I got a message like this tonight.

I got a message like this tonight.
I'll have a chat with you one day every week.

"come on, let's chat on Friday."

Wen /Zhang Jingshi

Today is a special day. I received a message backstage:

I haven't read a disorganized article for a long time. I felt very happy when I read it for the first time, "this is youth". Later, I didn't browse on Wechat for a while. I read many books on humanities and social sciences, and then I looked at today's "so there is no you here", and finally dissipated my enthusiasm. If there is an article, it does knock on a certain part of the people's heart without going too far, and it may not be precious without a punctuation (it is too harsh). It may be a very short article, or it may be a very standard academic salon with a beginning and an end. or it could be nothing. That's really rare. If some people have something that has been told many times, it will eventually become Liu Wei, the armless pianist who wrote in high school.

is not an accusation, just a little advice. Readers are growing, and they are going to grow up in disorder. When I know how this state machine works and the paradoxes in economics, I find that the notes that are haunted by high school are really not that important. Of course, it's important to stick to your own style, but if you can form your own style and make people grow, so much the better.

I am still quite moved. I will read and even reply every message in disorder. Thank you. In fact, I could not have seen this message. If you had been backstage by Subscription account, you would know that the backstage would automatically hide the message with "keyword" for you. And this one, although it is long, it appears the word "important". So I need to uncheck the check box in front of "Hidden key message" to show all the messy messages sent.

and I usually click on it, and then roughly scan today's messages.

so this passage appears in front of me.

it is very long, full of 351 words. I usually limit my article to about 1500 words, so this fan has written five random articles about one stroke. Have you ever tried to say 351 words to Subscription account? So I think I have to reply to this fan (reader).

of course I'm not advocating you to leave me such a long message, because I won't be able to read it. But if you like, I will read your message carefully, unless you write it as verbose and long as disorganized.

this reader she said: "readers are growing and disorganized are going to grow." When I know how this state machine works and the paradoxes in economics, I find that high school notes are really not that important. "

this afternoon, I was chatting with a senior writer who asked me a question: "when you graduate, what are you going to do in disorder?"

I didn't even think about it at that time, because I answered this question countless times.

I said, "then I will go with chaos. I write about how the new graduates who just came out to work feel in the face of life, because most of my fans should have experienced the same thing with me, and we grew up together." Since they will be interested when I write about school, they will still be interested when I write about my work, because they can see themselves in the chaos. "

so my goal is to make progress with the whole mess, that is, you. I write out what I see and what I think of, and then post it in a mess. People who feel the same way will comment, retweet, or even appreciate it, and buy me a bottle of Vitasoy. Of course, I will also pay attention to constantly improve my skills, so that my words can better express what I want to express.

and why does this reader feel disorganized and not making progress with her?

faced with this problem, I also thought about it for a long time. It wasn't until the hot water in the shower got wet in my hair that I knew that the answer that was a little cruel to me was:

"in fact, chaos can't accompany everyone to walk the path they choose."

maybe, in a certain period of time, chaos has moved you a lot, or helped you express a lot of things you want to express. But it will always drift away from some of you, and you may have made some choices because of disorganization, but it is precisely these choices that set you apart from disorganization.

like this fan, she said: "when I know how this state machine works and the paradoxes in economics, I find that the notes that are bitter in high school are really not that important."

when she discovered that "our ignorant feelings in high school are just a part of our lives", she began to feel disorganized and still standing still, because she saw more meaningful books and began to discuss things other than celebrity gossip with others. She found that in addition to our little emotions, the world is more of an "ideal" and "bread", and in front of these things, small emotions seem a little too stingy.

in fact, I feel the same way. in life, I argue with netizens about social hotspots, discuss recent works with friends, and go out of the campus to see the outside world with people in the team. my girlfriend and I plan to travel to places we haven't been to before.

but those small emotions, hypocrisy, complaining and self-feeding chicken soup that appear in the chaos will not appear in my life, because I have also seen more interesting people, movies, and books than I am.

but disorganized and sometimes I still need to write a little emotion, because I'm afraid to write a current review (of course I still try to write a comment), because the more you look at it, the moreThe more you know, the more ignorant you are. A lot of things, when you really know it, you know, you are not qualified to analyze it, you are not qualified to talk about it, because you do not have that level, all you can do is write down what you are most sure of, and then do what I can. Do what I can.

suppose that chaos is an elevator, and the place it can reach is the 16th floor, and all the floors before the 16th floor, we can safely and silently send you there. But the 17th floor may require you to take the stairs or take another elevator to get there. And when you get on the elevator that reaches the 17th floor, why do you need an elevator that can only reach the 16th floor?

and it is much easier for us to "change elevators" or "take the stairs" than to "build elevators".

We have been trying to build this disorganized elevator to a higher floor and a higher floor, but people are still much faster than us before they feel that "messy did not grow up with you".

or maybe we have found our own goals in life, but we are moving in a different direction.

so, it's not that you don't want to grow up with you, but because you don't need to be disorganized. Maybe we'll meet again in the future, or maybe we'll never meet each other again, but as a disorganized founder and editor, it's enough that it once appeared at some point in your life.

because of the road, we still have to go by ourselves, and the period we can accompany is over.

the rest is up to you.

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the senior told us this in the afternoon, asking me to write it down as soon as I got back to the dormitory:

"I want to have a film festival in the future, but all the photos have no title, not even time." Everyone saw the word "nothing" before they went in. There was nothing in it, but people were moved to tears after watching the film festival.

remember, it's' tears', not 'sadness'. The two are different. "

I hope that one day, chaos will no longer appear in your life, and when you remember it, you still remember that you were moved to tears.

Hello, goodbye.