If parents are "not used to it" and "don't care", their children will have a better future.

If parents are "not used to it" and "don't care", their children will have a better future.
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when talking about the disadvantages of parents in educating their children, Professor Li Meijin said:

in fact, most of the problems with children stem from parents' unclear understanding of what should be controlled and what should not be controlled.

when it is time for strict control, you are not willing to do it strictly, and you are used to the smelly habits of the child, and you can't let go when you should let go, which hinders the growth of the child.

there is a very reasonable saying:

in the matter of educating their children, parents should be "not used to it" and "regardless of three things", so that their children can grow up better and be better in the future!


Children are not accustomed to

children can not be used to

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. This is an educational motto handed down from ancient times.

A child is like a rushing river, and what parents should do is to follow his direction and build a strong dam for him;

so that the river will not run out of control and run around. It also allows him to flow farther until it merges into the sea.

and the rule is this dam.

make rules as soon as possible. Don't think that the child is too young to get used to it. If you get used to it now, you won't be able to control it when you want to.

from an early age, it will be difficult to teach children to understand social rules and clearly tell them what to do and what not to do, but when children grow up, they will understand their parents' pains.

Children can't be spoiled if they don't do housework

Don't think that doing housework is dispensable. For a child who doesn't do housework for an hour, it's impossible for a child to suddenly become industrious when he grows up.

parents blindly spoil and arrange to replace them, which will not only reduce their children's happiness index, but also lead to the emergence of unhealthy personalities such as "giant babies" and "mama's boy", which will affect their children's lives.

good habits should be formed from an early age. Parents should cultivate their children's habit of doing housework from an early age, so that their children have the ability to take care of themselves, and at the same time cultivate the quality of their diligence and willingness to work.

this is of great benefit to children's study, life and work.

Children can't be used to being disrespectful to their elders

Today's children are the treasures of the family. There is often a situation in which several old people in a family revolve around their children, and some children are spoiled, bossing them around with no respect.

parents must not get used to this. As an ordinary person, although it is not necessary to learn the etiquette used in a high-end place, the most basic politeness is very necessary.

respecting the old and loving the young is not only the traditional virtue of our country, but also the most basic politeness. A child who is disrespectful to his elders at home does not know how to be polite in society.

such a child, it is easy to grow crooked, but also easy for people to stay away.

Children's selfishness cannot be spoiled

parents love their children and are often willing to spend money on their children but not on themselves;

when eating, parents want to leave all the dishes their children like to their children, and they don't want to eat a bite of their own.

parents are so child-centered, in fact, it is easy to develop the bad habit of selfishness of their children, wanting to enjoy all the good things on their own, and taking it for granted that parents and even others have to give way to themselves.

over time, parents lose themselves, while children take things for granted from their parents, so they only know what to take, do not know what in return, and do not want to care about and appreciate others.

such selfish children can easily become white-eyed wolves when they grow up, not to mention filial piety to their parents.

parents should not only give love to their children, but also teach them how to give love, but also let their children know how to be grateful.

A child cannot be spoiled by crying and cheating

parents can satisfy their child without principle, so that he can get what he wants as soon as he plays. This is helping him to establish a wrong outlook on life and world order.

parents should learn to firmly reject their children's unreasonable demands and let their children understand the principles and bottom line of adults. After repeated several times, they will naturally understand.

in educating children, parents must have principles and cannot always compromise with their children. even if the child cries and cheats, and the parents compromise more often, it will make the child form a misjudgment: as long as he keeps crying, he will always get what I want.

parents satisfy their child without principle, so that he can get what he wants as soon as he plays tricks, which is helping him to establish a wrong outlook on life and world order.

being vexatious, you can't achieve your goal.


ignore what children can do

Sukhomlinski said:

parents should first learn to let their children do what they can, even if they are actually causing you trouble when they do it.

the choices that children can make

adults choose their own direction of life, children also need to choose.

parents should give their children the right and freedom to choose, and learn to choose what to wear and what to do when they are young.

Don't worry about your child's secret

the real understanding is to communicate well with the child, to get into the child's heart, not to pry into the child's privacy.

from the perspective of pedagogy, moving towards independence is one of the basic characteristics of modern people, and having personal secrets and being able to deal with them properly is the element to move towards independence. For people, secrets are often connected with responsibility and have to bear responsibility independently.

so please allow children to have their own secrets and small spaces.

every child has the potential to be an excellent person. It is the parents' different daily education that gives their children a different life.

be willing to let go when it's time to let goLet the child learn to fly and fight the wind and waves bravely, this is the best love for the child.