If you are too kind, you are a fool!

If you are too kind, you are a fool!
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

be kind,

but you have to have limits.

once kindness goes too far,

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softness becomes timid and easy to be bullied;

kindness becomes cowardice and easy to be taken advantage of;

concessions become indebted and easy to be embarrassed;

magnanimity becomes incompetent and easy to indulge people.

kindness to the right person, valuable,

kindness to the wrong person, meaningless.

kindness gives ungrateful people,

will only get endless demands.

kindness gives false feelings to people,

will only get hurt again and again.

kindness gives bad conduct to people,

will only get themselves into a bad name.

unlimited kindness,

is not responsible for yourself.

others give whatever they want,

others do whatever they want,

do not know how to refuse, dare not refute,

in the end, everything you do,

is voluntary in the eyes of others.

No one remembers your kindness and appreciates you.

you have to understand that

some people are arrogant and can't get used to it.

some people don't know how to be grateful and can't help.

some people take an inch and can't give way.

unlimited kindness,

will only bring you trouble.

moderate kindness,

will protect yourself safe and sound.

in this society,

you are kind, others may not see you, and

if you help, others may not be grateful.

if one day you become bad and refuse,

everyone will point your head at you,

forget all your previous goodness and kindness,

remember only your current indifference.

in real life,

how much kindness has been taken advantage of and how many good intentions have been betrayed.

when you go to the bottom of your heart, others deceive you as a fool.

you do good deeds to help others, and others use you as a slave.

this is the first time for us to be human beings.

Why should we let ourselves be wronged?

when your kindness is not cherished, take it back.

when your kindness is not appreciated, turn around.

being a man,

kindness is not wrong, it is virtue,

helping others is not wrong, it is compassion,

tolerance is not stupid, it is magnanimous.


remember the word "limit".

excessive is a disaster, enough is enough,

be kind and not let down.

in this world,

kindness is the purest quality, and

is also the most precious gold.

May we all be smart and kind-hearted people.

keep the goodness and only give it to the right person.

Let the goodness last and be the right person!