It is useless for a child who does not know how to be grateful.

It is useless for a child who does not know how to be grateful.
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saw an infuriating video the other day.

in a street in Hengshui, a teenager in school uniform had an argument with his mother and then began to beat him.

Mother kept hiding, but she was knocked to the ground many times.

finally broke free and ran to the community, and was caught up by teenagers in exchange for more fierce punches and punches.

the passers-by could not look forward to dissuade them, but were scolded by teenagers and meddled in their own business.

finally, a man could not help but reach out, grabbed his hair, forced him to kneel down and apologize to his mother, and angrily denounced:

"how did you be filial to raise you so much?"

finally, under the pressure of everyone, the teenager had to apologize to his mother and help his mother home.

the result seems satisfactory, but does the boy really know that he is wrong? not necessarily.

what is even more distressing is that the beaten mother neither fought back nor blamed her child except to avoid.

so some netizens' comments are particularly gripping:

in fact, children talk back to their parents, lose their temper and get into fights from time to time.

parents give everything for their children, but turn themselves into the people their children hate most.

it can be said that the greatest sorrow of parents is not poverty or quarrel, but the inability to raise grateful children.


Why are more and more children ungrateful?

mourn my parents and make me tired.

but more and more children turn against their parents and become "white-eyed wolves" in human skin.

A 15-year-old girl in Heilongjiang killed her mother after an altercation with her mother a year ago.

then calmly wipe the blood off with a towel, put the mother's body in a woven bag and transport it to the freezer for storage.

in the following time, she lied that her mother and strangers had left, while she went to school and lived as if nothing had happened.

it didn't come to light until March this year, when the girl's father returned from a migrant work and found his wife's body to the police. The combination of

15 years old, mother murder and hiding a corpse is really appalling.

the mother was heartbroken for her child, but until the last moment of her life, she may not have thought why she died miserably under the knife edge of her child.

there is such a video of a tall and strong man who reached out to his mother for money and picked up his thin mother and fell wildly in the air.

the mother had no backhand and could not even sit still on the ground. the man still felt insufferable and dragged his mother's collar on the ground.

in this way, the mother also explained that she was fine and did not hold her child responsible.

Sheep still has the grace of kneeling breast, and crow still has the meaning of back-feeding, but what do the children we hold in the palm of our hands do?

Wu, a 12-year-old from Hunan, killed his mother crazily with a knife after a dispute.

the police asked him, "Why did you kill your mother?"

without any guilt, Wu said lightly:

"I didn't kill anyone else, I killed my mother."

it is chilling to be so indifferent.

the kindness of parents' upbringing, children should have felt in their hearts, in exchange for heartbreaking human tragedies.

ungrateful, how sad it is to treat parents as enemies.

what is even more sad is that children are so rebellious that most of them are caused by their parents.


the more doting you are, the worse your child will be.

when many parents discipline their children, they blindly compromise and have no bottom line, mistaking them for respect and love for their children.

Children are not sensible when they are young, but they will know filial piety when they grow up.

but our ancestors have long warned us:

"when we were children, we were overindulgent, developed a sense of arrogance and laziness, and were a little longer, so we should be lenient, even if they were eccentric, vicious, and used to grow up. How can it be changed if you want to grow up?"

parents' bottomless connivance will only make children feel that everything is taken for granted and that all the good things in the world are their own.

ignore parents' efforts, even when parents fail to meet their demands, they feel resentful.

I once saw a child with my own eyes because his parents didn't take him to the playground and punched and kicked his parents in full view of the public.

for a moment, it looks like an enemy with a deep hatred.

parents didn't even dodge and resist, as if they were afraid that their children would be angrier if they lost their fists and feet, comforting and persuading them.

looks pitiful and hateful.

obviously, this is also a common problem in many families. They usually dote on their children and do not dare to take care of them.

so humbly give in again and again, let the child "override" himself.

over time, parents lose their prestige in front of their children, and their children become fearless and more selfish and overbearing.

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do you really expect such children to suddenly change their ways when they grow up and be kind to their parents?

