Life of wind and rain, hold your own umbrella! (big truth)

Life of wind and rain, hold your own umbrella! (big truth)
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Life is a long journey.

the ups and downs are at the foot, the wind and rain are at the top of your head,

you don't go by yourself, no one does it for you,

you don't do it yourself, there's no one to help you carry it.

in this life,

make your own safe haven!

Life in wind and rain, hold your own umbrella,

have no money, earn by yourself,

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have no background, work hard by yourself,

have no connections, and accumulate by yourself.

rely on others, without sense of security,

rely on yourself, you will always have peace of mind.

Life in wind and rain, holding an umbrella by yourself,

relying on parents and lovers,

is not a long-term solution.

No one can accompany you all the time.

there are too many unknowns on the way forward, and there are countless possibilities when accompanied by


only through self-improvement and continuous improvement,

can we be independent and strong, so that we can be free from wind and frost.

in this world,

No one will always treat you for free except parents and family members.

as the saying goes:

take people with short hands, eat people with soft mouths,

ask for help, owe favors,  depend on others, see people's face,

rather than please and rely on others,

prepare umbrellas on sunny days and have umbrellas in rainy days.

usually work hard and have confidence in case of trouble.

in life,

the so-called sense of security,

is not how many people you know, but how strong you are.

as long as you have the strength,

can solve problems calmly and calmly at any time.

Open a road in the mountains and build a bridge in the face of water.

never count on others for help.

ask for help, but it's hard to pay back if you owe one.

Life in wind and rain, hold your own umbrella.

only by learning to hold your own umbrella can you go further on a rainy day.

only by living on your own can

be afraid of anyone to leave.

Don't live like a cigarette.

anyone can throw it away.

to live like a lighter,

everyone has to hold it in the palm of his hand.

in this life,

when you reach a certain age,

you will understand that

yourself is the shelter from the rain.

so remember:

life in wind and rain, hold your own umbrella,

you are strong, and you are not afraid of hardships and dangers.

when there is no one to help, stand up.

stand up when there is no one to help you.

to get through the most difficult time and usher in a happy tomorrow,

to bear the most painful blow is a long-term victory!