Its eleven years, our second year.

Its eleven years, our second year.
A year ago, I wrote an article entitled "this is not a performance, it is a dream, to the HKCSS".

Tonight I saw a younger sister's circle of friends

"this is the college

" the song above is the end of the decade of the HKCSS

the HKCSS Carnival a year ago. I spent two hours standing in the front row off the stage watching the people on the stage perform, singing, dancing popping, playing games and walking the catwalk. My feet were sore to death, but I went back to the dormitory and wrote a thousand words to commemorate the first performance I saw when I came to the lake.

the writing is really messy, because I was so moved to run around in my head that I tried to grab its tail but was hit on the shoulder by the teenager who was doing street dancing in my head, so I had to end hastily. If someone asks me what I was blindly moved in there, they are not the only one to show you.

I will definitely say unswervingly, "because they are glowing, it makes me want to glow, too."

at that time, I ended with "glowing", because I really wanted to follow them and shine on the stage. The title of this article is "this is not a performance, it is a dream, to the HKCSS". Before tweeting the article, only a handful of people were barely counted as fans, and the number of readers never exceeded 200. And it happens to be this article about "glowing", which has become the most disorganized in history since it was pushed, with nearly 70 people retweeting and 660 + readers.

that night I sat by the bed and clicked on the article on my mobile phone. At the end of the article, I watched the number rise by dozens of times, and my heart beat wildly. I was thinking:

"am I so popular?"

the result was not popular, of course, but I had more than 100 small fans because of that article, and I was satisfied and fell asleep.

Photography: Jiaxing

the last song they sang at this year's HKCSS Carnival

yesterday I saw some staff sinking to set up the stage. I asked my roommates what was going on. They said, "it looks like there's going to be another HKCSS party."

I was stupefied for a moment. It has been a year.

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Today, I went to my girlfriend's graduation photo. I came back from her school to see the HKCSS Carnival after 6 o'clock. I fell asleep on the bus because I was so tired. I went back to the lake at 7: 00 and bought a noodle soup by the side of the road. After eating at 7: 30, I stood in front of the stage again, but it was not the first row.

I watched the lights shine and complained in my moments that the person standing in front of me was blocking my view. I remembered a message left to me by a brother I met in sowhat in the afternoon: "Ah , that was the time when I followed the chaos." I said he was a disorganized veteran fan, and he replied: "watching you from scratch."

as a matter of fact, so am I. most of the people watching the HKCSS are not the ones that glowed on the stage last year. A year ago, the young fresh meat became the main force in the club. one of my classmates next door sang a song "there is a Girl" on the stage. Peizi walked on it. The group of hip-hop dancers standing on both sides of the line stood in the middle of the line tonight. Became the center of focus, while the next position became those newcomers.

the host has also been changed, the HKCSS is no longer "ten years", the slogan has been changed to something I am not familiar with, and I have also changed my position, standing at the back of the crowd.

I stopped cheering, but clapped silently, not because the performance was not good enough, but because I felt it was time to let the fresh meat shout instead of me. It suddenly occurred to me that in this year, I have changed from a teenager who would be extremely nervous when speaking in front of a dozen people to an old Youtiao who spoke for half an hour; from 500 readers smiling from ear to ear, to now breaking a thousand is just a joke; from the audience you followed and booed off the stage to the president of "make some noise" with both hands on the stage And you, the protagonist who screamed from the rhythm on the stage, became the big five and six dogs who came back to catch up.

Yes, time never pitied the old. It ran over everything like a wheel. We all thought it was so far away from us that we woke up to find that it had been thrown away. Fortunately, we haven't forgotten that night, because everyone recorded that night with words, photos or songs, just like you fresh meat did tonight.

in the ten years of the HKCSS, they sang "Why to say", and in the past 11 years, you sang "Sunny". The last three lyrics in sunny days are like this, which can be used as the end of today's article:

the wind blows the distance gradually

it's not easy to love another day

but at the end of the story you seem to say goodbye

goodbye. Good night

I haven't been absent from the club carnival in the past five years. Each session is in a different position with different feelings. The freshman is responsible for the implementation, the sophomore is the minister responsible for planning, the junior has retired, but he will still keep an eye on how the next preparation is going, and the senior happens to be the sponsor of the community carnival. The fifth year is already a non-student identity. I will sigh at everything I see, watching the current cadres cry on the stage, although many people no longer know them, and they will not say that they are so moved that they want to cry. But I still think that the HKCSS is really passing on each term, and that candle will only become more and more popular. I am really very happy that I had the HKCSS in my four years of college youth and every one of you I met in the HKCSS.