If you are great, you will be blessed!

If you are great, you will be blessed!
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atmosphere is a kind of special personality charm. It is not only the demeanor of a person to do things, but also the embodiment of a person's comprehensive quality.

atmospheric people are calm and generous, mature and generous, which is heartbreaking.


atmospheric people are detached from things

the world of life, in no case can escape the fiddle of fate.

unexpected blows, unexpected setbacks, benefits that fall from the sky, benefits that are readily available, happen at any time.

Su Shi got rid of the teasing of fate with his unique detachment. From a sharp and arrogant teenager, he grew into a generation of literary masters:

was demoted to Huangzhou, far away from the temple, and his official career was almost ruined. He saved abandoned babies and changed folk customs.

was demoted to Huizhou, remote and desolate. He improved farm tools and did some practical work for the people in the countryside.

was demoted to Hainan, a cultural desert. He copied books to educate people and opened up a cultural context for Hainan.

all shadows have sunshine.

Napoleon said: "every adversity contains the same amount of seeds of success."

when something happens, it just happens. Indulging in it can only make you sink into decadence and collapse.

the so-called atmosphere is to deal with the world naturally and harmoniously, not impatiently, not lazily, not sinking, advancing when advancing, retreating when retreating, calming down, and taking advantage of the situation in order to burn our bridges.

the so-called atmosphere is to think enough about everything, put it into action immediately, and be careful, calm, decisive and practical.


people in the atmosphere are kind to others.

Guan Zhong said: welcome people with good spirit, be as close as brothers; welcome people with evil gas, harm GE Bing.

most of the time, a person's face is his feng shui. The "good" and "evil" of the face influence the good and evil of life.

Lu Mengzheng, the famous prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, was kind and tolerant. He had just been promoted to deputy prime minister. When he entered the court, someone pointed at him in the curtain and made fun of him and said, "can this boy also come to participate in politics?"

Lv Meng is pretending not to hear, does not change his face, and still talks and laughs freely.

the people who were traveling with him could not contain their temper and tried to find this man, but they were stopped by Lv Meng.

Lu Mengzheng said, "if you know that person's name, you will never forget it for the rest of your life."

the lower the spiritual level, the narrower the spiritual boundaries, and the more unforgiving they like. In fact, if you hate a word, you don't have to fight back; if you hate a person, you don't have to fall out.

magnificent people do not care about broken things and do not entangle when they meet bad people, which not only avoids conflicts, but also is considerate of their character, forgiving others and letting go of themselves.

to be kind to others and keep a low profile and easygoing heart, it seems to be patient, but it is actually adding luck and luck to your own life.


people in the atmosphere, those who see themselves without shining

are unknown, those who are self-defeating are not obvious, those who cut themselves down are not meritorious, and those who are self-reserved are not long.

what you have seen is not clear to you, but to those who are self-righteous, to those who boast about yourself cannot afford to do meritorious deeds, and those who are conceited cannot be as good as others.

the more magnificent a person is, the more he understands this truth.

when Confucius was traveling around the world, he met a seven-year-old boy who stood in the way and asked him to answer two questions before he made way.

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one of them is: "Why are geese barking so loudly?" Confucius replied, "the goose has a long neck, so it barks loudly."

the child said, "Frogs have short necks. Why are they barking so loudly?" Confucius was speechless. He said to his students in shame, "I'm not as good as him. He can be my teacher."

the so-called atmosphere is not the swaggering arrogance of half a bottle of water, but the humility of the three people, not the arrogance and grandeur of getting along with others, but solemn and gentle.

majestic but not fierce, bright but not shining, this is a kind of great maturity.


A dignified and dignified person

Zeng Guofan's grandfather, Zeng Yuping, has never been an official in his life, let alone the power of an extreme minister.

but in Zeng Yuping's hometown, when there are disputes in the neighborhood, they are willing to turn to Zeng Yuping for mediation, and Zeng Yuping is often unbiased, and people are convinced. Where does this authority come from?

Tseng Kuo-fan said that it was because his grandfather had always been dignified and dignified, and his usual character and behavior also gave him an influence worth relying on.

Zeng Guofan learned the quality of his grandfather and did things steadily and orderly.

when he worked in the imperial court, he always distinguished his priorities, treated others solemnly and appropriately, and led the army to fight more carefully.

LV Kun, a thinker, said:

so some people say that you need to find reliable people to do things, and smart people can only chat.

the Book of morality says that a man is not as thick as he is thin.

A person who works calmly and calmly, keeps a cool head and a calm state of mind at all times and places.

A magnificent person is not unprincipled and unscrupulous, but does not worry about trifles and there are no big things in the world. The bosom is like the sea, which only hides the truth and accepts the good, refusing to be false.

A magnificent person is not without seven emotions and six desires, but is knowledgeable in the world and skillful in human feelings. Know the advance and retreat, understand the hearts of the people, magnanimous, enthusiastic, not proud, not light.

A lifetime of life, vegetation and autumn, meticulous work, atmospheric life, is the realm that everyone should pursue.