If you were born in a few months, it's your life. It's too accurate!

If you were born in a few months, it's your life. It's too accurate!
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when you were born in January, you like to be quiet and not vain.

you don't have many friends. In your opinion, two or three knowing yourself is enough.

you have strong empathy, strong ability to resist pressure, and you can endure all grievances and grievances in silence.

but in a relationship, you are easy to lack sense of security, afraid of the other person's leaving, and prone to self-doubt.

over and over again, you are fond of worrying about gains and losses, and you are always over-interpreting each other's words and deeds, making both the other person and you easy to feel tired.

you might as well give each other a little more trust and a little more confidence. Feelings are not humble and thankless, to find their own share of wanton free and easy, but more able to walk into each other's heart.


February  born in February, you are intelligent, frank, down-to-earth and serious about your work, and you are a trusted partner of the team.

however, your heart is more comfortable and stable, do not want to work to disrupt the pace of your life, so your life will be more smooth, without too many ups and downs.

you are a good listener. You always have a delicate sense of the joys and sorrows of the people around you.

you are so independent that you just want to shoulder everything and don't want to bother others.

but when others need help, you respond to every request, and sometimes you would rather be aggrieved than fulfill the other person's needs.

in a relationship, you are not used to being bound, you yearn for freedom, and you won't lose yourself because of love.


born in March

born in March, you are simple and kind, have no intention, always willing to look at life on the positive side, full of vitality, can virtually attract a lot of people.

you bring your own peach blossoms, and you have a good relationship with the opposite sex, but you should be aware that it is easy to make people jealous.

at work, you are capable, ambitious, willing to constantly challenge new goals, and are a good leader.

but you are a little indecisive in character, and you don't know how to refuse other people's requests for fear of hurting others, which adds a lot of trouble to yourself.

in the eyes of many people, you are a little flirtatious, but do not realize that your heart yearns for single-minded romance.

once you start a relationship, you will soon give up your heart, even if you are hurt, so it is easy to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous people.


in April

born in April, you are cheerful, sociable, seldom lose your temper and are very popular.

when it comes to dealing with people, you don't like to beat around the bush. If you say something, you will never do it face to face.

you are content with what you have in the moment, and you can let go of the tribulations that life gives you. So your life is always happier than sad.

in a relationship, you hate change and want to have a consistent relationship, so when an uncertain relationship is in front of you, you often choose to wait and see for a while.

once you confirm that that person is worthy of trust, you will be determined to be the little woman behind him.



born in May, you are low-key and reserved.

at work, you don't like to show off or steal the limelight. You are hardworking and hard-working. If you have the right direction, you will try your best to do your best.

your social circle is small, your personality is slow and hot, and you usually don't seem to talk much, but if you get along for a long time, you will find the hot heart under your dull appearance.

you are very nostalgic and would rather have a long-running relationship. Once in love, it will be from one to the end, giving each other sense of security.

you are the representative of a good wife and mother, and you spend most of your time working for your family. Enjoy it, be careful that it is easy to spoil your partner.

but as long as the other person's feelings are no longer pure, then love you will choose to leave after rational analysis, so it is always easy to be regarded as unfeeling.


you born in June

born in June, you are kind, like to laugh, like to try new things, have a rare childlike innocence, and will never feel bored to get along with you.

although you are usually hilarious and childish, you actually know how to measure, take care of other people's emotions, be careful and considerate.

you like to challenge. As long as you have the right direction, you will move forward regardless of the direction and just want to live the way you like.

in your relationship, you always have a clear distinction between love and hate, love is vigorous, and you never look back after you leave.

in this life, it is difficult for you to be burdened by the secular world and live a happy life.



born in July, you have an innate persistence. Know the ways of the world, but never follow the trend.

you don't want to conflict with others even at the expense of your own interests.

you are very sensitive inside, and it's easy to get to the bottom of things. If you are aggrieved, you will only keep it in your heart and not tell it to others.