In the new year, be kind to yourself who is getting old.

In the new year, be kind to yourself who is getting old.
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

time is silent, time is silent, and it is another year to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new.

suddenly look back and find that in the past, I have been running around for life, tired by responsibility, busy studying, working, making money to support our family, and we are weary and hurried along the way, both physically and mentally.

We try our best to play every role, a filial child, competent parent, dedicated employee, considerate lover, but neglect to be nice to ourselves.

the new year starts with being kind to yourself. On the way to getting old, only by loving yourself well can you not live up to your life.


in the new year, we should cherish our health

Modern life. Busyness is the norm. We often forget to eat and sleep in order to get a promotion and raise as soon as possible; we run non-stop just to give our families a better life; we overdraw our health over time.

I have a friend who is a strong woman with a strong character and pursuit of perfection. She works especially hard in those years when she has made small achievements. She runs around during the day and stays up late to work overtime in order to innovate plans, negotiate orders, and improve performance.

under the pressure of work, I wish I had three heads and six arms, had no time to think about my daily routine and healthy diet, skipped breakfast for a long time in the morning, and talked with clients about barbecue or crayfish late at night. Drinking is also a common occurrence.

after a long period of irregular diet and staying up late, she suffered from serious stomach problems and insomnia. Later, she resigned and recuperated, and the glory of her hard work in the workplace turned into a bubble.

once a person's body collapses, no amount of money can be exchanged for a healthy body, and no matter how good life is, it will cast a shadow.

our life is long. Only by cherishing our health and combining work with rest can we be qualified to enjoy beauty and go farther and stably. Only when we are free from illness and full of energy can we have the capital to fight hard and stand up to the difficulties of the world.

in the new year, be kind to yourself, relax when you are tired, eat on time, go to bed early and get up early. May the best gift for yourself every year be a healthy physical examination report.


in the new year, learn to refuse

A writer wrote such a sentence in his book:

I think so.

most of the time, we agree to other people's requests out of affection, and would rather be wronged than refuse, so we often feel embarrassed, get into trouble, and make a mess of our lives.

when I was at school, in order to get along with my classmates, I helped to call the roll, copy homework, and pack meals, but my friendship did not deepen, but I had more scruples;

when I was working, in order to integrate into the group as soon as possible, I helped print materials, ran errands on call, and took over the work asked by my colleagues.

help more times, people will get used to it, and even get an inch, do not know how to refuse to make you feel depressed, self-depletion, live more and more tired.

everyone has the right to refuse.

it is our duty to help, and it is our duty not to help, so why cling to the evaluation of others to cater to strong integration into a certain circle.

Life is not easy. The only person you want to please is yourself, and the one you want to be kind to is yourself.

learn to refuse things decisively, reduce unnecessary troubles, and set aside more time for yourself.

if you don't want to help, if you can't help, or if you have to sacrifice too much time and energy to help, you might as well simply refuse. People who really associate with you will understand and respect you. If you have a shallow acquaintance, don't care about his opinion.

in the new year, may you learn to refuse, be kind to yourself, and live at your own pace.


in the new year, we should live well in the new year.

too many times in the past, we forgot to savor and appreciate life in our busyness. Gradually, we became more and more lazy about life, unwilling to bother, unwilling to bother, and unwittingly become living.

however, instead of wasting time on boredom and unhappiness, it is an ability to make yourself happy by trying to do something you like and have fun at the moment.

living a good life and pleasing yourself is the beginning of lifelong romance.

send yourself a bouquet of flowers on holiday days when no one sends you flowers;

buy yourself an umbrella on a rainy day when no one gives you an umbrella;

make yourself a good meal when no one stands with you at dusk to ask if your porridge is warm.

from today on, boil tenderness into porridge, smile into honey, and keep the best temper, the greatest patience, and the warmest side to yourself.

in daily life, one should also eat with taste, live with interest, live with human feelings, live up to others when loving, live up to the scenery when playing, and live up to yourself when you are single, is the greatest kindness to yourself.

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in the new year, live a good life, be kind to yourself, don't stay up too late, don't love too much, don't think too much.

in the new year, learn to refine beauty in a simple and ordinary life, absorb poetry, inject thoughts, improve the quality of life, and form good habits. I believe you can feel more beauty and warmth.

having gone through the average level of life and the ups and downs of the past, it's time to say to yourself, "Thank you for your hard work."

in the new year, may you have a healthy body, the courage to refuse as you please, a constant original heart, and a peaceful and happy life.

May you take good care of yourself, be kind to yourself, please and cherish yourself in the new year.