If there is an afterlife, would you still be willing to marry your present husband? The comments are piercing!

If there is an afterlife, would you still be willing to marry your present husband? The comments are piercing!
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there is a hot question on Zhihu: if there is an afterlife, would you still be willing to marry your present husband?

@ Cold and warm know: "I don't want to kill me!" After marriage, I dislike this and that. I will not care about my feelings at all, and I have to serve him every day! "

@ duckweed: "Don't see you again in your next life!" Just like that if you accept your fate in this life, be a passer-by in your next life. "

@ Anonymous: "Women are not afraid of hard work, but of bitter hearts." I am not afraid to give, but I am afraid that there is no difference between living and being widowed when there is a partner. "

@ Enron years: "count on him to keep out the wind and rain before marriage. I don't know he brought all the wind and rain after marriage. No one cares about me. I'm always an outsider. What's the use of him?"

some people say: "the nourishment of love in marriage is a completely different life from the woman consumed in marriage."

marry the right person and live a happy life. Marry the wrong person and regret it for the rest of your life.

Women are happier when they are single

Men are happier to get married

the reason why many women are disappointed in marriage is probably "I take you as my husband, you treat me as a babysitter".

in the third year of her marriage, Xi Xi lived a happy life to outsiders.

but when I asked her, "do you think it's happier to get married or to be single?"

she said without thinking, "single, of course!"

she thinks she is free when she is single, doesn't have to worry so much, and no one will make her angry.

now I can only work during the day, go home at night to do housework, take care of my husband, tutor my children, and show filial piety to my parents-in-law.

do not get the husband's understanding and love, but also face the pressure of life like a mountain.

all this can only be endured by oneself in silence, with no one to share it.

but my husband is very comfortable when he is married. He just goes to work and gets off work every day. When he gets home in the evening, he will have a meal cooked by his wife. After dinner, he will play games on the sofa and go out on weekends, just as chic as when he is single.

you can enjoy the fun of parents and children, the care of your wife, and you don't have to worry about family affairs.

enjoy the stability and happiness of marriage, but leave all the burden to his wife.

A survey conducted by British market research firm Mintel shows that 61% of women are happy when they are single, while only 49% of men are single. 75% of single women think it is good to be single and do not want to find a partner, while the proportion of men is only 65%.

Why is there such a difference?

data show that there are 20.3% of households in China, where women do all the housework, and 41.7% of the families, it is women who do more housework, that is to say, in Chinese families, most of them are women doing housework.

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although most women, like men, need to work, they still need to do all the housework after work.

once a child wrote an article "my mother's hobby is doing housework", which reveals the true situation of her mother:

"Mom was also a hot goddess before she became a mother; before she became a mother, it is also a tourist who can go.

but after my mother became a mother, she fell in love with doing housework, around the mop all day, around the kitchen, around the living room. "

have men ever known that their wives are scratching their ears and scratching their cheeks to help their children with homework while they are playing games on the sofa?

have men ever known that their wives are busy at home like a top when they are out drinking with their friends?

mothers are not supermen, but are forced into strong girls by their pig teammates.