I'm not gonna thank you.

I'm not gonna thank you.
I thank myself.

recently, browsing moments before going to bed, I saw a senior sister in senior high school who sent a photo of a report card and a pouting scissors selfie. The ranking and results were urgent, and the selfie also made people have nothing to do with the results. While the younger sister's caption is "the world kisses me with pain, I want to report it with song", I vaguely feel that this scene is very familiar, so I went to look through her moments records. Found that a month ago she also posted similar photos and soul chicken soup with articles, and between these two posts saying that they did not do well in the monthly exam and hope to get better next time, other records she posted were selfies, midnight snacks and newly bought facial cleansers. The caption is "do you want to cut your hands on Singles Day", "I want to sing", "I met XX downstairs, he invited me to drink milk tea" and so on. In short, this kind of unnutritious circle of friends with more than six posts a day seems to reveal a sense of decadence that she has nothing to do every day, except to see her shame and determination in the face of her report card. I don't seem to see what she has done for this shame and determination.

Chen Gadfly said, "pain is not wealth, but reflection on pain."

I think if you regard the grades and rankings that a younger sister cannot bear to look directly at as pain, should wealth be her self-reflection and improvement actions instead of just accepting the pain and waiting for the next blow?

O is a girl who feels very friendly and warm to get along with. The moments are always full of positive energy or nutritious reading. As long as you are with her, you will feel that the weather is getting better. Once, when I talked to O Night about what affected her past character and present character, she told me that she had committed suicide in junior high school. I was very surprised, but I still listened to her. It turned out that something very bloody had happened in the family at the beginning of the sixth grade of O Primary School. O's father had an affair and gave birth to a little sister with a woman having an affair, and O's father was grumpy. In those years, even the mother and brother who often beat O, all the furniture in the house was damaged in the quarrel, the glass doors and windows were broken, the wooden storage rack was broken, the refrigerator was knocked down, and so on. O not only witnessed all the violence, O also saw how his father hid another woman outside the balcony. Later, O was abetted to lie in court, during which every aspect of O was gray, self-abuse, suicide, smoking, sleepless nights. As an outsider, I really have no way to empathize with how a primary school girl was driven from a warm and harmonious family to a fragmented environment full of violence and motivation. I asked her why you have experienced these dark and violent things before and now you can become so warm and upward. O said, "when I encounter these things, it is like being raped in my life." but I am not willing to be decadent and lose my hope and love for life, so I want to rape my life and live my life well. "

after his parents' marriage failed, O followed his mother to another city and went to a new school to study again. at that time, the most thing O did every day was to read books, read extracurricular books, one after another, and read other people's stories. O met many new friends who refused to associate with former bad friends, and his personality became more and more easygoing and cheerful.

I asked O, "would you thank those people and things that hurt you in the past? after all, you wouldn't have such a positive and strong personality without it." "of course not," O replied bluntly. "I won't thank the people and things that hurt me. I do appreciate my reflection and resistance to the injury, don't I? How many people do you think will come back to life after being subjected to domestic violence and suicide? everyone will be hurt and hit by pain, but not everyone will think about how to resist. "

in the course of junior high school and high school, there is no shortage of people who have experienced family misfortune and then are easily distracted by bad friends in their studies, and there are very few people who can get out of the shadows besides facing the shadows. For O, domestic violence and the failure of her parents' marriage are the pain points she can't let go of all her life. Should I say that this pain is her wealth? Of course not, O in the later time how to get rid of such a black experience, her rebellious behavior and unreconciled consciousness in the face of trauma is her wealth.

when speaking English, every time you put on headphones, there is a device test. A female voice as stiff as a machine says a word to see if your headphones can play sound properly. Sometimes it is "Life is like the ocean" and sometimes it is "if life deceives you, don't be sad, don't worry." Such positive words of the three values look ridiculous today. Life deceives me without sadness, worry or anger. How can I send strength to change and resist? I can't live and rape me. Just accept it. I have to do something to tell life I'm sorry you got the wrong guy.

my sister is still posting some unnutritious selfies and various shows of moments every day. O still lives happily and actively every day, and is also kissed by the world with pain. Who is still temporarily paralyzing himself with chicken soup of the soul to make him feel that everything will get better, but has not taken any practical action, who finally sang the song, who was not reconciled to who resisted the rape and abuse of life.

teenagers, if you drink too much chicken soup, you will be poisoned. Don't blindly believe that harm will make you stronger. You make yourself stronger.

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