Life is like the moon.

Life is like the moon.
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Zhang Ruoxu has a poem: "the generations of life are endless, and the years of Jiang Yue are similar."

any vicissitudes of life, the world changes, looking up at the bright moon, but this is the case year after year.

however, from the point of view of its change, the moon has its own cloudy and sunny, round and deficient, bright and hazy sometimes.

this is the case with the bright moon, and so is life.

there are flatness, frustrations, triumphs and frustrations, but they are not always bright and clear, and the earth is Qinghua.

the greatest wisdom in life is to look up at the moon and understand life at the same time.


Life is like the moon, missing more than round

there is a passage in the Collection of the New Moon:

at the beginning of the new moon, it gradually becomes full from the first quarter of the slender moon to the full moon, and immediately turns from profit to loss, layer by layer, until it is dim, and walks through the monthly reincarnation.

although the month is long, the full moon lasts only two or three nights.

this is not the case in life. There are only one or two triumphs and nine times out of ten disappointments.

Destiny always seems to stumble, unwilling to let people go through life satisfactorily.

but as Su Shi said:

"people will be reunited and separated, and the moon will be full and missing."

walking around the world, instead of obsessing about the perfection that does not exist, it is better to look aside and learn to shake hands with the imperfections of life.

painter Liu Yong has experienced ups and downs all his life.

lost his father at the age of 9, caught fire in his home at the age of 15, and lost everything.

he studied hard and was admitted to Taiwan's most successful high school, and his grades were also among the best.

if nothing happens, he is likely to enter a famous school for further study after graduation, and his fate will change from then on.

but just when everyone was happy for Liu Yong and thought he was finally Shi Lai Yun Zhun (Lucky Dumplings), he had to drop out of school because of lung disease.

at first, it was difficult for Liu Yong to accept such a blow, but he soon thought, "how can everything in this world be what you want?"

since God has blocked the way to get ahead in reading, he will find another way.

so during his suspension, Liu Yong studied painting with Guo Yulun, and after resuming school, he worked hard to prepare for the art major at Taiwan normal University.

through unremitting efforts, Liu Yong soon came to the fore in the art world.

when he went to the United States for sketching, he stood out from hundreds of people and was hired by St. John's University in New York to become one of the few Chinese teachers.

God played another joke on Liu Yong when he was about to find another way.

for health reasons, Liu Yong, who has just taken office, has to ask for leave to recuperate for another three years.

all his friends feel sorry for him:

but Liu Yong already knows that there is no need to worry about these shortcomings.

during the three years away from the pulpit, he devoted himself to learning poetry while organizing a solo exhibition of paintings.

although he lost the best opportunity to develop in St. John, and did not finally stay in St. John, he filled this deficiency with his achievements in other aspects.

the world does not exist to please anyone, so in the eyes of everyone, there are always imperfections of one kind or another, and life cannot be satisfactory everywhere.

but no matter how many defects, as long as you keep going, life will not lose its meaning.

Redalio once said:

accept the imperfections of life and focus on things that can be changed in order to live a life full of defects without regrets.


Life is like the moon, cloudy and sunny

there is a poem:

it means that the moon will be as bright as usual tomorrow night, but who knows whether the weather will be cloudy or sunny?

as the saying goes, there are unexpected events in the sky.

when there are dark clouds or wind and rain all night, the moon will inevitably be dim.

but no matter how cloudy or sunny it is, the moon always insists on letting itself shine, so no matter how long the silence is, there will be a clear day.

this is the case with the bright moon, and so is life.

Life is long and fluctuating, and those setbacks and tribulations, like clouds covering the moon, always drift away.

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with the heart of a bright moon, treat obedience and adversity calmly in order to achieve a truly worthwhile life.

the decryption of Mai's first novel was rejected 17 times before and after.

when he was most embarrassed, he had no steady income and could only grind his manuscripts in a humble rental house.

just 200000 words, he grinded it for 11 years, which was equivalent to meditating every day, but he could only write about 50 words on average.

during this period, in the face of the incomprehension of relatives and friends and the ridicule of their peers, the Mai family always adhered to the belief that "they are creating a great work" and never thought of giving up.

finally, as soon as it was published, it was a great success. It not only sold well in China, but also became the largest collection of Chinese works in libraries in the world.

the Mai family survived the most difficult period, but they did not get carried away and always looked at the glory in front of them with an ordinary mind.

he refuses all kinds of business activities and has lived in seclusion for many years, writing for hours every day.

with the mentality that adversity is not frustrated and prosperity is not, the Mai family has created excellent works such as "the Wind", "intrigue", "the Sea of Life" and so on, which are not as short-lived as many writers.

I have seen such a set of comparison pictures.

when I was young, when I was not involved in the world, I felt that life could be viewed like this:

if you give, you gain, and the growth trajectory is linear.

