I know you don't like me.

I know you don't like me.
I don't like you even if I can.

Wen /Tongc

in the subway, A said to B, "he is very kind to me. He will." He will. Blah. "B interrupted A mercilessly." Nobody is nice to you, is it? how can you think of these things as' very good'? " The conversation fell silent, and A looked down at his tiptoes and cried.

"does he like you?"

"I don't know. I don't take the initiative or refuse anyway."

"then I don't like it. I don't take the initiative because it's not good enough for you."

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"then why don't you refuse my kindness?"

"because he's bored, he doesn't want it if you send him to the door as a spare tire."

A lot of people will tell a lot of stories backstage and ask, do you think TA likes me? I always reply, "how can you not feel whether someone likes you or not? don't lie to yourself." Although it is possible that such a reply will discourage others, the cable connecting my computer and each other's phone can feel how cool the other person's mood is, because I believe that everyone, including myself, have tried to test their hearts and wings, and finally fell into a cliff where they dug deeper and deeper with their own hands in vain.

in your mind, "TA seems to like me" and "TA didn't like me" is really easy to be punctured by a sentence and force you to see the truth. It's probably because when you tie your emotional and psychological changes to another person, your vulnerability increases so much that a sentence that doesn't deliberately set a negative meaning may be interpreted as, "I know." she /he doesn't like me. "

U likes a boy, the kind of boy who can be seen walking on stage and walking with his own light in every school. However, that charismatic boy doesn't like U, so U receives Wechat responses from fascinating boys 24 hours later, the content is perfunctory, time is procrastinating, but does not directly refuse. I thought, isn't that direct enough, but U said to me, "but I really like him, so I can't help being nice to him when I know he doesn't like me." He is so good that I can't imagine how many girls like me are looking for him to give him things. " I was actually surprised when I heard this sentence, because U and I were classmates several years ago, and she gave me the impression that a girl like a proud little princess, today I know that in front of the person I like, or in front of unrequited love and unrequited love, sorrow can be similar, and youth seems to be the same, whether as proud as a princess or as humble as a maid.

Sanmao's "the search for Love", I have forgotten the storyline. The only thing I remember at the end is that she and Jose were sitting on the balcony with the balcony wind. the moths kept flying around the light, and the two kept looking up.

"what are you thinking?" Asked Jose.

"I was thinking that moths must be very happy when they are on fire."

I continued to say to U that I began to be glad that I was pessimistic about love in this respect. I used to think, this is not, so I will wait for the next one for a long time. In fact, it is possible that the person who can wait in life will not be able to find you so coincidentally. I can't wait, and he won't come. I'll just leave the rest of the decade or two. "aren't you born alone?" I smiled. "maybe." It's just that you are used to taking the initiative to avoid the things around you that can affect your mood as much as possible, forming a kind of defense. When you imagine the worst consequences of an event and prepare yourself psychologically, then even if you know that you are not happy, you will not be so depressed and have to accept it at a loss.

he came in a hurry, and when you burn your brand in your life, you still indulge in the so-called rejection. Passers-by can't always be the protagonist at the end of the story. You don't know until you leave you, but it's too late. A long time ago, I would have been waiting for that "good night" before I could go to sleep. It can be said that after too long, I was old, and that kind of state of mind was no longer there. I would set a time limit. After that number of hours, I couldn't wait. So, turn it off and go to sleep. And the original "good night person" who made me persistent, we had no contact for several years, and I even dreamed of him only once. At the end of the dream, I handed him a blank card. It says, "you must have a better life than me." I was thinking, I don't know what real love is, whether to have it or to wish it well. I just know that there is no other person who can let me say, "you must have a better life than me."I just hope to stop in the distance to wish you well, although you can't tell it in detail."

I will sincerely want to see you grow old with others. Although I know I like you and you don't like me, I want you to be happy. I'm listening to the May Day song "I don't want to leave you alone". There is a lyric that made me cry and feel at that time, "maybe in the future you will find someone who understands that you love you better, and you must be happier and richer in the next journey."

in the movie "the leftover is King," there are two lines of Shu Qi that are very contradictory. She said, "I want to save face and have a high sense of self-esteem. As long as I find that the other person doesn't like me so much, I will sentence this relationship to death. Can someone like me fall in love smoothly?" She also said, I believe that the right person, he will one day receive my signal, and then appear in front of me in a spaceship. Seeing the "beautiful imagination" of this incomparable chicken soup, I couldn't help saying, nonsense. In the hospital, I saw with my own eyes that the doctor who gave up treatment looked at the child and declared him dead. This is true. What I want to say is that life is much more cruel than movies. If the words in the movie can make people believe, it should be not beautiful words, those words that can hit the heart should be a flash of lightning, suddenly, fast, loud, dazzling, like a number one clutching you by the neckThe son bumped into the mirror on the wall so that you could see yourself in the blood and pain.

I have watched the True Story of Alfie again in the past two days. I want to end with a sentence from it. In fact, it can also be substituted into the feelings of you or me who cannot be judged or saved in unrequited love or secret love. I am afraid that you do not understand, so I still want to say directly again, whether a person likes you or not, you can feel it, you have to trust TA, don't lie to yourself.

"I have heard that there is a kind of bird in the world that has no feet. It keeps flying when it is born, and sleeps in the wind when it is tired." You can only land once in a lifetime, and that's when you die. "

-- the True Story of Alfie

We spend our lives looking for what we want, and at last everything is calm.