It turns out there's always been a you around.

It turns out there's always been a you around.
It will be warmer after reading it.

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these days, I was watching a movie called, probably because the male lead fell in love with the female voice who only lived in the virtual world. the female voice who can see a world like him through his headphones and mobile phone camera, the intelligent voice system without physical body. They chatted and quarreled and made up like a real couple, even though it all seemed that the man was just talking to himself on a Bluetooth headset. The female voice was not like the cold machine voice of "the phone you dialed is off". It was warm and a little hoarse and sexy. The voice said to the man who had experienced love and marriage failure and nostalgia:

"you know, I can feel your fear of love, and I hope I have the ability to get you out of it."

Writing is the same as painting. Oh, maybe there is love. It is very particular about one thing, called "electricity". Once I asked a friend why you didn't draw much recently, and she gave me a convincing reason "not to call." So before I finished watching the movie, I said in the editorial group, "I have a topic, 'there is always a you by my side'. Should I write something warm when the weather is cold?" Five seconds later, Zhang Jingzhi replied with the word "write." I said, the answer is so straightforward, it seems that you do have a her.

fortunately, I have you, too.

every time I introduce W to others, I always say that my high school classmate, who has been divided into four classes in three years, sleeps in the bed next to me and is now in Chengdu with my boyfriend. Maybe the more concise it is, the more stories there are behind it. At that time, W was outside for nearly half a year in the art exam, flying all over China. At noon on the day I saw her off, I took her to the school gate after taking a bath. At that time, I was wearing a black suit and a shirt, which looked very much like the boys who were not studying at that time. I kept holding him when she walked out the door. I asked a question that could only have a negative answer. I said, can you please not go? At that time, I watched her walk across the road to the Huayang cookie house opposite the school. she looked back, watched me wipe my tears with her clothes and waved to me. I have a mailbox in which nearly 100 letters were accumulated during the three years of high school. One of them was written to me by W before the art exam, but she told me, "Don't read it unless you have to." I have forgotten when I read it. But the content inside is very clear, because after reading the letter, I realized at such an unspecified and inadvertent moment that I realized that I am your very important person, ah, originally, there has always been a you.

"when you read this letter, I was already in another city. I think you can open this letter at this time to show that you are really down, because I know that stubborn people like you will not compromise with others until the last minute, but I want to tell you today, don't be coquettish, because you are the one. I thought I was easygoing when I just met you, even if there is anyone in the class who doesn't think you can play with anyone. On the surface, you find that the boundaries of these definitions are too clear, and feelings are not for you, so that most of the time I dare not classify myself as how important I am in your heart. That night you stayed with me for self-study and talked about your childhood on the playground. When the light of the classroom in the first year of high school came out, your face was completely understated. At that time, I actually felt distressed to you. Although you don't see any emotion at all, it turns out that your most delicate thing never tells anyone, even me. "

in the letter, she said a lot of expectations and worries about the future, but looking back now, I feel that every result is so perfect, just like making a wish on Aladdin's lamp at that time, and the result is so in line with expectations. But everyone knows that at that time, they didn't even dare to look forward to the future. No matter it was their feelings for each other or the results of the college entrance examination, everyone kept quiet about it later. Because they were afraid that it would be impossible to find a friend like each other after graduation, how could it be, not only because of what you said to me in your letter, you are the one, but more importantly, I also want to tell you:

you are the one.

@ Zhang Jingshi

I still remember that when I wrote "you are Lin Zhen, I am Xu Taiyu", the second most popular message was: "Please show your love often in the future."

but since then, I have never shown my love through chaos. Because I know very well that the more precious something is, the more reluctant you are to share it with others. But if you have been in love with me for nearly three years, you will know that every show of love will buy you a good time.

did you know that she couldn't help laughing when she looked at me when she read that article, saying, "Why did you write it?" while taking me to eat my favorite sushi.

so I have to show my love again today, actually because I want to eat sushi again.

the reason why I often encourage disorganized single dogs to fall in love is because I know how important it is to have a serious relationship.

when I was a freshman, like all freshmen in college, I automatically sat in the last row in class and ran back to my dormitory to play LOL after class. Dongguan Science and Technology Primary School has a strange rule, that is, freshmen need to study in the evening. In fact, I was already with her at that time, but I was playful. I studied at nine o'clock every night. When I got back to the dormitory, I must play some LOL. I must put it off until 11:00 and would like to call her. And she doesn't complain that she thinks you can play as much as you like.

so in the first semester of my freshman year, I only did one thing, and that was to put my number into diamond segments.

toIn the second semester, I began to feel that I could not fool around like this every day, so I went online to find a part-time job. I once sent a flyer and was a very unreasonable coolie. But in fact, I didn't get the money these two times, because I gave up halfway. The first time he asked us to hand out flyers for at least eight hours. I couldn't stand it after standing for three hours. I began to question whether "handing out flyers" would work for the company, and I began to question myself.

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I don't know why I have to do this mindless work, and what's even more frightening is that I don't know what else I can do but hand out flyers.

I thought about it for about an hour, then I just lost the flyer and sent a message to the supervisor saying I was sorry. I had something urgent, so I left.

well, I know what that means. I'm a coward.

I complained to my sister on QQ that people shunned me when I was standing in the street, and finally plucked up the courage to introduce the product, but was hit on the head with a "leave me alone" and lost confidence. My sister said, "but you should stick to it instead of backing down."

in the evening, I spoke to her on the phone, and she asked me how much money I made today.

I hesitated and said, "I left at four o'clock."

I hurriedly drew up a draft in my mind and came up with a perfect reason so that she wouldn't criticize me again.

but there has been no doubt over there, only a few long breaths.

We were deadlocked for about a minute. During that minute, I thought of a lot of things, and I even got a little angry, blaming her for not comforting me first when I was unhappy, but torturing me in this way.

the more I thought about it, the angrier I became until she said the first sentence:

"remember, I can only wait for you for three years."

then we talked until 02:00 in the morning, but that's all I remember now.

although our relationship seemed idealized at the time, I hadn't thought about it before. Her family is better off than mine, and if I go on doing nothing like this, even if she is willing to live with me, I don't want her to follow me to live a worse life than before.

I didn't start working hard that night, but the word "effort" was planted in my head that night. I will not exaggerate to say that everything I do is for her, but I always hold a belief that I am with her, that is, "progress together".

some time ago, she sent me this message:

I see her every day, but I still often do new things together and go to new places. I must not see much more than she does, nor can she grow up much faster than me. Two people with different horizons will only gradually derail, so why should you take her on a trip and take her to good food if you have money? The world is so big that when you have the ability, you should see it together, experience it together, and then grow up at the same pace. No one should leave each other first.

I replied, "I will." "

Hey, I'm lucky to have you.