In the new year, be kind to the years and treat yourself

In the new year, be kind to the years and treat yourself
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

time is silent, as if in the twinkling of an eye, the new year unfolds in front of us again. It is the end of the year, looking out of the window, a few leaves on the tree, in the cold wind has been mercilessly removed from the beautiful coat of winter, is thin shivering, teetering.

the end of the year means that the year is coming to an end, making everyone's life in flashy haste through another reincarnation. No matter what kind of story you have experienced, everything will gradually go away with the passage of time. Those who can never come back yesterday, happy and even unhappy, will turn into the clouds and clouds of history, and eventually the wind will fade.

the new year, it not only carries the previous harvest and summary, but also opens a new journey and hope. When the day goes by, when the new year has begun, gently comb your thoughts and seriously aftertaste the time you have passed, you will find that the mood is in the afterscent of the old year, filled with the time of the past, storing some of the good things into the depths of your heart.

those singing years, those smiles, troubles, and even success or failure, all kinds of passion, surging once, the time left behind, is so worth remembering, worth cherishing. Only at such a moment can people deeply feel the importance of time.

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time is wasted and speechless, always let people have a lot of things as if they haven't had time to sort out, the New year beckons to us vaguely. Whether you like it or not, the resume will add a new year that you don't want to accept. As someone said: when you are lamenting the passage of time, you are already getting older.

Yes! No matter how much we break free, we can't stand the pendulum of time. Only the rest of life will be leisurely, the interpretation of colorful, so that this time we do not live in vain. Only to live a good present, let life more beautiful colors, less haze; make yourself simpler, happier, cut down the complexity and simplicity, is the best Enron.

as we enter the new year, the only thing we can do is to decorate our memories with beauty, to be indifferent to the years, to be kind to ourselves, and to forge ahead even if we still encounter stumbles in our life. as long as we are not depressed, not affected by interests, not confused by money, every step in the future is worthy of our serious treatment and attentiveness.

because the past years, no matter happy or sad, can not let us go back to the past, only cherish the present, in the plain fleeting years with a grateful heart and cherish, quietly weave the mood in the hope of beauty, as long as the heart is warm, life will be full of sunshine everywhere.

Life is not for wealth and luxury, but for health and peace; not for vigor, but for simplicity and happiness. As long as you learn to be strong in the face of adversity, learn to be indifferent in the face of prosperity; in the face of misunderstanding, learn to let go and smile, and strive to move forward in the midst of wind and rain, then the road ahead will be full of flowers and be haunted by happiness all the time.

I only wish that in the new year, no matter whether it is work or footprints, everyone will be able to go along with the wind and water. As long as the sun is shining in my heart, the day will be warmer and warmer, and life will be wonderful and continuous!