Life needs six mirrors (depth)

Life needs six mirrors (depth)
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there is a song called "looking at flowers in the fog". The lyrics go like this:

in the journey of life, you need not only a pair of discerning eyes, but also different mirrors.


telescope: only when you climb high can you see from afar

du Fu said, "one day I will climb to the top of you and have a clear view of the short mountains around me."

when you stand high, when you see that the mountains are small in the distance, people will naturally have great passion, and suddenly they will have the motivation to move forward.

Su Shi said: "the reason why we cannot know the true face of Lushan Mountain is because we are in the middle of these mountains."

but if you stand high and have a panoramic view, then the appearance of Mount Lushan can be seen at a glance. Only by standing high can you see what kind of truth is hidden behind the numerous and complicated appearances.

in Zuo Zhuan, it is said: "A gentleman who knows great things is far away."

A person can only see far if he stands high, and only by seeing far can he know how to go in the future.

A man with binoculars has an unsinkable enthusiasm, the ability to see the blue sky through the fog, and the mind to plan for the future.

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magnifying glass: enlarge your mind

Mozi said, "if one's ambition is not strong, one's wisdom is not high enough." if a person's ideal is not lofty enough, then he cannot acquire the intelligence and ability to match it.

Liu Bang said, "this is what a big man should be." A Surabaya pavilion set up his ambition to seize the world.

it was precisely because his ambition to seize the world constantly inspired Liu Bang that Liu Bang was able to win the world from the starting point of the pavilion.

as the saying goes, if you can tolerate people, you can gather people. If you can get people together, you can get things done. If a person has a small belly and chicken intestines, then no one wants to stay with him. If he is alone, how can he enter the world alone?

enlarge your ideal.


sunglasses: look down on the world, hide yourself

see the world quarrelling, bustling and bustling.

if you don't have a heart that is indifferent enough, it will be wrapped in the world and there will never be peace.

A pair of sunglasses, even the most dazzling things will become dim, and the things you don't like will be neutralized. This is the meaning of sunglasses, adding a shield to the dazzling and scorching real world.

it is naturally a good thing that people are alive, clean and innocent at the bottom of their hearts, but it is inevitable that some people will take advantage of them and take advantage of the opportunity to frame them.

so we must hide our true thoughts properly so as not to give people an opportunity.

being frank and magnanimous is naturally a good thing, but it is necessary to guard against others.

sunglasses are just the right cover to keep yourself away from a lot of trouble.


microscope: see the details, do the details

A loss of a horseshoe can lose a battle; an ant nest can erode a levee.

carelessness in the details may result in losing the whole game. Small carelessness can accumulate enough to destroy the overall situation.

the difficult things in the world must be done easily, and the great things in the world must be done in detail.

pay attention to details and learn to be serious.

to do ordinary things well is extraordinary, and to bring small things together is a big thing.

quantitative change will certainly lead to qualitative change, and when you see the essence in detail, things will be done.


the sober person sees it too clearly and takes it too seriously, so he worries everywhere, while the muddle-headed person finds the great taste of life with little care.

people who are too sober are doomed to live a hard life, there are always people who can't get used to it, there are always people who can't let go, and struggle hard;

those who are confused will walk chic and unrestrained for once.

of course, you are confused when you are confused, and you should never pretend to be confused when you understand.


plane mirror: the mountain is the mountain, the water is the water

the experience of life has accumulated to a certain extent, constantly reflect on the world, and have a clear understanding of their own pursuit;

realize that "the world is a big dream, life is cool several degrees", know what you are pursuing and what you want to give up.

it is no longer necessary to look at the world through binoculars, magnifying glasses,  glasses, microscopes and sunglasses, and accept it as it is.

"people are people, so there is no need to be deliberately; the world is the world, and there is no need to deal with the world meticulously."

when you understand this, people get nature and truth, free and easy, and serenity.

if you have experienced in life, you have no regrets, no beginning, no end.

in the depths of time, I wish I were in a leisurely state of mind.