It is comfortable to get along with each other, and it is warm without words.

It is comfortable to get along with each other, and it is warm without words.
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

people may meet countless people in the world, but very few people really know each other.

as the saying goes: there are a lot of people who can be called friends, but there are really not many people who are really missed.

come to the world once, see all the joys and sorrows, impermanence, injury, tears, experience.

just slowly underestimated the warmth of the world, it suddenly dawned on me that the most infatuated emotion in the world is to get along comfortably and warm without words!


get along well with each other with the same frequency

someone in Zhihu has asked: what is a person with the same frequency?

remember a highly praised answer: no matter what your relationship is, as long as you have the same frequency, there will be respect and understanding.

I think so.

Our maid of honor clothes in ice blue are exactly what you need. They are perfect for any occasion.

if the frequency is the same, you will respect everything about me, understand what I want to say, read between the lines, and will not be sarcastic.

if the frequency is different, when your heart is tired, talk to him, in exchange for not caring about comfort, but complaining and complaining.

people with the same frequency know how to think of you and understand that it is not easy to blame you.

those with the same frequency understand the bitterness behind your success, understand how hard you are, will not argue with you, will not argue with you, but respect your ideas.

when you get along with such people, you will get along more comfortably and comfortably. If you don't get tired of being around for a long time, your feelings will become stronger and stronger.

I remember someone said that people with similar frequencies will eventually get together even if they cross mountains, while people with different frequencies, even if they get along day and night, are not the same after all.

just as Liao Yimei said: it is not rare to meet love and sex in one's life, but to meet understanding.

the one who resonates on the same frequency is the one who knows you and understands you.

when people live in the world, ten thousand people are not as favored as one knows. It is the greatest luck in your life to meet someone who understands you.

I wish all of us could be lucky enough to meet someone with the same frequency and know each other for a lifetime!


get along well with each other

each of us is an independent individual, and everyone has his own ideas. no matter how close we are, we should also pay attention to discretion, keep a good distance, and do not blindly interfere with each other. Getting along with distance is the most comfortable way for people to get along.

you like to pursue dramas. I like reading books. None of us interferes with each other's preferences and evaluates their pursuits.

you like this kind of thing, I like that kind of thing, and we don't have to ask each other to accommodate each other.

the most comfortable way to get along is: I do not refute everything about you, you respect my ideas, I appreciate your strengths, I tolerate your shortcomings, my difficulties are not easy for you to understand, and I understand your bitterness.

We don't have to change for each other's sake, we don't have to wronge ourselves to cater to each other, you feel at ease to be yourself, and I'll take the path I choose.

No matter who we get along with, we should keep a sense of distance and get along with each other appropriately.

because we are like hedgehogs in winter, if we are too close, we will be stabbed by each other, and if we are far away and less warm, it is most appropriate to keep a moderate distance.

A good relationship tends to have a sense of proportion.

it is not impersonal and indifferent to get along with each other properly and at a distance, but not to interfere, evaluate and disturb each other's lives at will.

as the old saying goes: close to each other, sparse and close; harmonious but different, beauty and beauty share.

keeping a proper distance and proper communication is the most comfortable and proper way for people to communicate.


get along with each other comfortably, but also warm without words

between people, the most comfortable relationship is not to please, to get along with each other at ease,

so, even if speechless, also feel warm.

No matter who you get along with, if you are comfortable, stay together. If you are tired, stay away.

Don't wronge yourself, let alone be humble and ingratiating.

people who are comfortable with each other know how to think of others and will not be aggressive. You can easily be yourself. You don't have to beat around the bush and worry that he will laugh at you.

if you are comfortable with each other, you will often get together when you have time, and you will not blame each other for being snub when you have no time. When you are busy, you will feel at ease to do things, and you will be busy and care about each other.

will not care too much, know how to tolerate and give, know how to cherish each other.

I am in your world, do not pretend, do not worry, my mind you know, my weakness you know, but willing to be my armor, waiting for me all.

you and I do not need to please each other, but let nature take its course, get along with each other in the most natural manner, support each other, and get to know each other.

people are in the world just to find a soul confidant who knows that it is not easy for me and understands my joys and sorrows, so as to resolve the loneliness of the long journey of life.

May you and I meet soul mates of the same frequency in this life, get along comfortably with each other, be warm without words, and have a beloved companion for the rest of my life.