If you can go to college backwards

If you can go to college backwards
If you can slowly change from a senior internship to a freshman.

if I have a chance, I will go to college backwards.

first I got my diploma, then I walked into that magnificent building in a suit and sat at my desk and worked hard. Then a mobile phone vibrates, which means that the first official salary of our life has arrived. When I get home in the evening, have a lively start-up meal and accept my parents' starting benefits.

finally unfasten his tie and lie on the bed. Forget your work schedule, business cards and mortgage pressure before you fall asleep. Take it for granted that the "pressure in reality" becomes "the vision after graduation".

wake up and take your textbook to your last class in college. I arrived in the classroom half an hour early, sat in the front row that I had never sat before, and found that those who were usually sitting in the first row were sitting in the last row. The good students were lying on the stage trying to pretend to sleep, but I was not allowed to sleep by myself. I took out my notebook and drew down the key points that the teacher said one by one.

when the class was about to end in five minutes, the teacher halted the class bluntly: "maybe this is the last class for most of you. I can't finish it in five minutes anyway, so I might as well give you an early end of class."

in a few days, I began to prepare for my graduation trip, and then I put on my schoolbag and said goodbye to the teacher's class with the determination of a strong man with a broken arm, even if they called my name again and again. I don't give up my trip in order to answer "to" in class.

after returning from the trip, I was the first to move to the dormitory and watched it from empty to filled with the smell of four people again. We often climb the wall to eat midnight snacks at night, and then almost fall on the way back.

A year later, I am a junior.

became the chairman loved by everyone. I don't talk about career planning, nor do I set strange rules, let alone please schools and teachers. I just hope that every brother and sister can know what is meant by "serious" from me.

also began to run along the school road every day, feeling younger and stronger every day.

I bought a guitar, starting with familiarity with the technique, and slowly, my fingertips can be skillfully pressed on the landing point of each note. I go to the lawn every evening and play a few songs according to my mood. He even set up a group of "unplugged concerts" on Wechat, organizing a group of people to come out to talk about life and the past, and met a large number of interesting people.

I am often away from the dormitory and hang out with others from time to time, but the requirement I have set for myself is to go to bed on time by 12:00.

then I slept until 09:30 the next day and woke up with a message saying:

"you've been called!" Come to the classroom soon

soon after, I resigned as chairman and became an ordinary college student. Does not represent any organization, and no longer for any fame and wealth to do things, I began to learn how to like a person.

I try to show my best to someone, and then bring her a breakfast every morning. Today is rice noodle roll, tomorrow may be dumplings with a few drops of vinegar. We go to class together, after class, and even run together every evening. Every time she would gasp and tell me to slow down, and I said no, because it was the only way I could hold her hand.

in the process of getting along with her, I have never used my cell phone as a microphone from beginning to end. She doesn't need to "click to play" a voice for dozens of seconds, nor does she have to hold her phone close to her ear.

even my "I like you" is spread through the air, not electricity.

A year later, I became a freshman, and she was promoted to a junior. She began to worry about her future career plans and was unsure of her future job city. She even thought I couldn't give her a "future". I tried all sorts of ways, buying gifts, making her salmon sushi, and even taking her to drink Starbucks that I couldn't afford.

she smiled and said, "Don't do this."

We just broke up.

but I'm not sad. Time heals everything, let alone backwards. And I began to feel new about everything in college. The way of teaching here, the life here, the daily routine, roommates, classmates and teachers are getting more and more fresh every day.

but it is still very difficult and embarrassing for me to introduce myself in front of the class.

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I waste my time unscrupulously, pretending to be CET-4 words in the morning, and gang up with my roommates when there is no class. I go to eat and drink with my friends on weekends. I no longer think about the meaning of life, because I have seen a movie that says, "the meaning is three small, I only know loyalty!"

this is my freshman year, ha.

one hot afternoon after that, I sat slumped on the couch at home, cut EMS's email neatly with scissors in my left hand, took out the certificate and phone card inside, and ended my college.

if at this time, I can go to college again, I will still waste my time unscrupulously in my freshman year, fall in a failed relationship in my sophomore year, try to make myself more interesting in my junior year, and cherish every moment in school after my senior year. Because yesterday someone said to me:

"it's happy to do it again. I don't mind double again."