I arrived at primary school so soon. "Ten years later."

I arrived at primary school so soon. "Ten years later."
"you still remember to make an appointment with me."

"you still remember to make an appointment with me"


Zhang thorn eel whale  @ Tonc

so quickly arrived at the primary school said "ten years later". When I wrote about this topic, I suddenly realized that I didn't seem to have accomplished anything. Have I never had lofty ambitions since I was a child? why can't I remember if I have ever written a composition such as "my wish" that is very much in line with the core values of socialism? Because I can't remember, I want to write down what I would be like ten years later, that is, what I would be like now if I remember. Ten years ago, I was eight years old, and I was in the third grade. I hoped that when I transferred to another school a year later, I would be outgoing without being bullied by my classmates and being targeted by my teacher, so that when I grew up, I saw the teacher in the street and was speechless.

Nine years ago, when I was nine years old and in the fourth grade, I would wish I had the courage to tell my parents after being blackmailed by my classmates instead of stealing money over and over again that I was found to have been beaten all over and refused to admit what I had done with the money.

eight years ago, when I was ten years old and in fifth grade, I would have hoped that when I saw that boy in the biological park that day, I could stand up and testify that the innocent boy never went to school again.

Seven years ago, when I was eleven years old and in the sixth grade, I would wish I could work a little harder, even a little, not to the humble apologetic look on my face when my parents asked my parents to send me to the key class through the back door.

six years ago, when I was twelve years old, I was in the first year of junior high school. I would hope that in my new junior high school, I did not catch the bad habits of rich children so that I kept asking for money from my family just for vanity. I only know how to be capricious and selfish and never know how to think about the source of water.

five years ago, when I was 13 years old, I was in the second year of junior high school. I would hope that after I confessed my love to the boy I liked at the corner of the fourth floor that day, I would not be nervous and afraid to cry, and would not cover my mouth with my hand over my crying voice and walk away in disgrace.

four years ago, I was 14 years old, and I was in the third year of junior high school. I would wish I was not so naive and disagreed with the teacher that "a good high school is a foot in the door." I hope I will study hard like other good children. I won't go to a high school where no one else knows where I am.

three years ago, when I was 15 years old, I was in my first year of high school. I would wish I hadn't been angry with my best friend for four months without saying a word. I wish I hadn't angrily thrown her letter into the trash basket at the back door. I would hope that what I cared about when I was talking and laughing with others was that she could let her know.

two years ago, when I was sixteen years old and in my second year of high school, I would wish my edges and corners could converge a little bit and my spirit could be blunted, so that my heart would not be so arrogant that others began to be cautious and afraid to approach.

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A year ago, when I was 17 years old and in my third year of high school, I would have hoped that on the day I took my graduation photo, I could apologize and take pictures with all the people who had been out of date and had friction. Unfortunately, I was too young and impetuous. Just understand, no matter right or wrong, bowing the head is actually a kind of bearing. Finally at this moment, I found out what I missed in those years, courage, honesty, calmness, maturity, understanding. But to be honest, even if you could take me back to the time when I needed to grow up, I couldn't start all over again. Who doesn't stumble over here like this. In this second, I am eighteen years old, and there are still nine days and four hours and 19 minutes before the end of 2015. What regrets do I have? It may be that I have to wait a while before I know where I am. After all, I have to continue to grow up. But to be honest, I think when I come back here in a year or two to read what I have written, I may say, "Gee, that's hypocritical." And those who don't grow? May still be so brainless, it was stupid to steal money that year and thought that withdrawing two or three notes from a hundred-dollar bill would not be found.

Happy the Winter Solstice, I'm Tong c.

@ Zhang Jingshi

Today is the Winter Solstice. It began to rain inexplicably. The title of this post is set by me, and it comes from the mouth of a friend. I have known that friend for more than ten years, but what I can say has gone from eloquence to a few words now. It's not that we no longer regard each other as good friends, but because we are drifting away from each other in our own way, and what's left between us is some gag of "thinking back to the old days". When we go out for a drink, we must shake the dice, otherwise it will become boring wine, can only say some salty not light dialogue. Unlike me and others, sitting on the lawn drinking Vitasoy can look forward to the future together. I have to admit that ten years later, the two of us have indeed drifted apart. Not because of ten years, but because we are spiritually disconnected.

the Winter Solstice is happy. I am a thorn.

@ fruits

I don't know from which year, the Winter Solstice wakes up early in the morning and will be scrubbed by "when the grapes are ripe." maybe the sentence "almost the Winter Solstice, there is still rain in the morning and night" makes them respond to the situation, and what suddenly occurred to me is that this song is already ten years old this year, that is, the song I listened to ten years ago when I was wearing a red scarf after school. Ten years later, I was still playing the song on the radio station while I was playing with my roommate in my college dormitory, and we even went to the hallway to drink to the song.

I remember writing a letter to myself that year, entitled "to me in Ten years' time". Later, Wyman wrote the same song to Xue Kaiqi. Ten years passed in a flash, and 2015 passed in a blink of an eye. over the past ten years, the phrase "you have to wait and wait, even if you lose your harvest," and the phrase "try not to let today's tears flow in vain" fall in love with us, high school entrance examination, college entrance examination, job unemployment, being pushed by life. Want to know, "the original persistence" now makes you "very suspicious"?

what I have done in the past ten yearsCan you be proud with no regrets? what you believed at that time was not shaken, was it? The object and the fate have appeared, is the achievement not bad? In just a few success or failure, it should not be numb, right? But will you be tired if you stop and think twice step by step?

I have no pride, no achievement, no object. The people I liked and liked me ten years ago are not together now; I am not numb, unshaken, or frustrated. Ten years ago, I was lying on my desk in math class to conceive a novel. I am writing this article here ten years later.

Happy the Winter Solstice, this is Ji Wei speaking.