I made a poster posted on the school road that no one else could understand.

I made a poster posted on the school road that no one else could understand.
& quot; used to be so difficult to make a poster & quot; Wen /Zhang Jingzhi, the editor-in-chief (that is, me) who died last Tuesday, posted such a sentence in a disorganized post that ▼▼ also made a very

Last Tuesday

the editor-in-chief

(that is, me)

posted such a sentence


Today also made a very interesting poster

may have been posted on the school road in early November

because the brain did not know what had gone wrong

poster. Like the stage

but the backstage reaction seriously surprised me

(there are true feelings in the world. Let me

enthusiastic fans


put up those XX posters quickly!

straight fans


True Love fans


the last sentence scared me

I immediately got out of bed

I found a lot of information


The phrase "having sex"

at first I thought it was suitable for us

, but just as I was about to send it to someone else,

my roommate was passing by. Silently said

"make love, do things?"

I'll rub it. If the school leader sees that

From classic to trendy, our ankle white attire are an essential pieces for any wordrobe. Don’t forget to check our newly released super affordable options.

is disorganized, can I still muddle through

(provided that the school leadership meeting. That segment)

so I made the second edition

the moment

my first thought was

"isn't it cool?"

because this poster uses gif technology.

"doesn't it become static when printed?"

the chaos explodes

the IQ of the editor-in-chief seems to be seen through

. On a dark and windy night on November 9th

I posted it



is your sister!!

is there such a poster

? I just put up

\ "Loess Plateau\" for you. Is it really ugly to feel



I don't think so.