

in the third year of high school, the day after the so-and-so summary meeting and listening to the motivational speech of the so-and-so director, 70% of the students in the class would, like chicken blood, do what the teacher called "if you are not better than others, you have to work harder than others." on the third day, 50% of the remaining 70%, and 20% of the remaining 50%.

of course, there are a few students who seem to be working hard all the time.

they arrive in the classroom on time at 05:45 every morning, and begin to bury their heads in taking notes and correcting exercises. During the lunch break, they have been flipping through books and gossiping about the key points on the political outline. After class at exactly 10 o'clock in the evening, they voluntarily apply to stay in the study room until 11:00. Yes, as you can see, they are very diligent, but they failed in the exam.

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if you find that their eyes are glazed, you will know that

they just seem to work hard.

they see others doing after-class exercises for exercise books, so they do it too, but they don't find that they haven't even done a good job in correcting the foundation before class; they see others reciting political outlines, so they recite them, too. But they don't realize that they don't even know what terms and concepts mean. See others organize wrong questions into a set, so they also go to do it, but do not find out what knowledge points they often do wrong.

you see, they do exercises, they recite outlines, they sort out wrong questions.

you see how diligent they are.

however, what they do not dare to expose themselves is the panic and uneasiness, impatience and emptiness that arise in their hearts when they see other people's targeted efforts to find their own direction. Seeing that others are trying, they are afraid that they are not working hard enough, so they blindly imitate the same things that others do; they are afraid that others will be better than themselves, and they uneasily want to do something. In fact, this kind of blindly following the efforts of others makes you look like you are working hard, just to hide your guilt and let yourself know, "actually, I work very hard, too."

however, this is just self-moving, you have worked so hard to finally move yourself. Don't you work hard to get up early and go to bed late every day and never rest after class? You might as well ask,

things are most afraid of being moved by themselves.

R is a friend of my different departments. He is a League secretary in my class. A circle of friends was posted at more than nine o'clock one evening. The general content was that because the teacher was not there, I had to go back and forth to the teaching building and the administrative building and finally borrowed the classroom to hold a class meeting, and then hurried to the club meeting. After going back to the dormitory, I racked my brains for more than two or three hours to do a very common PPT about the class meeting. At the end of the moments is "such a full college life is really painful and happy"

I think, is this really a full university?

borrow the classroom obviously you can go to the office to register after class that day without having to wait for the teacher to come back to confirm. The so-called meeting of the club clearly knows that it is a meeting where you need to sign in and leave, and the PPT of the class meeting can obviously use the template of last month only to replace the new report content without having to do it again. But you have to complicate all the simple things and make yourself feel full?

Don't make your college life look lively

in the end, you get nothing

S is my classmate in the class next door. One night she called me and said she wanted to work in a fast food restaurant near the school, eight yuan an hour, five hours a day. Me: "do you wait for money?"

she said, "No, I just want to enrich my life."

my reply to her is, since you are not in a hurry to use money, why do you have to do this kind of work that only requires labor? This is something that anyone can do. Why did you choose these uncompetitive and mechanical jobs? You can clearly work as a tutor to design artwork instead of coolie. I don't think it's a low job or look down on it. It's precisely because I've done it myself. So I know that this kind of work will make you feel tired and fulfilling after working for a long time, but in fact, you only choose a direction of "fulfillment" that you know very well that there is no golden gain and no proportional effort.

pick up a lot of plates and pour out a lot of garbage every day and say "Welcome next time" many times. You feel very full. But in addition to earning forty yuan and a pair of tired legs, you also think you are full. What do you get? How can I clean up the dishes faster?

the true sense of fulfillment should come from doing what you love and being willing to pursue the best results and enjoy the process of giving. It does not come from the busyness of complicating simple things or the effort of repeating mechanical actions.

I am most afraid of your mediocrity and comforting myself.

I am most afraid that you will be moved by running around blindly.

this paragraph | Zhang Jingbao

when I read Tong C's article, I thought of a friend of mine. Call him C.

We are in the same class, but he graduated a year earlier because he is a junior college student. Therefore, he sent out N resumes and finally got an interview, only to find that he had been taken the job by his partner who went with him. He went to work as a trainee manager at McDonald's in a big shopping mall and was as busy as a dog every day. I had a part-time job there, so I knew that my feet would be very sore at the end of the day and would be too painful to sleep at night.

one day he came to see me for midnight snacks after his morning shift. He said that he did a lot of things in college, became a minister and tried to start a business, but only after graduation did he find that it was really of little use.

when I came out, I regretted not learning a skill, but it was too late.

I just met a friend I knew that night.After a few words, it was probably what everyone had been up to recently. He tried to cut in, but found that he couldn't get a word in. He began to drink alone, and his eyes turned red:

"you know, when I was a sophomore, I also felt full and busy, but I couldn't sleep as soon as I got to bed, because I knew it wasn't fullness. I was just afraid. I'm afraid that I'll lose my job and accomplish nothing after graduation. But as a result, I am really what I am afraid of now. "

he worked really hard. Maybe it was only when he was tired that he said he was afraid.

or, really scared.

I've been in the same situation recently. I seem to be working hard, but in fact I'm just scared.

this is a strange circle of "the harder you work, the worse"

did you fall into it