If you have a temper, you will have your life.

If you have a temper, you will have your life.
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there is a saying: "temper and good fortune are like a pair of enemies. If you are weak and he is strong, you are weak."

A lot of people talk about losing their temper, but what they actually say is to bear the price.

people with a bad temper cause the most trouble, while people with a good temper gain more than kindness.

if you want career luck, family luck, and a good mood, you must first have a good temper.


away from home, the more mature people are, the more backward they are, the more likely they are to encounter everything.

if you have less temper, there will be less things.

there was a flight delay in HNA. Four hours before and after, a female passenger scolded all the way.

at the beginning of the terminal, she scolded the staff, but they didn't answer, so she kept talking, got on the plane, and began to scold the stewardess again, which became worse and worse.

the plane was coordinating. She grabbed her neck and shouted, "Why don't you drive?"

the person next to her told her to stop. Instead, she called her male companion and got into a fight. Later, those who persuaded her to fight were also involved in the scuffle.

when she made trouble with her, and the plane was three hours late, the woman, together with her friends and neighbors who advised her, were taken into the police station.

I went on a long trip, got angry and punished, and got nothing.

when I know that I am a little dissatisfied, I vent it, which is really harmful to others, but it is not self-serving.

Cai Kangyong once said:

No one is willing to compromise, but when his temper has exceeded the original point of truth, it is reasonable and unreasonable, and when it is time to control it, he has to keep his temper down.

it's not that hard to be tolerant and understand each other.

there is a video on Douyin in which the man went to dinner with a friend and the waiter accidentally spilled food on the floor.

when the waiter bowed his head and apologized, he stood up and scolded, saying, "I can't do such a little thing well," and was about to call the manager.

his friend stopped him and said, "forget it, just leave it here."

Don't ask for a change of food, and don't lose money. The man is a little upset.

his friend coaxed him to calm down, and it took a while to tell the truth:

"it's not easy to remember that when I was a waitress, I was often scolded."

from other people's point of view, they have lost their temper, and before they left, they went to the waiter to comfort

"you have done a good job."

A lot of things, not so many who are right and who are wrong, each has its own difficulties.

is a trivial matter, even if it is reasonable, it does not account for a few points. If you can give way when you can, no matter how big your temper is, don't be too reasonable.

if you have a good temper outside, there will be less awkwardness.


when you cooperate with others, your temper is better than your ability

when you cooperate with others, you are most afraid of having a bad temper.

No matter how capable you are, you don't have to write your temper on your face every day. Not everyone will coax you.

some netizens encounter colleagues leaving, and they don't understand the handover work.

he sent a message to his colleague, but he didn't wait for a reply for a long time. He just had a lot of work in his hand. He was in a hurry to find out first, and he was so upset.

urged him several times, but no one answered him yet.

when he was in a hurry, he called and scolded: "did you read the message? why didn't you reply?" If we don't take some responsibility, our whole department is waiting. "

talk about a lot of things, but don't get down to business.

when he stopped, there was only a faint sentence on the phone, "I left my job, so take care of it yourself."

as soon as he hung up the phone, he was completely blinded and couldn't do his work without his colleague. In the final analysis, I lost my temper too quickly.

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the temper is too big, and there is no ability, can not bear the price, losing temper is also white hair.

the person who is really good is good enough in ability and good in temper.

when Li Yanhong attended the "Luyu appointment", the staff commented on him:

I remember that at the "AI developer Conference", he was poured a bottle of water on his head for no reason, and he just calmly wiped his face and stroked his hair.

even calmly explained in front of the camera:

"you can see that all kinds of unexpected things will happen on the way forward of AI, but our determination to move forward will not change."

hold back your temper, Baidu's reputation is better, did not delay cooperation with Geely, the effect is also unexpected.

to do things is not to make friends, just to be happy, you have to be careful, too fond of losing your temper, drive away the people you work with, but there are many enemies.

the ability is big enough to lose one's temper, but not to lose one's temper is even more self-cultivation.

when you don't have enough skills, it's foolish to lose your temper, and it's wise not to lose your temper.

Last GE Xianqi once said: "Sorrow and anger are in my heart, joy and joy are shared with more people."

when you are angry, if you want to get things done, hide your edge.

temper is always under the ability, so that you can go further.


when you get along with your family, your temper is better than affection.

I often hear people say when they quarrel, "Don't you leave your temper to the person closest to you?"

there is always a bit of a chill. The closer the person is, the more he needs to have a good temper.

A couple in Nanjing had a conflict before. The wife got angry and threw a kitchen knife at the window.

the knife was 20 cm long and 10 cm wide, and the glass was smashed.

when the police saw it, the knives were broken in two.

both thought that the two were going to divorce, but in fact, they quarreled at home. The more they quarreled, the more anxious they were. In order to vent their feelings, the wife picked up a kitchen knife and slammed it on the wall. She didn't want to hit the window.

the most intimate relationshipThe matter is not serious, only blaming both of them for showing the worst temper and turning trifles into big ones.

husband and wife quarrel, fight a lot more, no matter how to repair, no matter how difficult to reconcile.

right and wrong are important, but not as important as love. Relatives make too much trouble, hurting you and the whole family.

whatever you do, don't lose your temper over your feelings.

like Wang Zengqi and his wife, he once asked his wife what to eat, but the wife was angry and could not help swearing: "forced to eat."

he was not angry or annoyed:

Shi Songqing also contained him. Once the family wanted to split up, but Wang Zengqi was unwilling to report to him, so she put up with it silently and said nothing more.

the best relationship is that someone can cure your temper and accept your temper.

in their family, even among their children and grandchildren, they love the most and do not take it seriously.

the younger generation often calls Wang Zengqi an "old man" and impolitely criticizes his famous works and jokes against him, but he is not angry.

several times he deliberately lost his temper and ran aside, and when his anger subsided, he came back like no one, and he was happy again.

many people say that they are too tired to get home and don't want to pretend to be good-tempered any more.

this is a bit far-fetched and needs to be gentle to the family, but this kind of kindness should not be faked at least.

that state is like Wang Xiaobo's sentence:

between husband and wife, families get along with each other, the more love, the more warm. It is only a natural process to rein in one's temper



We often lament the injustice of fate, but seldom complain about our bad temper.

in fact, even if you are lucky, you can't stand a bad temper.

if you want to go out, no matter how bad your temper is, don't overdo it;

if you want to make a career, don't overshadow your ability to get angry again.

want to be warm at home, feel angry again, don't hurt your feelings.

there is no way for good or evil, but by temper.

when you are affectionate, reasonable, capable, and have no temper, good things will come uninvited.