If you like some things, you won't be tired.

If you like some things, you won't be tired.
Say they are stupid and nice, naive and nice.

I wonder if anyone else remembers that I am the editor of TEDxXichenglou.

this time last year, when there were less than 300 fans in a mess. Mao Mao called me and asked me if I was interested in joining TEDxXichenglou. Of course I did, so I became the editor of Xicheng Tower. In fact, I didn't write the copy in the push at that time, because the level was not good enough, I was just responsible for typesetting. Fortunately, I had contact with PPT and PS before that, so I did a good job in typesetting.

I remember deeply that the one time we read the most was 3000, and most of the rest hovered around 1500.

and each article, I need to spend 5 hours, because I have to modify it and then modify it.

at that time, watching the number of readers exceeding a thousand, I really felt that I had done a remarkable thing. But looking back now, I seem to understand why the popularity of this event in Dongguan is actually very low. Because there is no activity with 1W of reading, it is really not a successful activity.

some people will ask, "aren't you doing activities just to give something to those who come here?" Why do you care so much about reading? "

Yes, in fact, our goal is to give people something to gain. Whether it's the suggestions written on the feedback form or the moments used to show that they agree with TEDxXichenglou, we all think that as long as you come, you listen, you read, as long as you feel something in your heart, we think it's worth it.

but outside sponsors don't care.

they don't care which person has been changed and which guest has been moved by your activity. They don't care whether you have this form of activity in Dongguan or whether it is valuable or not. They only care about one thing:

"is your activity influential?"

what is meant by "influence"? The most direct data is the amount of reading. Although the first TEDxXichenglou was published in many newspapers and media after it was held, its popularity is really not high. No one can be blamed for this. It can only be said that I, the editor in charge of publicity, did not truthfully write out our activities, so that I could not move the "people who did not come".

because all the people who come here think that this is a rare and interesting activity in Dongguan.

so this is my dereliction of duty. At this time last year, I did not use words to tell others, "TEDxXichenglou is an activity that you will never regret when you come," because we can come into contact with things that we do not normally have access to, and we can hear practical information that others will not easily talk about.

when we went to solicit sponsorship during our outreach last year, what we heard most was the sentence: "Why not give it a try in your current session, and if it is done well, I will sponsor you again next year." Fortunately, there are some companies and brands that are willing to sponsor us without asking for anything in return.

in last year's issue of TEDx, our venue was free, our photography was free, and our refreshments at halftime were free. But even so, on the day we finished the event, we went back to cardamom, and the four curators calculated how much they spent. I can't remember exactly, but there was also a 1500.

I know Oba very well and often run with him. He told me it was almost time for the second session, and I asked him,

"what supported you to do the first phase of TEDx?"

he paused for a second, looked at the sky and smiled and said, "for no reason, I like it." Don't you join us because you like this thing? "

in that second, I remembered the line that Stephen Chow said to Cecilia Cheung in King of Comedy.

the moment I heard this answer, I really wanted to cry. Maybe hosting TEDx makes us look like "pitch black", but at the moment of success, as an indispensable member of this TEDx, we will feel that all our efforts have not been in vain.

Today's cover picture actually says "Juvenile Dream is dead", but I feel that it is too negative. I have removed "already" and changed it to "not" dead. This year I became one of the curators of TEDxXichenglou, but I did very little work. Remembering last December, when I told them that I had to go back to work at McDonald's on the weekend, they smiled and said, "Why don't you get some sponsorship next year and pay you?"

this year we have already started to talk about sponsorship, but salary is impossible, but I will continue to fight with them, even if I have to dream to maintain my enthusiasm for TEDxXichenglou. TEDxXichenglou is a non-profit organization, we want to put all the income into the sharing meeting, hoping to give you a better experience and gain more.

say that we are young and good, naive and good. But really, we all just want to do a good job in this TEDxXichenglou, even if the real return is almost zero, even if we can't afford any topical stars.

if at this moment, you haven't finished listening to this word, the song I put at the beginning. We might as well put on earplugs and read the last paragraph:

probably because we are as young as you, even if adults tell us that dreams are worthless, we are willing to try our best to "try". However, when we say "give it a try", we use 100% of our strength to sprint towards that seemingly distant, dark goal. We know that we will be beaten black and blue, but we still want to die more heroically, and we still have no regrets when we get out of society.

during my three years in college, I saw him who failed to start a business and was so poor that he could only eat instant noodles for a month. I thought it was miserable, but he didn't.For this reason, because he said he had at least gained experience.

I have also seen her who runs around the school every day. I asked her if she was not tired. She disagreed and commented under my negative moments: "Don't be sad, come out for a run."

that group of photographers are running around carrying equipment. If you ask him if he is tired of photography, he will tell you disapprovingly: "if you like it, you are not tired."

what is meant by "disapproval"?

dresses in pink evening is meant to bring out your charm and confidence naturally. We have a huge selection of cuts and styles to choose from.

is to do something you like. No matter what kind of suffering you face, you feel that this is the only way to reach your dream, and you don't think you have anything to show off.

of course, I don't think it's worth showing up to be sympathized with.

I don't know if you can see

when they disagree, they all have light in their eyes

, there must be echoes

have you ever had a similar experience