Is it really important whether you go to class or not?

Is it really important whether you go to class or not?
Maybe it's not important.


A younger brother found me on Wechat the other day. He said:

I feel useless in class, but I feel extremely guilty about skipping class, because every time I skip class, I am also wasting my time playing games. I feel like I'm in an endless cycle. The more guilty I feel, the more lethargic I feel. The more listless I am, the less I want to go to class.

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he asked me what to do.

I told him that if you skip class and continue to waste as much time as you do in class, then you really should stay in the dorm, because then you will feel guilty, sad, and even hate yourself for your profligacy.

because it is important to learn to "hate yourself", it is a hurdle that everyone must face.

step across so that you can start a different life.

can't cross, you're as bad as a clock that doesn't go any more.

I have seen a lot of people in my life who "lie to themselves" for fear of "hating themselves".

they forced themselves to play good students in class, obviously every time they went to sleep on the platform or bowed their heads to play with their mobile phones, but still sighed at the moment the bell rang: "finally liberated." They feel that "profligacy is innocent", because this is the norm in college classes.

once in Ancient Literature, the teacher wanted to dance to attract everyone's attention, only to find that the students closest to them did not even bring their textbooks.

he sighed and said to us, "what about you, don't you know how to divide the priority?" There are only how many 40 minutes a day to focus on literature, do you have to waste such precious study time on your mobile phone? "

sitting at the bottom, we looked at each other, and the whole classroom was filled with the smell of lies exposed.

in fact, most of us are lying to ourselves.

tell yourself that sitting in the classroom is a waste of time.

is more noble than wasting time in the dorm.

but the truth is, we're just wasting our time in another place.

so I think it is better to "hate yourself" in the dormitory than to "lie to yourself" in the classroom.

hate to a certain extent, you have to make a choice.

just like I did six months ago, I chose not to buy new textbooks.


before I went to college, I had always been a good student. I would feel guilty and feel sorry for my parents when I was distracted in class.

so I stay in the classroom to do exercises every day after school and leave half an hour later. And sometimes I even spend ten minutes after class doing exercises, but the effect is very poor, and my grades are no different from those before.

but my heart was much more comfortable at that time.

at that time, I often thought from the bottom of my heart that I was diligent.

I didn't do well in the exam just because the questions were too difficult, or because others were too good.

until I went to college and had the opportunity to sit and chat with those students from CUHK and Guangzhou in the coffee shop, I found that the college entrance examination was actually very simple, and they were not much smarter than me. I did poorly in the exam, but it was only because my method was wrong.

for a long time, we have believed that "diligence" is an excellent quality that every powerful person must have. Only those who work hard can win, but no one tells us how to work hard and where to work hard.

causes a lot of us to devote our efforts to self-comforting performances, and in the end we lose even worse.


there have been a lot of people who started writing because of disorganization, and some of them added my Wechat and kept pushing their works to me. Sometimes I browse through it a little and then give them some personal advice.

there are also articles that move me, but most of them stay at the high school level.

because the vast majority of contributions are constantly writing about themselves, their lives, their dialogues, and their thoughts, they have not considered whether readers can understand what they are saying, or even boldly say that they just want to express themselves.

before writing, I always ask myself, if I am a reader, why should I read this article?

maybe it's because this article has practical information, maybe it's because I said what you want to say, or maybe it's because you can find a place to vent your feelings in this article.

sometimes I tell this to contributors, reminding them to pay attention to the reader.

but I often get a reply like this: "I don't want to cater to others. I just want to write what I want to write." "

actually, I don't understand. If you only want to write what you want to write, why not write it in your diary? Since it is a contribution, it is expected that there will be readers, but if the ability is not enough to let the reader take the initiative to follow in your footsteps, but is not willing to put down to care about the reader, why on earth do you want the reader to care about you?

it's like some of Subscription account's first articles, they always say something like this:

"I hope I can share the world in my eyes with you and stick to myself together, even if I don't have a fan in the end. I won't regret my persistence when I died in obscurity. I don't care about fame and fortune, I don't care about reading, I only care about you. "


the world will only see your results, and if you fail, no one will care about your process. Only if you are good enough, others will pay attention to the things you pay attention to, such as the "persistence" that has long been lost.

Don't lie to yourself. It's better to hate yourself.

hate yourself, you will make a change, and then fight the world with hatred.

Love is powerful, but you have to learn to hate before you can understand it.

whether or notThe class is not important, what matters is what you are doing.

are you lying to yourself? It's still making a real change.

the reason I know that paragraph is marked blue, because I wrote it.