Let go of your tiredness and let your heart clear

Let go of your tiredness and let your heart clear
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Life can't be smooth all the time;

emotion can't be perfect every time;

Life can't be satisfactory all the time.

too many people can't help it, you have to try to accept it.

there's so much you can't do, you have to learn to forget.

Don't worry about what you can't get.

Don't miss what you've lost.

A lot of things are predestined.

is yours, and no one can take it away.

is not, and you can't keep it.

Let nature take its course, you won't be sad.

take a detour if you can't get through.

put aside what you can't think of.

don't do what you can't do.

there is no need to waste your energy and time on the same thing.

learn to be flexible, try to change,

only by letting go of the useless,

can it be worth it.

to be a man, you should learn to turn.

Don't be obstinate and stubborn.

Don't be entangled, always bear the burden.

instead of wasting time on meaningless things,

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it is better to save time and do things with results.

people who refuse to take a step forward will lag behind sooner or later, and those who do not want to say goodbye to the past are doomed to be unhappy.

We live in this world,

can't influence God's decision, but

can change our mood.

if things are not perfect, then be bearish;

if your wishes don't come true, then let it go.

Don't think too much about useless things.

take off your tiredness and clear your heart.

you can live a relaxed and comfortable life.

everything has cause and effect.

the world is always in reincarnation.

the edge is deep and shallow, all are doomed,

gather and disperse, it is providence.

some things have happened, so face it bravely.

some people have turned around and forgotten earlier.

you have to believe that

there is nothing insurmountable.

it's all a matter of time.

Let go of your tiredness.

Don't be distracted by trifles.

Don't let trifles get in the way.

everything starts from the heart, let go of a thousand worries, clear the mind regularly, and forget in time.

Let nature take its course, don't think too much,

do what you want, don't force it.

Let go of your tiredness.

clear your mind.

difficult things will not be a thing tomorrow.

big and small things will become a story next year.

live well in the present, cherish the present,

give up the meaningless, forget what is not worth it,

be nice to yourself, is the focus for the rest of your life!