I'm not sure I'll meet someone who likes me more than you do.

I'm not sure I'll meet someone who likes me more than you do.
I'm sorry I thought of you in the off-season.

it was a little cold on the way to the canteen when I got up at noon. I thought of you and called you. You were probably busy and didn't listen; you called me back in the afternoon, but I was busy with my work and didn't answer it; when I saw the missed call in the middle of the night, I wanted to call back. I think you should have fallen asleep long ago, because you slept so shallowly that I didn't dare to wake you up. In fact, we seldom talk on the phone. To save face, we don't like to put personal feelings and concerns on the table. Rejecting this thing is like the only family inheritance, so we seldom call you and seldom think of you. I'm sorry. I only think of you when I am out of season or sick, because no one forces me to wear more, and I feel really unaccustomed when no one tells me to take medicine. Cost of living aside, only in these two moments can I feel that I can't give up the need for you imperceptibly.

"put on a few more things, don't ask for demeanor, don't want the temperature."

"come on, it's not like you feel cold and the whole world is cold with you."

this is probably the pattern. If you say ten words, you say I want to go east and west. I'm this kind of person, you know, so you won't stop me from doing what I want to do. In the first year of junior high school, I wanted to learn guitar. At night you braved the rain and took me to the piano store to buy. As a result, I studied for a month and then threw it away. I'm going to travel far away alone in high school. You're obviously worried, but you still have no objection. You won't stop me, because you know it's better to let me run up against a brick wall than to say ten thousand words to me. We maintain each other's freedom to maintain this relationship, and because of the inertia of dependence, we can't give up each other, like a long-distance relationship far away, the only person I can't let go is you. It's like I just want to make sure that it's getting cold and you're not with me, but you're still alive.

the last time I went home, I actually suffered a lot of grievances and blows outside. I didn't want to face it. Every time something happened, I used to hide like a tortoise. I couldn't confess to anyone. I told you a lot of things that you don't understand. In the early hours of the day before I went back to school, you took me to a place far away for midnight snacks. I wanted to save you some money and told you that you were not hungry as long as a bowl of beef noodles. Later, my share, is the largest weight, we ate their own noodles, silent for a while, you suddenly said: "it is better for yourself to live outside." I said, "Oh", burying my head with tears and mixing noodles, hiding from you.

every time I leave home, I am not sent off because I really hate seeing you off. I don't want you to look at my back, let alone watch you leave. Every time I think of Zhu Ziqing's "back" in primary school textbooks. There is also the "watching" of long Yingtai in junior high school. To be honest, I have read so many textbooks and extracurricular books. These two articles are the two that I am most impressed and unable to put down. When I was a child, my heart would be stuffed together when I read it for no reason. It goes like this:

I saw him wearing a black cloth cap, a black cloth mandarin coat and a dark blue cotton robe. He hobbled to the side of the railway and slowly leaned down. But when he crossed the railway, it was not easy for him to climb to the platform over there. He climbed up with his hands and his feet shrank upward, and his fat body leaned slightly to the left, showing a look of effort. Then I saw his back, and my tears came down quickly. I quickly wiped away my tears. I'm afraid he'll see it, and I'm afraid others will see it.

when I looked out again, he had already walked back with the scarlet orange in his arms. When crossing the railway, he first scattered the oranges on the ground, climbed down slowly, and then picked up the oranges and walked. When I got here, I hastened to help him. He walked with me to the car and put the oranges on my fur coat. So I fluttered the dirt on my clothes, and I felt very relaxed. After a while, he said, "I'm leaving. I'll write a letter over there!" I watched him go out. He walked a few steps, looked back at me and said, "go in, there's no one in there." When his back mingled with the people coming and going and couldn't be found any more, I came in and sat down, and my tears came again. -- "back figure"

I slowly and slowly understand that the so-called father-daughter mother-son fight only means that your fate with him is that you are constantly watching his back drifting away in this life. You stand at this end of the path and watch him disappear at the turn of the path, and he tells you silently with his back: there is no need to chase. -- "watching"

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the last time I came to school with "leftovers as King". I went to see it, probably because I saw too much reality. I looked on Shu Qi's "frigid" face all the time, watching how Shu Qi's heroine shared a room with Peng Yuyan, who was so handsome that she was so handsome. In fact, I didn't like it. I still cried in the dark and cried stupid because they were too smart. I know that as long as you talk about it, you can win my heart.

I haven't tried to be liked enough to make me feel sorry to him if I don't have a good life. You are the exception.

I'm really not sure that I can meet someone who likes me more than you do.

want to know who you miss most when it gets colder

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