In 2021, throw away these five things and you will live happily ever after!

In 2021, throw away these five things and you will live happily ever after!
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when one is alive, he is not afraid of physical tiredness, but of mental tiredness.

there is a good saying:

the heart is bound, and no matter how happy it is, you will not be happy.

if you want to live at ease, you can't let your heart get too tired.

the key to happiness is to make a proper subtraction to keep your life simple.

is the so-called road to simple, throw away the burden, naturally not tired.

2021, let's "throw away" these things together, learn to break up, and be quiet every day.


the entangled past

Zhou Guoping once said:

people who really have great wisdom will never be entangled with the past, because they understand that no matter what happened in the past, now that it has happened, it cannot be changed.

instead of entanglement, chagrin and remorse, it is better to let go of the burden and stride forward.

if you carry too much, it will only make the journey of life more heavy.

there is such a short story.

A middle-aged man felt that life was heavy, so he went up the mountain to seek a solution from the Zen master.

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the Zen master gave him a basket, pointed to a path in the mountain and said to him, "with each step forward, pick up a stone and put it in the basket and feel it."

the middle-aged man, according to the Zen master, picked up a stone at every step, and did not go far. The back basket was already filled with more than half of it, and he felt that the weight on his shoulders was getting heavier and heavier, and it was hard to walk.

before the basket became full, the middle-aged had to return.

looking at his embarrassment, the Zen master asked, "how do you feel?"

the middle-aged man replied, "the basket is getting heavier and heavier. I'm too tired."

not confused, not trapped in love; not afraid of the future, do not think about the past.

the best state of life is not in love in the past, not in the present, and in the future.

only by letting go of the entanglement of the past can life be more natural and comfortable.

for the rest of your life, but do good deeds and don't ask about the future.


the mind is tedious and obsessive

in many cases, the reason why people are physically and mentally exhausted is often because they can't let go of their obsession.

as the saying goes, those who are willing are tired, and those who don't care don't care.

to think too much is to torture yourself.

once upon a time, there was a rich man who was seriously ill and the medicine was ineffective. He was so anxious that he felt that he would die soon.

later, he found a famous doctor in seclusion.

after feeling his pulse, the famous doctor wrote a strange "prescription": find a quiet place and lie down for 30 minutes every day for a month.

although the rich feel strange, they have no choice but to do so.

miraculously, a month later, he really got better.

find a famous doctor again, and the famous doctor says the secret behind the "prescription": don't think much.

it turns out that the daily life of the rich is so busy that they have almost never had such a relaxing moment.

later, during the 30 minutes of lying down every day, he thought of nothing and his restlessness gradually stabilized.

Bai Luomei once said:

when there is nothing, one mind is clear and nothing is light.

in life, if you can learn to stay away from obsession, your troubles will disappear naturally.

the truth is that the heart is free from complexity, and the years produce incense.

May you and I, from now on, do not think too much, do not worry too much, see the world with a pure and leisurely heart, and enjoy happiness.


look down on your relatives

what are relatives?

some people say:

I think so.

relatives are not all sincere.

when you are rich, they promise to follow you; when you are poor, they try to avoid you; they will visit you no matter how busy you are; when you are in trouble, they say they have no time for leisure.

as the saying goes, no one knows the poor in a busy city, while the rich have distant relatives in the mountains. This is the reality of society.

without sincerity, there is no need to cling to it.

for those relatives who despise themselves, it will be broken.

it is better to please yourself than to please yourself.

there is a good saying:

therefore, it is just right to keep a little distance between relatives.

in the days to come, it is most important to be happy.


false friends

meet thousands of people in life.

but not everyone can be called a friend.

people are always the most elusive.

there are some people who are enthusiastic on the surface and plan in their minds.

when they use you, they boo and greet you; if they don't need you, they love you.

people like this who don't take you seriously, your affection or giving, your sadness or grievance, are all an one-man show after all, and will only make you scarred in the end.

Nalanxingde once said:

in this world, no one is inseparable from each other, only who does not know how to cherish each other. Treat with hypocrisy, why bother to be stupid.

Don't let someone who should have left continue to occupy your time and energy because of all kinds of fetters.

when you break, you break. Only by losing the person who doesn't cherish you can you make room for the right person.


A meaningless dinner

writer Li Shanglong once said:

indeed, no one can be trusted unless you are useful.

many people squeeze their minds into other people's circles in order to broaden their contacts.

as everyone knows, the strength of contacts is often based on the strength of the individual. If you are not good enough, the so-called network is a joke; if the ability is strong enough, it is just the icing on the cake.

therefore, giving up useless socializing and spending time on improving yourself and the things you like is always a more worthwhile investment than mixing meals and networking.

as Li Ka-shing said:

when you learn to choose and stay away from noise, you will find that the most beautiful scenery in life is inner calmness and calmness.

Life has been in a hurry for decades, so you might as well be a person who knows how to "break up".

Let go of the burden in your heart and live a free and easy life.

give up meaningless people and live a happy life.

disconnect complicated thoughts and you will be happy for the rest of your life.

the simpler it is, the happier it is; the more simple it is, the more advanced it is.