Jiangxi 31-year-old husband and wife died in the bath, leaving 8 children! And behind them, there is a bigger tragedy.

Jiangxi 31-year-old husband and wife died in the bath, leaving 8 children! And behind them, there is a bigger tragedy.
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it's hard for you to imagine how far anyone can fight to have a son.

yesterday's news really surprised me.


the first story

A few days ago, a tragic event occurred in Yichun, Jiangxi Province.

A couple took a bath in their rented house and both died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

and they left behind eight children.

Note, it's not 8 years old, it's 8!

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8 children, the oldest is 12 years old, the youngest is 9 months old.

and this couple, the husband is 31 and the wife is only 34.

Why did you have so many children in your early thirties?

according to one of their relatives, among the couple's children, the eldest to the fourth are daughters, the fifth is a deaf son, the sixth and seventh are twin daughters, and the youngest eight is a nine-month-old son.

when you say so, normal people must understand.

in the final analysis, there is only one reason for dying: to have a healthy son.

calculate that when the eldest daughter was born, the father was only 19 years old and his mother was 22.

while the child is one year old, the mother is pregnant again, and the next year, she is still a daughter.

the second daughter is one year old, and the mother continues to conceive, but it is a pity that she is a daughter again.

in this way, I was born until the fifth, and I finally had my dream son.

who wants to be a disabled child with poor hearing?

then, it still doesn't work, it has to be born again.

two years later, I gave birth to two in one breath, and both turned out to be girls.


the eighth, finally a healthy son.

however, only nine months after giving birth to this precious son, the couple passed away.

eight young children were instantly orphaned.

it is said that the children will live with their uncle in the future.

the local government will give each child an orphan subsidy of 1200 yuan a month.

the parents' short lives are almost all based on "giving birth to a son".

for more than ten years, the young husband has been driving to transport, trying hard to earn money to support his family.

while the wife gives birth one by one at home, devoting all her energies to taking care of the children, work is of course impossible.

in rural life, if one person raises ten people, he cannot afford to pay a fine for excess birth. One can imagine the family circumstances.

but now that the couple are gone, the children suffer, relatives are affected, and the government has to pay for it.

lose the whole game.

just to have a son.



the second story

there is another piece of news these days: the prototype from the son-seeking movie Dear, the lost child Sun Zhuo has been found.

the biological father of the child has been looking for it for 14 years, and the suffering is indescribable.

but why was his son abducted?

because the child's adoptive parents want a son.

they already have two biological daughters and are unable to have sons because of family planning.

they do not want to be called "desperate families". They urgently need a son to gag the villagers.

with the kidnapped boy, they finally raised their eyebrows.

they are particularly kind to this "son" who is not related at all.

Let him grow up drinking milk from an early age, but his two daughters don't share at all.

-- the biological daughter is as light as a feather and the abducted son is as heavy as Mount Tai.


but this is not the only one.

the same is true of Guo Zhen, the prototype of "lost orphan", and Fu Jiantao, who was abducted with Sun Zhuo.

A large number of "boy abductions" have two obvious characteristics:

first, the people who buy children are not childless families, often have more than two biological daughters.

second, they value their bought sons more than their own daughters.

those people are deeply rooted in the words "live for their son".

for this reason, they would rather risk committing a crime.

I would rather go against my conscience and let another family suffer the painful loss of a child for the rest of my life.

they even violate the basic human nature and use the best resources to raise other people's children instead of their own daughters.

it's magical.

that's stupid.

really sick.

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the third story

some time ago, a baby mother shared her experience of giving birth to a daughter.

before entering the delivery room, the nurse asked her if she wanted a male treasure or a female treasure. She said that the first two babies were daughters.

after giving birth, the doctor did not tell her gender, and she was afraid to ask because she was afraid.

finally, the doctor only asked her, "do you still have a fourth child?"

in an instant, her mood could not hold back and her tears welled up.

she blamed herself, "they are all women, why can't I have a son?"

when many people are unimaginable, they did not expect that this sharing has attracted "the same kind".

someone proudly said in the comments section that he had given birth to more than a dozen children in order to have a son, and finally achieved the integrity of both children.

she also tactfully shared her experience. "in order to save money on the cost of testing, we can choose the fetus to have B-ultrasound five months later, and if it is a daughter, we can get rid of it."

this. A little crazy, aren't you?

she is so complacent.

so comfortable.

I just want to say four words: true TMD.


the fourth story

in August this year, a Mr. Chen in Guiyang sued the community hospital.

because a few months ago, he took his wife, who is pregnant with three children, to set up a file there.

the doctor heard that they already had two daughters, and now that they were pregnant with their third child, they wanted to fight for a son, so they secretly tied him up to determine the sex of the fetus.

spent thousands of yuan to check it out, and learned that it was my daughter again.

his wife decisively went to induce labor.

can be induced to give birth, they found that this hard-born child was unexpectedly a boy!

Ah, son!

both husband and wife collapsed and angrily went to the community hospital to ask for an explanation.

the other party knew that he was wrong and indicated that he was willing to refund the appraisal fee of 3,000 yuan and pay a further compensation of 5,000 yuan.

of course Mr. Chen won't do it.