Learn to treat yourself (this article is priceless)

Learn to treat yourself (this article is priceless)
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as the ancients said, "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

but in life, there are always some people who are used to thinking of themselves as saints, judging others a little, but turning a blind eye to their own faults.

sentient beings are not perfect, and everyone will inevitably make mistakes.

Don't always stare at other people's shortcomings, learn to find reasons from yourself, learn to "see a doctor" for yourself, and examine yourself, so that you can really know yourself.


people should be good at discovering their own "faults"

as the ancients said, "if you don't know, you are still sick."

Gold is not perfect, and no one is perfect.

all people in the world have their shortcomings. And the biggest disadvantage is not knowing it.

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once upon a time, there was a champion who welcomed the princess. He was very clean. Every time he went out, he always asked the princess to make her clothes spotless.

one day, he drafted a playbook to enter Beijing Miansheng, but when he was dressed, he saw a mud spot on his official hat.

immediately became furious. When the princess saw this, she quickly picked up her official hat and scrubbed it.

unexpectedly, instead of erasing the mud spot, it is getting bigger and bigger.

it was almost time to start, and the officials had no choice but to enter Beijing with muddy hats. I was still complaining about the princess when I set out.

when he saw the emperor, he was going to give the emperor his own playbook. Unexpectedly, he touched his pocket and found that when he went out just now, he was only thinking about the mud on the official hat and forgot to bring the playbook.

finally, when the emperor saw that his last performance was ambiguous, he thought that he was teasing himself, and Longyan was furious and demoted him to three grades

after returning home, he threw all his anger at the princess, and the princess could not bear humiliation and went to Beijing all night to complain to the emperor.

the emperor was displeased by the events of the day, and when he heard that he insulted the princess, he immediately ordered him to take off his official hat of the champion and demoted him to the common people.

and he finally didn't know why he got this way.

as the ancients said: there is nothing wrong with a villain, but a gentleman often passes.

when you encounter problems, you only know how to blame others and don't look for reasons from yourself, then your wisdom in life will stop.

only by self-reflection, being good at finding your own "faults" and actively changing them, can you become a better self.


see the sickness

in my words and deeds: "it is better to keep the middle than to speak too much."

Laozi told us to keep our mouth shut and lose too many words.

people often say, "illness comes in from the mouth, and evil comes out from the mouth."

many people always speak openly and never take into account the feelings of others.

No one knows that this will not only hurt others, but also cause trouble.

once upon a time, there was a child with an irascible character, and none of the other teachers and brothers liked him.

when the Taoist saw this, he went down the hill and bought a bag of nails. when he came back, he told the Taoist boy, "the next time you lose your temper, book a nail on the door of the room."

the path boy agreed to the Taoist's request, and on the same day, he ordered 30 nails on the door.

at this time, he was also aware of his problem and began to correct it. Every day after

, he placed fewer nails on the door than the day before.

until one day, he didn't drive a nail into the wall.

after knowing this, the Taoist told him that if he could not lose his temper for the next day, he would pull out a nail.

before long, all the nails on the door were pulled out

the Taoist said to the boy:

No matter how many sorry words you say, the injuries will be left, just like these holes.

mouth is a hurtful axe, words are cutting knives.

can you see the "faults" in your words and deeds, and keep your mouth shut in order to keep your luck.


the best "doctor" of a man is always himself

the ancients said, "if you can't do it, you can't do it."

oneself is the root of everything. It is a person's greatest accomplishment to find a reason from himself when he encounters something.

once upon a time, there was a woman who did not know which day she would have the same dream at night.

in the dream, the woman stood in front of an iron cage, which was dark, but kept screaming harshly. The woman always had the courage to approach the cage, but every time she was about to get close, she was awakened by the cry.

over time, the woman's health went from bad to worse, so her family took her to the Taoist temple on the mountain to seek the help of the Taoist priest.

after hearing the whole story, the preacher gave the woman a key and told her: there is a lock on the cage in the dream. If you open the lock with this key, your health will be fine naturally.

that night, the woman took the advice of the preacher and approached the cage with the key. This time, the cry was gone.

but when the woman approached the cage, she found that the cage was full of people she hated. The woman thought, even if I have been sick, I should not let these people out.

soon the woman's condition became more and more serious, and her family visited the monk again, but the monk said, "only she can save her now."

the family told the woman what the monk said. After listening, the woman decided to open the cage with the key.

that night, the woman approached the iron cage and unlocked it. The cage disappeared instantly, and everyone swarmed out. At the end of the crowd, there was a shadow, and when I looked closer, it was herself.

when a person lives in the world, he who knows himself best is himself, and the best "doctor" is himself.

Life will be more and more wonderful if you can see the illness on your body and correct it.

starting from today, examine yourself and keep mentioningPromote yourself.