If someone says "good night" to you every night,

If someone says "good night" to you every night,
Actually, it's not going to bed, but.

someone asked me the other day: "what do you think is'no sense of security'?"

I said, "I dare not say 'good night'. Because you will be afraid that this is the end of the conversation tonight, and after saying good night, you really go to bed and the next day no one opens your mouth to say 'good morning', then the connection between you two stays on that 'good night'. "

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I was afraid of thinking too much, so I asked some friends if "good night" had any special meaning in their mind, such as, "I kind of like you, so I hope you have a good dream tonight."

in my impression, G, who often quarreled and had a cold war with his girlfriend, said, "in my definition, good night has nothing to do with love, just say it directly; but whenever my girlfriend says good night to me, I know." she means,'I'm angry, I'm unhappy, I don't want to talk to you, so good night'. "

H, who has been dating her boyfriend for many years, said, "if you say good night, it doesn't mean you like it, it's not that deep, but at the very least, it must be to someone important, and ordinary friends won't."

Orange's favorite boys in high school, the two of them texted hundreds every night, and the last sentence every night must be "good night." she said, "I haven't said good night to the second member of the opposite sex since then. I have a good friend of the opposite sex who has been asking me why I never said good night to him. I said, if you don't say it, you don't say it. Doesn't he know that in the hearts of many young girls, good night actually means love? "

U said that occasionally thinking back to some warm tacit understanding between the two people, I still feel that saying "good night" is really an indispensable step that can bring good dreams and stable sleep every day.

the "good night contract" between the two people comes from a mistake. The numeric keypad of the nine palace grid forgot to switch, but U was already confused and wanted to sleep, so he typed "92626" without even knowing it. Only to find that the other party restored "you, too, good night."

starting with the sentence "92626", it feels like, "that's right".

"Don't you go to bed?"

"chat with you, or you can study. Anyway, I don't have a class tomorrow."

"well, let's keep talking."

.... We chatted for a long time

"it's getting late. Go to bed. Good night."

"good night"

"good night"

"are you sleeping or not?"

"go to sleep, but I can't help but want to say good night."

it's like going to the airport to see a friend off. In front of the word "leaving Hong Kong" as the background, I hugged her, "take care of yourself and remember to come back."

"well, goodbye."


after walking about five or six meters, she looked back and looked a little lonely and weak in the background of the suitcase full of trolleys, and shouted again, "good-bye!" She, who had not cried before, cried when she said goodbye for the second time.

I see.

the yearning between lovers means that you want to say "good night" after "good night".

the reluctance between friends is to say "goodbye" and still want to say "goodbye".

I have written before, "good morning is better than good night, because there is good morning for the new, and good night for the old."

however, it seems that it has been a long time since I said good night to anyone.

except for the "song information at the end of the article, good night" written for you in the filling message of the soundtrack every time. "

maybe it's serious again, or it's boring, and even I don't want to give it good night. I'd rather use a "I'm asleep" or the emoji of the moon instead.

once upon a time, "good night" had an implication;

now, "good night" is what I want to say.

but you never understand.

but you never understand.

in fact, "good night" has another meaning, but generally doesn't like to be exposed by others, that is, after chatting and suddenly saying "good night" to you, that person doesn't really want to go to bed. I just want to say, but I'm embarrassed to say directly, "I don't want to waste my time talking to you, so good night, and please don't expose me." A bit rough is "get out of here and get out of here, too."

it's the same as "I'm going to take a shower". After taking a shower, the person miraculously didn't come back, as if the bathtub had become a murder weapon.

I understand your perfunctory behavior, and thank you for making do before you say "good night".

P.S. Some time ago, we began to update the "good night picture" every night.

now we receive thousands of good night messages backstage every night.

Thank you. Good night.