Let go of, let go of, forget

Let go of, let go of, forget
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Master Huikai said, "there are flowers in spring and moon in autumn, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter. If you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time for the world."

Life has its ups and downs. Sad things, happy things, honorable things, resentful things, in the final analysis, are nothing but a matter of business.

everything is bearish, everything goes with fate, everything goes with nature.


to others: be lenient

as the old saying goes, "only leniency can tolerate people, only thickness can carry things."

tolerance and magnanimity is not only a kind of self-cultivation, but also a kind of wisdom.

when he was young, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty often went private. Once, he and his entourage went to an inn in the middle of the night.

the attendant asked the shopkeeper to bring some water to drink. Who knows the shopkeeper replied impolitely: "only dirty water for washing vegetables, do you want it or not?"

the entourage wanted to have an attack, but it was stopped by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. When the party was settled, the shopkeeper was not relieved and thought they were a gang of robbers, so they were ready to summon rural elders to attack them.

fortunately, the shopkeeper's wife observed carefully and said that they had extraordinary temperament and might be big shots. Finally, the shopkeeper's wife designed to get her husband drunk and kill chickens and sheep to entertain Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty.

after returning to the court, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty summoned the shopkeeper and his wife. Instead of blaming the male shopkeeper for his rudeness, he gave them gold, silver and jewelry.

Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty did this because he knew that a group of people who wore swords in the middle of the night could easily cause misunderstandings.

Zengguang Xian Wen says: "blame yourself with the heart of blaming others, and forgive others with the heart of forgiving yourself."

before blaming others, you might as well think carefully whether you are wrong first; before you dislike others, you might as well carefully examine how you are doing.

this is the great wisdom of living in the world: tolerance, tolerance and self-tolerance.

if you don't blame others when something happens, you are also forgiving yourself. To be considerate to others and to be kind to others is to be kind to yourself.

the sea of life, endure a moment of calm, take a step back.

A retreat and a concession show tolerance, tolerance and magnanimity.

only by allowing what others cannot do can you become what others cannot do.


to yourself: let go

Lin Qingxuan once said: "nine times out of ten, life is not what you want. You often think about it, but you don't think about it."

in many cases, what really determines a person's situation is not the wind and rain of the outside world, but the state of mind.

I have heard a short story.

A young monk saw a bunch of gorgeous rape flowers and went over to take a closer look. Unexpectedly, the bee on the cauliflower was startled and stung him hard.

the little monk was very angry and ran after the bees desperately with a net bag.

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Master saw this and advised, "if a bee stings you, you will hate it; if you hurt it, it and other bees will hate you again." In this way, when is the vengeance of injustice? Not to mention that you are human, so why bother with a bee? "

Feng Menglong said: "it is advisable for friends to solve, not to tie the knot. Each looks back."

hatred is like a thorn in your heart, and everyone treats it differently.

one is "Ji". Is to let the seeds of hatred take root and sprout in the heart, and in the end, it is yourself who gets hurt.

two is "forgetting". Is to plow your heart all over again. However, even so, the traces of the past are always vaguely revealed at the end of the corner.

three is "and". Is to choose to let go of yourself, eventually you will find: a persistent, helpless; a thought to let go, all kinds of calm.

most of the time, what makes people laugh last is not persistence, but letting go; what makes people happy is not gain, but loss.

A relieved heart not only has room for ups and downs, but also can carry joys and sorrows; a relieved heart is enough for us to sing the music of life and make ourselves a ferryman of life.

the heart is wide, the mind is wide. Let go is only a moment, but win a life with ease, shaking all the way, singing all the way, all the way forward.


to the past: forget

Life is only 30,000 days. You always have it and lose it at the same time. Do not indulge in the past, seriously live in the present, is the wisest choice.

in the TV series The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils, Xiao Yuanshan has been planning revenge all his life.

but when the floor-sweeping monk subdued Murong Bo, the black hand behind it, Xiao Yuanshan felt a sense of loss. Without the support of hatred, he seemed unable to find a foothold for the rest of his life.

for decades, he could have chosen to let go and live a normal life with his son, but he chose to be bound by hatred, willing to give up recognition with his son and living in the pain of losing his wife.

Tagore once said, "if you cry when you miss the sun, you will also miss the stars."

whether the past is bitter or sweet, it is gone forever. Instead of worrying about it, it's better to put it down and forget.

I have read a short story.

there was an old man walking on the road with a load of porcelain bowl. Suddenly, a porcelain bowl fell to the ground and broke, but the old man moved on without looking back.

passers-by are curious: "your bowl is broken, why don't you have a look?" The old man replied, "No matter how you look back, the bowls are broken, so why bother?"

Yes, the past has been lost, like sand falling between the fingers. If you dwell on the troubles of the past, you can only lose the happiness of the present again.

the present is both the end of the past and the starting point of the future.

every key in one's life lies in the present.A good moment has already won the life.


Life is not easy. Instead of looking sad, it is better to have peace of mind when you come.

take care of others. Hello, hello, hello.

Let go of yourself, the sea leaps with the fish, and the sky allows the birds to fly.

forget the past, there is a good future ahead.