I'm afraid I'll be with you forever.

I'm afraid I'll be with you forever.
Who would have thought you said you were sorry.

I interviewed Fan Shuo a year ago. At that time, he was a very powerful brother in my eyes. He was a law major, but he became a photographer known by the whole school. It is not too much to use "submissive" to describe me chatting with him at that time. A year later, we became good friends and asked out to chat from time to time.

he always told me that he wanted to write an article in disorder,

because there was something that had to be said before it was over.

mm-hmm, so the author of this article tonight is Fanshuo.


on the day of filming Wind from the South, when the couple didn't come, Wilson said, "you seem to be in low spirits. Why don't you take some broken shots and cut a film, and listen to some music to brew it first."

so I put on my headphones and played the song of my sister's band.

she said that my sister's song has become taboo, probably because at the concert two years ago, I cried and sang "say the same" to her: "I really loved you, and I still burst into tears."

in fact, I can't touch any more, except the good sister band, the movies I've seen, the places I've been, everything about it.

"to remove a person from the heart is like performing a self-healing surgery, tearing open the flesh, digging him out with his fingernails, and pulling out the blood vessels, muscles and veins that adhere to him."

she said: "it's just a wound left by the operation. No matter how long it takes to contract and heal, it will eventually leave a little red in the heart."

I thought I was hot for three minutes, but

We have made prom ball gown dress perfect even for the casual looks. Just take these selections into consideration.

insisted on the two longest things,

photography and like you.


when we first met in Shenzhen a few years ago, it was like a reunion between old friends who had separated for a long time. It won't dry up when you talk to her. You can pick up any joke. Used to date with others in order not to be cold, create a lot of topics themselves, but often leave behind embarrassment. In the face of her, even if she didn't talk to each other, she stared into those eyes secretly, and looked away when she found me, and her heart was as happy as a flower.

unlike others, what I said to her will not stale, cool, or forget overnight. She can always accurately remember the things I once mentioned, even some small details that I have long forgotten.

this is the only person who makes me want to work hard to live a life together, and the only one who resonates strongly with me. She starts her joys and sorrows, and life is not boring because of this.

to me, she is like a fish that can't be caught in three rivers and five lakes.

who would have expected you to say sorry to me?

I'm afraid it will only last forever.


during that time, I tried all the self-moving things I could think of: I bought DIY handmade accessories on Taobao and made her a copper bracelet and necklace with her name and letters and her favorite Hello Chicken crow. In order to give her a birthday present, she spent eight early hours after work painting 22 of her favorite flowers on her favorite book, and then recorded and edited the whole process into a film and put it on a U disk with the shape of a DSLR for her own use; because of a performance failure, she cried lonely on the other end of the phone. I just left a message waiting for me, so I ran from Dongguan to Xiangmi Lake, bought a bunch of flowers for her, and hurried back to Dongguan for the night shift.

sometimes we are kind to others, which is just a kind of fake intimacy, and we want to get something of the same value from each other more or less; but sometimes in front of some people, we just hope that the other person can find out and pay attention to it. Can give this kind of giving a little affirmation and meaning.

"you are really kind to me, but I promised to wait for him."

she's talking about the boyfriend in Shanghai.


all I can do is probably wait.

wait for her to cancel the chat on the top, and wait for her moments to no longer appear in that hand. There will always be an end day, either until they break up or when they get married.

people suffer the most in endless waiting until you know you can go ashore.

when she said she was going to resign and come to my city, I seemed to see the dawn of the end. Every meeting during that time was a luxury gift to me. I could hold her hand from time to time, pretend it was too windy and ask for a hug, and secretly kiss when I left instead of being pushed away.

she said, "recently, I suddenly found that sometimes I unconsciously talk to others in the way I talk to you, and then I find that they can't catch them at all. But out of reason, I have to force myself to have less contact with you. "

however, I underestimated her resilience. One day I learned that that person was cheating and cheating on someone far away. Even so, she just wiped away her tears and said she would continue to wait.

so the last thing I wait for is to say good dreams to the air and love words to myself.

Why do you insist that it never indicates victory?

I have to secretly endure defeat by myself.


I spent three years trying to take 99 steps, but I still didn't wait for her to take the last step towards me.

take her to the door on the last night. I said let's never see each other again, and then confessed some careless words. Then she leaned her head on my thin shoulder and said,

"I'll probably never meet anyone like you again, but I want to seriously say that you won a long time ago, and I lost. I know I shouldn't like you, so thank you for your company over the years. "

in the past, I used to talk about "Don't ask all the time in my life", which made me look transparent and not too persistent, but it was just a temporary self-consolation.It's just a phrase to show to others. There may be an opportunity for everyone to make difficult choices, which makes you understand that the current situation has to be accepted. It is not until I have had an obsession that I really know how to let go of it.

many people remember "A Chinese Odyssey." finally, Zhou Xingchi said that the man was like a dog. Maybe Zhou Xingchi was the secular representative of the other two, observing the relationship with the incomprehension of others and the disdain of others. What I felt was that the supreme treasure put up the golden hoop and left, and the eyes of the Zixia fairy looked out, as if knowing that he would never come back.

originally thought, who expected, the real hope, how to do.

when it comes to unhappiness in the world, these twelve words are probably written.


above is the short film I said at the beginning of the article. I wrote this article in memory of you because of this short film. The most pitiful thing is that life and work still need to go on. After filming this film, we shot a couple called "the Wind from the South".

maybe life should be like this, even if I like you again.

can't be the one you love.

then you can only record the love of others.