I don't want to miss you

I don't want to miss you
Go after it if you like it.

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do you believe that some mistakes will last a lifetime

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at lunch that day, I pointed to the poster of Yinyue House in front of the milk tea shop and said to H," Hey, I want to learn drums next semester. What do you think? " "No, I have to hitch a ride back and forth every week and pay tuition. I don't know how I'm doing." "Ah. Well, it doesn't matter. It won't matter if you try. " "well, anyway, I think it's troublesome, and the school piano room doesn't have drums, so you have to borrow it from the band yourself, but, um, you like it."

well, I admit that under a series of objections, I found that these things, such as equipment and time, still need to be considered, so I did waver at that time, but, thinking that if I was afraid of these problems that could actually be solved, wouldn't it be easy to miss what I could have seen I wanted to be?

before Weibo was covered by the Wechat wave, there was a paragraph that was often maxed out on Weibo:

"I find it difficult to swim at the age of 15, so I give up swimming. When I meet someone you like and ask you to swim at the age of 18, you have to say" I don't know it ". When you find English difficult at 18, give up English and have a great job at 28, you have to say" I don't know it ". The more troublesome you are in the early stages of your life, the lazier you are to learn, the more likely you are to miss the people and things that move you, and miss the new scenery. "

-"Kang Yong, a well-intentioned text message to a cruel society"

even miss what you like.

two days ago, a reader left a message in the background saying, "if you like this kind of thing, the older you grow up, the rarer you get, so when you meet, you should be brave, but the older you grow up, the less you know what you really like. The more you don't understand, the more you like it or not." I think you should consider this paragraph on the other hand, not when you meet and wonder if you really like or confuse what you like, but you have to be brave to meet and do it, because the older you get, the wider the platform you go to, and you will find that the love you can choose is no longer limited to the breadth of the past, everything is new. So you can hesitate to choose in the end, hesitate and hesitate for a long time, in fact, you miss it. But if you dare to do it, you will know what you like best.

coincides with the season of changing majors, so why do you choose another major? because you know which one you don't like and have the opportunity to go to another one. Of course, we don't know whether the consequences are good or bad, but we have to bear them anyway.

Last night, someone said to me that I found it unacceptable but that there was nothing wrong with thinking about it over and over again, "you should fall in love more times, so that you won't be so easily deceived in the future." But, after all, if you think so, it seems a bit playful, but it seems to be quite right.

if you have more knowledge, you will choose.

sometimes I'm afraid of missing, and sometimes I'm more afraid of failure. Just like watching "my Girl Age" at the cinema that day, Xu Taiyu said to Lin Zhenxin in a low voice at the end, "long time no see." In an instant, I burst into tears because I thought of the person I liked in high school, and even now I think of it as if I could see the slanting sunset coming in at the back door of the classroom and landing on his desk. You obviously liked him so much at that time, but you would rather watch him miss than put down your self-esteem to say a word. I cried in the cinema until the audience in the back row handed over paper towels before I wanted to go to his school and tell him that I really regret missing you.

but is it still useful?

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if it always goes on like this, there will be a vicious circle. At the age of 20, I regret not joining the band at the age of 18. At the age of 22, I regret that I did not prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination at the age of 20. At the age of 24, I regret that I did not choose the job I liked better at the age of 22.

every day, every year, when you look back, I don't want you to give your future self a chance to laugh at yourself now.

Today is December 28th. There are still three days to go, and 2015 will be over.

go, too late for a midnight snack, too late for a movie, no time for the one to confess.

Let's do an activity and leave a message in the background to tell us what you want to "have time" to do in the last three days. There are still two days left. Take a picture and send it to us after it is done. Maybe we can make a summary on the last day.


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