I'm only in my twenties, but I'm old.

I'm only in my twenties, but I'm old.
Today, I read a tweet called "I'm a teenager and I'm really tired".

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Today, more than 30 people went to the family dinner. My seniority is relatively high, so those "kids" call me uncle.

but when I was a child, I didn't like to be called "uncle" by them. I always wanted them to call me brother, because my uncle thought I was too old.

but tonight, I suddenly found that they were all taller than me. The joke of relatives is no longer "eat more and grow taller than your uncle", but "eat more and strive for a head taller than your uncle".

so when they called me "Uncle", I was no longer as angry as I was when I was a child. Instead, I put my hands behind my back, nodded skillfully to them, and gave their nicknames exactly as the officer replied to the soldiers.

and I don't have any waves in my heart, because I know that

I am old.


during dinner, I said to my eldest nephew (who is the same age as me):

"We are old, our memories are still in high school, but now we are about to graduate from college."

he is a college student and has now graduated. He sighs, points to the nieces and nephews sitting around the table and says, "well, they're all in high school."

it's really fast. Our memory is still stuck in the evening study of that girl in the third year of high school, but we find that we have not had a late study for three years.

when I saw couples in my high school uniform on the street, I squinted at them, put my hand over my mouth and whispered to my girlfriend:

"they definitely don't read."

when I went into a coffee shop in town today, I met a group of boys and girls. I knew they were high school students at a glance. I saw it at first glance because there was an indescribable atmosphere in their area. No one was willing to break the barrier in youdao. The boy in the plaid shirt must have liked the girl opposite him. I don't know how I knew it.

all I know is that I am old. Because after I passed them, I turned into the box where I was playing cards.


Tonight I added Wechat to one of my nephews, who is in high school. I looked at his moments and found such a tweet.

the name of the push is "I'm only a teenager and I'm really tired." The excerpts are as follows:

I am tired of intrigue

when I am only a teenager

I know the cold and warm feelings

when I am only a teenager

I already know what I should not know

I have the idea of committing suicide

when I am only a teenager

I began to hate this hypocritical world

. /p>

I know how important money and power are

I'm only a teenager

I know to look at other people's faces

I'm only a teenager

I just know that there are only a few friends

I pushed this message carefully several times in the car. Then send it to the disorganized editorial group and let everyone read it again.

I left a message: "Hey, I'm old." "

I say this not because I can't understand their thoughts, but because I can understand why they say it, and I understand it very much. And I can almost translate that post into Chinese in a hundred ways, because what I said in that push is not the old me.

at that time, I liked to use "my heart is dead, something burns paper" as my QQ offline automatic reply.

at that time, my QQ signature changed every day. If you want to know how I feel in that second, take a look at what my QQ signature looks like.

at that time, Gao Leng was not untalkative, but he didn't change his QQ profile picture for a year, signed his personality, and pulled the details to the bottom.

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at that time, we buried the world, feeling that only Han Han understood us and said what we wanted to say, thinking that he was God.

at that time, Zhou Xingchi was synonymous with funny. We could all laugh to tears when he cried. King of Comedy was his most failed work.

at that time, it was as stupid as a blank piece of paper. If other people spoke louder, they would be able to write their opinions on our paper.

my favorite story in high school was about the rebirth of Eagles:

Eagles have a lifespan of 70 years, but they face a choice of painful rebirth or death at the age of 40. The eagle has to fly reluctantly to the cliff to build a nest, beat off the long peck by hitting the rock, pull out the old claws with the new ones, and pull out the old feathers with the new ones.

and every time I write this story in my composition, I am so excited that tears come to my eyes. Because it makes me believe that short-term pain can always lead to long-term happiness, so as long as I gnash my teeth, I can get a heavy college and be reborn in an ideal university.

I admit that I am old, not because I am unwilling to "hit the rock and beat off my long peck to welcome rebirth", but because I know:

"throughout the birds, only penguins can molt, not to mention that some birds can beat off the long pecks themselves."


I'm only in my twenties

, but I don't know anything about intrigue

I'm only in my twenties

, but I still don't know how to be warm or cold.P>

I'm only in my twenties

, but I still don't know what I shouldn't know

I'm only in my twenties

but I've given up the idea of committing suicide

I'm only in my twenties

, but I'm starting to like the real world

I'm just in my twenties

but I'm getting old