If you go shopping as a model,

If you go shopping as a model,
You must know that beef balls are fake.

they set up tents, arranged four tables neatly in a row, spread a gray tablecloth on it, and three pots (one of which had a little rust around it) were brought to the table. As expected, they circled the rope with a small light bulb around the tent and circled a heart.

they wait for night to fall, when the so-called foodie team will go out and foodies will lose their minds because of a slight drop in temperature at night and buy junk food that they said they would not buy anything before.

they stood respectfully inside the table, the dim yellow light on their faces, and no matter whether people outside the table avoided it or hurried by, they had to shout to those guests in authentic Chaozhou Putonghua:

"Chaoshan authentic beef balls!"

so I didn't buy it, because I also passed a stall selling beef balls last year, and the kind-looking stall owner said to me, "Young man, they are all fake, mine is also fake, but mine is delicious."

I once asked my girlfriend seriously, "are all their beef balls real?"

my girlfriend looks disgusted: "as soon as you smell it, you know it's not true."

Tonight I took a deep breath on the road between the stall and the stall. I smelled unauthentic iron squid, unauthentic pork steak buns, papaya milk, mango milk ice, and hand-beaten beef balls. I didn't say anything, but silently avoided all the eager eyes and went straight to the canteen.

when I went to the canteen, I found that rice noodle roll was no longer for sale, because everyone went to eat fake food instead of fake Guangzhou sausages. This is the way life is. What you thought was readily available will always be lost when you need it most.

whatever you are doing now, remember the above sentence. Because it's not just about bowels, but also about the lady who went shopping with you tonight, and her hands.

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