In the world of adults, both joys and sorrows have to go through by themselves.

In the world of adults, both joys and sorrows have to go through by themselves.
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

everyone will have a difficult experience in his or her life.

the world of adults is a sea of bitterness, in which you and I both live, joys and sorrows.


adults all collapse while healing

recently learned a new word from a friend-- sensible collapse.

means that the emotional breakdown of adults cannot do as they please, show weakness in public, affect work and life, and can only collapse alone in the middle of the night when they can make sure they can rest the next day.

is very sensible and helpless. Each of us has experienced moments like this-

sad to endure alone and sick to hold on alone;

to live alone and pretend to be in a bad mood;

to comfort others, but cry silently in the middle of the night.

the first one is that when Chen Ke first arrived in Beijing, she couldn't afford to rent a house because she couldn't find a job, so she temporarily lived in the house of her old classmate Wang Tao.

unexpectedly, Wang Tao wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to treat her badly. Chen Ke struggled and ran out all night with his suitcase.

she walked alone in the streets of Beijing, full of grievances and helplessness. She was afraid that her mother was worried, so instead of calling her mother, she called her boyfriend in her hometown, but broke up.

when she was cold and hungry, she met a man who sold corn, but she had only one yuan on her, which was not enough to buy corn.

Uncle saw her predicament and couldn't bear to sell her half a piece of corn.

she sat by the side of the road, her head drooping, nibbling on half a piece of corn, and she began to choke after a few bites. She cried and ate, tears into her mouth.

the big city with heavy traffic bears the helplessness and loneliness of too many people.

countless people cried silently on the bus, subway and night road.

when people reach a certain age, all grievances can only be swallowed in their own stomach.

the second scene is that when Chen Ke is ill, one person goes to the hospital to get an intravenous drip, holding a drip bottle in one hand and unable to untie his pants with the other.

when she was helpless, she could only sob and ask her strange aunt for help.

when she got home from the hospital, she tidied up her clothes and moved alone, so strong that she was distressing.

as she said in the play: it's not that I can't afford a moving company, it's not that I don't have someone to accompany me to the hospital, but at that moment, the subconscious chose to be alone.

in fact, most of us adults collapse and heal at the same time.

the more difficult the moment, the more you have to rely on yourself to get through it, and there is nothing others can do to help.

but I firmly believe that after the most difficult days, everything will be all right.


people with a bitter heart can be filled with a trace of sweetness, just as the writer Lu Sihao wrote--

you have to put up with it until the spring blossoms;

you have to go until the lights are bright;

you have to see the vastness of the world and judge whether it is good or bad.

you have to stand by the side of people you can't imagine.

you want to be what you want to be, and you can't take a step.

late at night, my friend Xiaoduo sent a Wechat message: life is so hard, it's so sweet to have you.

Xiaoduo has been divorced for four years, and life is finally getting back on track.

I remember that when she first got divorced, she and her children rented a small house of 30 square meters with less than four figures in her savings.

the child is in the first grade of primary school and needs to be picked up and transported to and from school every day. Food, food and rent add up to a lot of money, and she simply can't afford it.

can a divorced woman with children and no means live a good life? The question has been lingering in her mind.

she even thought of giving up custody of her children, but she stopped thinking about her ex-husband's bad habits of alcoholism and domestic violence.

after taking her children to school during the day, she helps deliver takeout in the restaurant downstairs, or works part-time in a nearby neighborhood.

when the child falls asleep at night, she takes marketing courses online. day in and day out.

the money they earn each month can only meet their simple expenses, and even their living expenses have to be broken into several halves.

she buys meat and milk for her children, while she eats steamed bread and drinks plain water; she buys new clothes for her children, but never buys herself a skirt.

maybe life is like this, where you can see the dawn at the end of the darkness.

Last year, her classmates in her online class invited her to help a big company with marketing planning. She was paid ten thousand yuan after staying up all night for a month.

slowly, more and more companies are looking for her to work with, and life is changing little by little.

We asked her carefully how you made it.

A friend says that life is hard, but looking at the child's smile makes it sweet.

in the Strange Story, Bo Bonnie once sighed:

Ma Dong replied:

each of us had moments when we were about to collapse, and we had to get through those difficult days by ourselves.

if it's bitter, think about the sweetness that makes you laugh.

when you get through it and look back at the person you love, you will find that it is all worth it.

Please believe that after three winters and four summers, you will suffer some of this pain for a while, and then look at the plum blossoms after the snow is over.


Life is like this. There are many disappointments but few good wishes.

recently I saw a video of 84-year-old Chu Yuan's acceptance speech after winning the 37th Hong Kong Academy Awards Lifetime Achievement Award.

Chu Yuan was once the most popular Shaw Brothers movie in Hong Kong.The happiest director.

because his film broke the box-office record in Hong Kong, his salary has increased tenfold and his staff has been rationed a lot.

but with the changes in the market, he could not adapt to the changes of the audience. after making a few bad films, he became the most embarrassing director of Shaw Brothers films. he gradually faded out of his directing career and starred in some supporting roles in films.

that day, the white-haired Chu Yuan walked to the podium with crutches and spoke out the truth of life in earnest.

many people on and off the stage had tears in their eyes and burst into warm applause several times.

many people say that this is one of the speeches worth pondering over and over again. When you can't make it, you must read it more times--


the world is shallow, joys and sorrows taste

people's life is really short. It's really hard for a person to live his life.

when I was young, I felt that money was the most powerful. When I grew up, I knew that it was not only money that was strong, but also a firm and fearless determination to face the storm.

Life is not ninety-nine eighty-one difficulties, but thousands of robberies.

although life is not always satisfactory, every disaster has meaning.

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so there is no need to worry about the present, no need to worry about the future, carry the past, everything has its own arrangement.

joys and sorrows pass by themselves, others are difficult to understand, people are difficult to cross, how to cross people, the world is shallow, sorrows and joys are tasted by themselves.