Shakespeare has a famous saying, "ungrateful children are more painful than the sharp teeth of poisonous snakes."

A child can hold out his fist at you at the age of three, and dare to hold out a knife at the age of thirty.

there are causes and consequences, and parents have an unshirkable responsibility for all this.


Children make their parents endure hardships

the world also makes children endure hardships

the character and habits of each child when he is young has established the character of growing up.

Graham, a famous American priest, said: "A child who is allowed to disrespect his parents will not know how to really respect anyone."

Children who do not know how to respect their parents not only lack a sense of responsibility for their families, but also extremely lack a sense of rules and a sense of awe when they grow up in society.

Sun Xing, who is hated by everyone in the recent hit drama "sweeping the Black Storm," is based on Yunnan bully Sun Xiaoguo.

from 1994 to 2018, Sun Xiaoguo committed numerous atrocious crimes:

raped 5 women, of whom 4 were under the age of 18;

committed violent crimes against women, stabbing their breasts with toothpicks, burning their arms with cigarette butts, imprisoning and threatening;

intentionally injuring, leading someone to kick a man's bladder.

with the support of his mother, Sun Xiaoguo continued to do evil after he got out of prison, organizing triads, opening casinos, and illegal detention.

in 2019, the central anti-triad anti-evil supervision team was stationed in Yunnan and listed the Sun Xiaoguo case as a key case.

this time, Sun Xiaoguo's mother could no longer cover the sky with one hand. a few months later, Sun Xiaoguo was sentenced to death, and his mother had to be punished.

Sun Xiaoguo's mother, Sun Heyu

the excessive love of parents is actually the catalyst for accelerating the tragic life of their children.

I once thought that raising children to prevent old age, but the reality is not only not to provide for the aged, but also to pit the old.

once he leaves the encirclement of his parents, no one will tolerate him, and no one will forgive him easily.

if you spoil your child, the world will not only make him suffer, but also make you suffer the consequences.


the more "cruel" the parents are, the more promising the children

there is a saying that parents are the greatest fate of their children.

parents play a decisive role in what kind of character children eventually develop and what kind of life they lead.

parents really don't hold on to the idea that they don't ask for anything in return, and that they won't rely on their children when they get old.

how many people have not yet waited for their children to grow up and end up with a bitter end.

so, when you find that your children are starting to disrespect adults, you need to start thinking about what's wrong with your education.

1. Love for children should be principled

nowadays, in many families, there are four elderly people and two parents who revolve around their children, and they are infinitely satisfied as long as the child wants it.

but in fact, what you should teach your children more is, "Mom and Dad love you and are willing to give you all the good things, but this is not taken for granted."

Let children know not only to be grateful for the hard work of others, but also to be polite and humble.

2. Restrict children's behavior from childhood

many parents pay too much attention to achievement and neglect moral education. But don't forget that if you want to raise a good child, you must be an adult before you can become a talented person.

Children look young at the age of three and older at the age of seven, they should restrict their behavior and discipline their wrong behavior from an early age.

only when you grow up can you respect and love your parents and make a difference out of society.

3. Parents should set a good example and be responsible

there is a saying everyone has heard:

third-rate parents dote on their children, second-rate parents indulge their children, and first-rate parents set an example.

parents who can really win the love of their children must be strict with themselves and drive their children to grow up together through their own growth.

so don't complain that your child doesn't love you, you don't teach your child how to love.


family affection does not need to be rewarded, but it is worth thankful

the kindness of upbringing is greater than that of heaven, and filial piety comes first.

filial piety and kindness to parents is the character that every child should do and must have.

an ungrateful child, it is useless to be good at anything else, and it is of no benefit to a family.

A child who does not understand filial piety can not stand the test of human nature, then this society is really dangerous.

if you don't want to have no place for your old age and no filial son before bed, your parents must be cruel and far-sighted and take up the responsibility of discipline from an early age.

Children learn to respect and be grateful, and parents' lifetime's hard work will not be in vain.

this is not selfish, but the greatest responsibility of being a parent!