Life is not romantic at all.

Life is not romantic at all.
I regret not cherishing them in the past.

Wen /Zhang Jingshi

Zero (preface).

the vaccine is in an uproar today. I also saw the article "the death of Vaccine" in my moments, and then I also saw the article that hit Caitou in the face. The speed is so fast that I have to admire it. In fact, compared with Mimeng, I suggest you pay more attention to the trough edge of Caitou.

although sometimes articles are not to our taste, there is nothing wrong with listening to smart people. At the very least, he dares to put out messages against him. Trough past and grapevine news is one of my favorite Subscription account, after all, in this vast Internet, there will still be a group of people willing to tell you some correct way of thinking.

because I don't know anything about vaccines, I won't comment on them. But there is an idea to tell you that if the way you get information is too convenient, the easier it is to get information into false emotions.

such as moments, such as various official accounts, the information you can get from it by moving your fingers is very dangerous. Because the meaning of free is that the person who uses it is a commodity. It would be better to put some thought into it, search more, look at all kinds of theories, and then judge.

Don't be taken advantage of. You don't even know.

for example, today's article "the death of Vaccine" aroused how many people's anger and compassion in a short morning. But some official accounts start with "if you choose to be silent, then you are also a sinner", which is really sad.

Life is not romantic at all.


yesterday I saw WHATYOUNEED's tweet, and it said, in fact, we also feel guilty about using our family's money. I originally wanted to forward it to my moments, but I gave up, not because what was said in the article was wrong.

because everyone's situation is different,

because I don't even have a chance to feel guilty.

WHATYOUNEED wrote well and moved a lot of people. But some people are ignored, because for some people, it is impossible for a high-end laptop to bite off the root of a tooth. I also want to travel far away, and then come back and tell the people around me that although it is beautiful there, it is really hard to have no money.

but I am not even willing to pay for the air ticket.

narrow vision is one reason, but a more important reason is that we need money more.

I am a pragmatist, and I spent the first 10,000 yuan I earned in 2015 on laptops and mobile phones, because they are necessities for my work. Then I began to plan my graduation trip. Yes, although I am only a junior, if I want to go on a real graduation trip, I have to save money from now on.

because it is impossible for my family to provide a sum of money, he said, "you go first and pay me back later."

their non-objection is already the biggest concession they can make.

I don't think they are wrong. For decades, the concept they have adhered to has always been "pragmatic", and the message we have received is "pleasure first". Therefore, when they raise objections, I can only try my best to explain. If it is necessary, I will not listen to their views, but if there is room for discussion, it may be all right to consider their feelings.

I still remember that on the second day of the New year, I asked my friends to go to the movies.

when I was ready to go out, my mother asked me, "where are you going to play?"

I said I was going to see Stephen Chow's movie, and she asked, "is it good to see a movie in the cinema?"

I said, "it's nice. I'll take you and Dad to see it next time."

at that moment I felt deeply guilty. After watching so many movies,

I didn't even have a ticket stub to go to the movies with my parents.

so our gap is here,

the distance between traveling and watching movies.

but this does not mean that I think our "guilt" is more noble.

it's just that the starting point is different, and the world we see is naturally different.

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dare not say "I will raise you in the future",

can only say "be nice to you now".

envy, but envy is reality.


when I was a child, I stole money so that I could invite my cousin to fight in Internet cafes. When we grew up, we became AA every time we went out. I always think of myself as their own brother, but when it comes to money, I can't be as rich as my brother. I say awkwardly, "I'll give you half, and I'll buy you dinner next time."

they know it, too, and never worry about it with me.

I was in the third year of high school at that time, but no matter how busy the time was, we would come out for a drink when we were on holiday.

one Christmas, we all happened to be home from school. So the three people foolishly ran into a coffee shop and pretended to chat, posting on Weibo that we had a meaningful Christmas. I had only 20 yuan in my pocket at that time, but I was embarrassed to say it, so I just went in.

finally we talked to the owner of the store to remind them that they had to close before they were willing to pay the bill.

well, the three of us can't add up all our money to pay the bills.

fortunately, the boss is also a local and said that we can give us credit and come back the next day.

We walked along the roadside in the early hours of the morning, and the embarrassment on Christmas Eve became a joke along the way. I said that I spent all my pocket money to chase other girls, and they were laughing and saying that they had no money long ago. I thought I didn't have to worry about it if I followed my brother. Who knew all three were so poor? we laughed and talked about old silly things and funny things on the road.

taxis on the road keep passing us.However, the red sign seemed to stand in front of the windshield. But we didn't have the money to stop them, so we walked for nearly an hour at night before we got back to our homes.

after that, we were admitted to our respective universities, and we took care of both junior college and heavy undergraduates.

although there are many opportunities to meet, they meet less often than in high school.

Last week we seldom went out, and everyone was busy going home after drinking.

I have to rush back to deal with the things of the club.

that one said that he was on the night shift today and had to go back and change his clothes.

the taxi they stopped asked me if I wanted to go back together. I said I had something to do and I would go back by myself later.

I finally know why everyone likes to miss the past, because the past is empty and unrealistic.

all difficulties can be turned into jokes, and

all embarrassment is taken good care of.

when I grow up, I can afford to take a taxi, but I lose the excuse to walk home together.

but I believe that as we become more realistic,

everyone we treat sincerely becomes more precious.

because they are "unrealistic" to you in this real world.