It's expensive for the rest of your life. Spend time with comfortable people.

It's expensive for the rest of your life. Spend time with comfortable people.
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writer Tonghua once said:

if you meet too early, you will miss being a stranger; if you meet too late, you will lose the courage to love.

the good fortune of life is to meet the most comfortable person in the most beautiful time.

if there is such a person who happens to appear without flattery and accommodation, it is the most comfortable and comfortable.


A comfortable relationship does not need to worry about

"what you want in life is gratifying, you can't worry about it." Joys and sorrows follow the fate, gains and losses follow the fate. "

in this life, people come and go in a hurry and meet each other is fate.

if you care about everything when you get along with each other, you will not only damage each other's feelings, but also lose your precious heart.

only if you don't care, can you feel good; only when you don't count, can there be a smile on your face.

Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang, who are affectionate couples, are model couples in the literary world, and the secret of their constant companionship is never to haggle.

Qian Zhongshu does not touch the spring water with ten fingers in her life. Yang Jiang does all the housework alone, but she never complains.

and Qian Zhongshu will get up early to make a delicious breakfast for Yang Jiang, just to comfort Yang Jiang's homesickness.

Life is about falling in love and staying together, doing what you can.

those who love each other neglect to care and pay each other in their hearts.

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those who stay together can give their lives to each other without care.

Life has traveled across mountains and rivers, and getting along with others should be cured and perched for a moment, rather than constantly haggling.

cherish those who are at peace with the world and have no complaints.

the time with them is quiet and peaceful, but also warm and calm.


what is the most comfortable relationship between people without flattering


one netizen replied:

We often try our best to please others, hoping to gain love and recognition, even if we don't mean it.

No one knows that no matter how good the relationship is, it won't last long, and it won't be intimate no matter how close it is.

because feelings are originally a matter for two people, one person's going is just chasing, and working hard with each other is happiness.

instead of trying to please, learn to love yourself first.

Su Qing, a talented female writer of the Republic of China, gave up her studies for her husband and raised her children at home. She thought that if she paid in this way, she would have a happy marriage.

the reality is that the husband is easily beaten and scolded and completely inconsiderate of her sacrifice, and her mother-in-law is often cynical and sarcastic.

after recognizing the reality, Su Qing divorced her husband, resumed her writing, and finally wrote "Ten years of Marriage", becoming a hot writer in the literary world in Shanghai.

writer Li Bihua once said, "if he loves you, there is no need to please him; if he does not love you, there is no need."

people who really understand you can understand your difficulties, understand your efforts, and make you feel at ease.

but only in front of them is the most unrestrained and happy.

the rest of your life is long. Leave your heart to those who understand you and your feelings to those who love you.


A comfortable relationship lies in sincerity

there is a sentence in the book the Catcher in the Rye:

the relationship between friends is often to trust another heart with one heart, without suspicion and relationship.

but in the sea of life, the people you meet are of all kinds, and if you give your heart, you may not get it back.

some people act in masks, false hypocrisy, sincerity can only be cool all over the ground, and the warmth of friendship is eliminated.

A netizen said that she had just divorced not long ago, and she would confide her grievances and sadness in her marriage to a friend.

on the surface, her friends give her advice, comfort and relief, but secretly regard them as gossip, adding to it and spreading it everywhere.

she said that what hurts most is not the gossip of other people, but the hypocrisy of friends.

"one thing can be exchanged for another, but the heart does not necessarily win the heart."

not all warm goodwill will be rewarded;

not all sincere efforts can be understood by the other party.

in a short life, all we want is someone who can be honest with us and someone who can treat us with sincerity.

encounter is the luck of this life, no matter how hard life is, you have nothing to fear.

"as soon as the golden wind and jade dew meet, it wins but countless people."

meeting each other is the best relationship in the world, and every friend should be cherished.

but life is long and short, so if you spend time with the wrong person, you might as well get rid of it as soon as possible.

you and I are mortal, and the pursuit of happiness is the goal in this life.

for the rest of your life, you can live a good life by finding someone who makes you comfortable and keep your heart to heart and know each other.