"I did it for your own good."

"I did it for your own good."
Is it okay to rebel, just for a moment?

"I want to open a secondhand bookstore"

"futile, better as a teacher, respectable and well-paid"

"but I don't like it"

"what do you know? I'm doing it for you."

you must be the same. When you say an idea that you think is right and you want to be desperate to stick to it, you will hear a "No, you don't understand, I'm doing it for you". When you want to explain and refute, you will find that every word you say is charged with "treason". When you want to escape from the shackles of control, you will find that there is really no way to break away from your inherent blood foundation.

Y is the most artistically talented girl in my circle of friends from childhood to childhood, but what is more rare is that she has a loving mood. The tuition for painting was high, so she went to the studio and asked her boss to let her take the place of work. Her paintings and calligraphy works were not defeated in every competition, her host and zither solo were indispensable in every party, and she wrote big characters in couplet street every year. Everyone around her advised her to go to the Academy of Fine Arts, but she didn't even get the identity of an art student. The reason is also quite simple: parents think that learning art is not doing a proper job.

"you can't read art students"

"but I think."

"be obedient, I'm doing it for you."

but what if I can "rebel"?

I think of a man, Zhang Tianyi, a master of law at Peking University. According to the eyes of the public, he is an elite-educated student and should be engaged in specialized work in the corresponding industry. However, he is now selling rice noodles. When someone directly questioned that he was wasting the country's educational resources, he retorted: "I want to know what kind of person I am and what I want to do by selling rice noodles."

I don't need you to tell me whether my choice is right or not

I just want to break my head in reality

A lot of choices come from having no choice, such as homosexuality. K is a les. Although her family thinks K is like a boy in character, they never thought that she would be like an ordinary boy in sexual orientation. So when K brought home his girlfriend who had been together for four years to confess, K's father slammed the bowl and chopsticks out of the door on the spot and claimed that as long as K and his girlfriend did not break up, K would not go home for a day. K's mother said: "or seriously find a boyfriend, we are also for your own good, how can harm you." Later, I don't know whether K broke up or insisted, but I remember that night he sent a sentence: "I know myself best, really inappropriate things, I will naturally go back."

kidnap you in the name of "I do it for you", crush your ideals with the life experience of "I've eaten more salt than you've eaten", and suppress your choices with the dignity of your elders.

using blood relationship to rationalize robber logic such as "just listen to me, I'm doing it for you" is really not for anyone's good, it's really selfish. The decisions I have made and are about to make may not need to be understood, but at least I want to be tolerated and respected, so that I can be completely realized in reality. I think this has a better chance for me to be me than for others to make their own decisions.

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if the decisions made at those forks in the past,

you struggled, would you live a different life now?