I don't know life until I have read all the things in the world.It goes like this:

ups and downs, you feel that you are in a deep trough, you may be about to hit bottom and rebound, and you think that when you reach the peak of your life, it may be the beginning of the fall.

not trapped by adversity, not fascinated by prosperity.

the clouds can not cover the bright moon that has been shining all the time, and the ups and downs can not stop the life that keeps going.

only by keeping a normal mind can we move steadily in the midst of ups and downs.


Life is like the moon. If you make a profit, you will lose

.  the moon is full, and the full moon is scattered.

for a long time, people have been looking forward to a full moon, but in fact, it is often when the moon is not yet full.

because once the moon is complete, it indicates that it will turn from profit to loss.

therefore, there has always been a banquet to enjoy the moon, which is that the moon will not be round, the flowers will not bloom, and people will not be drunk.

the same is true of life, the most rare thing is perfection, and the most undesirable thing is perfection.

in the Book of morality, it is said: "the way of heaven is taboo, and humanity is taboo."

the most taboo thing in dealing with people is interference.

the best state is to leave room for a person to turn around in everything.

as we all know, Huawei leads the world in 5G technology, and its market share is increasing year by year.

but when Huawei's global market share exceeded half, Ren Zhengfei began to deliberately control the speed of its expansion.

at that time, someone suggested that we should take advantage of technological advantages to drive down product prices, thoroughly defeat some established giants, and achieve market monopoly.

but this proposal was decisively rejected by Ren Zhengfei, who thought that nothing could be done and that he should always leave a way for others to live.

facts have proved that Huawei leaves a way for others to live, but also for itself.

later, Huawei was subject to sanctions, and many overseas companies sided with Huawei.

because they understand that no matter how well Huawei develops, they still have room for survival.

thanks to the support of all parties, Huawei can generally ensure the integrity of its supply chain even in the most difficult times.

as the ancients said, "when the water is full, it will overflow, and if the moon makes a profit, it will lose."

turning from profit to loss is the reason why everything in the world goes round and round.

but life does not go round and round, once rise and fall, it may be irrevocable.

so people who are really smart know from the beginning not to let people live in a state of surplus.

as Zeng Guofan said in his letter to home:

the name is not all, it is always necessary to give some points to eliminate libel and resentment. "

A life that is not full, wants everything to be lacking, and is always for the better is a life that is never complete.


Life is like the moon, sometimes hazy

I wonder if you have ever climbed the mountain to enjoy the moon.

when you are at the foot of the mountain, the moon you see is blurred due to the angle of observation and the diffraction of clouds halfway up the mountain.

and once you climb to the top of the mountain, the view is wide and there are no clouds, the moon will become clear.

so, when you think the moon is blurred, it's not that you can't see, but that you haven't reached the right position.

if you compare the moon to the goal of life, many people seem to wander at the foot of the mountain, often complaining that they can't see the goal clearly and can't find a way out of life.

do not realize that as long as you refine your ability and broaden your understanding, when you raise yourself to a high enough level, the goal will naturally become clear.

Junichi Watanabe once talked about a friend in "insensitive Power."

my friend was down and out when he just graduated from school, and the meagre salary he received from the magazine was only enough for basic living expenses and could not save money at all.

in this case, he was also confused and anxious for a time, not knowing when such a life would end.

but confused, his friend still takes every manuscript very seriously, no matter how low the fee is, he will polish it over and over again.

until one day, while waiting for the bus, an editor glanced at a street magazine and immediately took a fancy to his article.

then the editor found a friend and tried to make an appointment with him.

and his friend's writing ability has already been polished very mature, he successfully seized this opportunity, not only won the editor's appreciation, but also entered a famous publishing house to work.

the goal is clear, and the fate has changed ever since.

for him, the publishing house is where he can see the target clearly.

but the editor who led him to this position, no one knows when it will appear, maybe a year, five years or even ten years.

but to be sure, if he doesn't keep going when he's confused, the editor will never show up.

there was a hot question on Zhihu: "what if I can't see the target?"

answer with high praise: "take a few more steps."

it is true.

Life often lies in these steps, and the more successful people are, the more likely they are to keep going when they are confused.

by constantly accumulating strength and waiting for quantitative change to cause qualitative change, you will naturally go to the position where you can see the target clearly.

as Jobs said:

"you can't see the road to success in advance. Only when you look back can you see that every step you take has become the way you are today."

in this life, the goal is not to wait, but to keep moving forward and groping.

therefore, do not be confused by the moonlight, the road under your feet will give you a clear answer sooner or later.

A Dream of Red Mansions

there is a poem about the moon in A Dream of Red Mansions:

look up at the bright moon.Is it yourself?

Life is like the moon, lack is more round than round, learn to accept the regret of life, long time, can last happy.

Life is like the moon, cloudy and sunny sometimes, not trapped by adversity, not confused by prosperity, bumpy life, can be stable and far away.

Life is like the moon. If you make a full profit, you will lose money. If you don't get everything done, you won't get enough profit. You can always leave some leeway. That's the best state.

Life is like the moon, sometimes blurred, sometimes clear, in its place, you can see your goals clearly.

for the rest of my life, may you and I always have the heart of a bright moon, bright light and endless years to come.