I'm most afraid that you want to go, but I can't stay.

I'm most afraid that you want to go, but I can't stay.
I'm smart, you're asking for trouble.


if we need to say goodbye, I won't keep you.

because I am afraid that I will try my best to stay, it has become the reason for you to stay.

and this reason is the most heart-wrenching.

I know that no matter how heavy the rain is, you can't hug you when you open your umbrella.

just like the harder the rain, you will only try your best to avoid it.

remember what you like, and naturally remember what you hate.


I think I am different from the people in the car.

because we have different choices of songs,

our mobile phone models are different, and our clothes are different.

but I found that I was exactly the same as them,

because neither of us could choose where to wear earplugs.

I thought I was different from them because of music, because of movies, because of books.

but I find that without you, no one knows I'm different.

I thought we were different from them.

they just hate each other, abuse each other,

suspect each other and find each other disgusting.

until the distance is pulled apart,

they will not be able to find each other's love back.

and we are different,

because we find a reason to like each other before we distance ourselves.

but it turns out that all the difference lies in you, not in "we".

I thought our relationship was made in heaven,

my selfishness,

your generosity.

but don't realize that emotions have stops.

rivers need water, ears need to shake, eyes need flowers, and

your love also needs mine.


I thought the flowers would never fade,

I thought the rain would not last forever,

I thought warming meant spring,

I thought I loved you enough,

I thought we would never say goodbye,

but if one day we finally need to say goodbye,

then these thoughts will become my self-belief.

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my self-wisdom, you ask for trouble.

"Hey, it's raining outside"

"well, I know"