I've been ugly with you, and now I want to be good all the time.

I've been ugly with you, and now I want to be good all the time.
I can't see what's behind the light.

Wen /Mars's coffin

I pick up my cell phone on time in the early morning of every night. There are always a few people on Wechat. Every day I have to look at their circle of friends, feel their industry and talent, and see how these excellent people live their lives.

Lizi is a very strong girl. Since I met her, I think this girl is capable and not surprised. I remember one time we went to KTV, when she drank the second bottle of red wine, she suddenly cried, holding her best friend next door and saying she was sorry, the whole room was scared. I still remember that kind of hysterical cry. Everyone present was thinking that it was not like a pear at all, and they all lamented that the queen would also have feelings.

Li Zi said that she has seldom contacted her former friends since her work, and she has no time at all. Maybe her daily chat stays in the moments of likes and comments. A few days before drinking, her best friend was lovelorn, but she only learned that night that she felt that she was not responsible for being a good best friend and neglected her best friend. On the one hand, you want to make progress, and on the other hand, you need to maintain the old feelings.

but everyone is really busy.

I have been a controversial person since I was a freshman, active in all kinds of school activities, and made a group of friends at school. But I know that only one or two of the casual acquaintances can really be called buddies.

interpersonal dimensions can be divided into three categories, one is a close confidant, one is a half-baked friend, and the last one is a stranger who doesn't know you.

I am not at all worried about people in the first and third relationships. After all, my friends will always be friends. I don't care what the people I haven't come into contact with think of me at all. Even if they are bad words, they are hearsay. In fact, the ones who need to be most vigilant are the friends in the second relationship. It is true that there will be a lot of people who support me, but there is no shortage of people who seem to know me very well but can't talk to me at all.

\ "Oh, I don't recognize people when I see the scenery.  

\" well, I won't even ask you out.\ "

\" Wow, now I've got a lot of wind and unboiled water\ "

\" Oh, just ask for something and give a compliment.


these gossips usually flow out of the second group. I occasionally wonder what I did wrong, but I found that I didn't do anything wrong from beginning to end. It's just that I'm missing one thing-time. However, people don't eat, drink, sleep or pull for 24 hours a day, so why can't I spend it on my career?

if we are still friends, I hope you will continue to believe that I am the same person.

I occasionally wonder whether they will ignore me if they suddenly need help when I haven't been in touch with my friends for a long time. Maybe this is the reason why many people huddle together to stay warm and never let go of those unnecessary social activities, but I have always believed that

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the bird standing on the tree is never afraid of breaking branches, because it believes not in branches, but in its own wings.

when I was very young, I was actually not confident. I was eager to become a person with all kinds of light. I have been developing myself in an all-round way and constantly making myself better. When I gradually realized that this day was getting closer and closer to me, I found that the lights in front of me were getting so dazzling that I couldn't see what the people under the stage looked like and what they were saying about me.

the closer I get to the light, the brighter I will become.

I can't see what's behind the light.

I am a person who is willing to listen to other people's opinions, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Too many ideas will make me collapse, gradually, learned to filter information, cut off a batch of information, but also cut off a group of people. I gather the halo of the stage, and I will enjoy it to my heart's content. I have a microphone in my hand. I just want you to hear my voice.

yesterday, my friends in high school sent me this message


I still remember the year when you were in your third year of high school, you would make time to run in the evening, and then occasionally call me to share your" senior four "life and learn about my freshman life. I still remember when you were a freshman, you called me and asked me about the student club. Later, when you changed your major and opened another way of life, you began to shoot short films of your own major, and you began to travel all over the country, including coming to my university to take graduation photos of my girlfriend and me.

later, you share with me that you are going to open your own workshop and company. I am glad that you will share your thoughts with me in the process, and I am glad to be a good friend to witness your growth. In the past, I could give you some advice, but in the end, I found that your idea was really too new for me, and it was beyond the scope of my suggestion, . Sometimes I also think that there seems to be less interaction between us on Weibo and moments, less comments on other people, or fewer opportunities for us to see each other during the holidays. But I know that's becauseYou have too many things, you don't have time to browse so many moments or Weibo, and then I think, Oh, why am I still browsing moments, you have already done so many things, I also want to work hard!

the last time I talked to you, you asked me, "how are you doing?" I was very moved at that time. My thought at that time was that sometimes there may be less communication, but in fact, a simple greeting can tell the whole story. I know that you are still the idea I know, love action, love to laugh you.


as we grow up, our circles have changed, and it is difficult to talk about topics, but we still have that kind of brotherly affection with each other.

True friendship doesn't need to be maintained, people who understand you don't need to explain, and people who don't understand you are wasting oxygen.

I was once boycotted by a group, and it is still a decadent organization that revolves around incompetent people. I know what people in it say to me, and they will think I am ungrateful, but I really don't know why my kindness and righteousness came out of you. Why did everyone else accept the so-called kindness and righteousness? why didn't they become the same as me?

there are moral chengguan everywhere. I would rather give up being a hawker and be a passer-by quietly.

there is an online program that says that people are most likely to envy those who are ugly together rather than those who are beautiful all the time. If you are a slightly strong person, some people will begin to be jealous and angry, "Why is he better than me?" if you are a very good person, people will begin to worship you rather than envy you. "he is so good, why is he so strong?" I know that what I am facing now is a process from "why" to "why".

I've been ugly with you all the way, and now I want to be good all the time.

I try to be the must list you want to see in your moments every day, but I hope your name will appear in my must list.