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the situation is different

I can't empathize with

one day in ancient times, it snowed heavily in Chang'an City, and it was extremely cold. A literati who had had enough to eat saw snowflakes fluttering and poetry flourishing. He blurted out: "the heavy snow fell to the ground one after another."

just read a sentence, just happened to be heard by a promoted official, grateful for the great kindness of the emperor, he replied: "it is the royal auspicious spirit."

A businessman who made a fortune selling cotton-padded clothes and trousers was overjoyed and said, "what's wrong with the next three years?"

the word infuriated a starving beggar by the side of the road, trembling and scolding: "give your mother's bullshit!"

A lasting dignity and a lovely tailoring elucidate our one sleeve homecoming dresses. Happy to help you to choose your dreaming garments.

in fact, in life, everyone's position is different, and it is difficult to empathize with it.

your happiness has not been tasted by others, so it is difficult to feel your joy and joy. Your suffering has not been eaten by others, and it is difficult to take care of your emotions and grievances.

during the reign of Emperor Hui of the Jin Dynasty, there was a famine in which the people had no food to eat, but had to dig up grass roots and eat Guanyin soil, and many people starved to death.

the news was quickly reported to the palace, and Emperor Huidi of Jin sat on a high throne and was greatly puzzled after listening to the minister's report.

the "kind" Emperor Huidi of Jin wanted to do something for his people. After thinking hard, he came up with a "good" way to say: "the people do not have corn to satisfy their hunger, so why not eat minced meat?"

maybe we can judge that Emperor Huidi of Jin Dynasty is an incompetent king, but it is difficult for us to conclude that he is an unkind person.

there is a saying: "not everyone lives in the same sea."

everyone's circumstances are different, their situations are different, and their views and views on things are also different.

so sometimes you don't have to judge other people's right or wrong, because you are not others, and you have not experienced other people's lives.

sometimes, you don't have to blame no one for understanding your pain and hardship, because others simply can't understand your sadness and pain.


when the author was in the fourth grade, the teacher put two carambola on the table and asked the students to draw.

his seat was on the side of the front row, and one of the two carambola on the table was facing him, but the carambola he saw looked like something with five corners, so he drew it honestly.

when other students found out, they all laughed at him.

the teacher looked at the picture, went to his seat, examined the carambola on the table, then went back to the podium, held up his painting and asked everyone,

"does this picture look like it?"


"what's it like?"

"like a pentagram!"

the teacher's face became serious. After a while, he asked, "is it funny to draw carambola into a five-pointed star?" "good-laugh!" Several students rushed to answer, laughing at the same time.

so the teacher asked the students to take turns to sit in his seat. The teacher said to the first student sitting down, "now look at the carambola, like the carambola you usually see."

"No. Like. "

"so, what's it like?"

"like. Five. Five-pointed star. "

"OK, next."

later, after several students read it, the teacher said kindly, "when it comes to carambola, everyone is familiar with it." However, if you look at it from different angles, carambola looks different. sometimes it looks like a five-pointed star.

therefore, when we see other people painting carambola into a five-pointed star, don't be busy laughing, we should see from what angle they look. "

Su Shi once wrote a poem: "there are steep peaks on the side of winding mountains, but there are thousands of different ways in the past."

in fact, everyone has a different point of view, so what they see is different. Sometimes what you see may not be seen by others. You may not be able to observe what others see.

so, if you change the angle of everything, you will see more of the whole picture and truth of things. We must not blind us with one leaf, generalize the whole and look at the problem one-sidedly.


different positions

it is difficult to tell right from wrong

everyone has his or her own place in this world.

in fact, if the role is different, the starting point is different. With different objects, the emphasis is also different.

sometimes, when you treat the same thing, even the same person, you will have completely different views on the same thing because of your different positions.

Ji Bu used to be a general under Xiang Yu's account. He besieged Liu Bang several times and almost killed Liu Bang. Later, after Xiang Yu's failure, Liu Banghua paid a lot of money to buy Jibu's head.

later, someone advised Liu Bang that Ji Bu served for Xiang Yu, and it was his duty to besiege you. What was wrong with him being loyal to his duty?

after hearing this, Liu Bang no longer cares about Jibu, and even pays homage to Jibu as a doctor.

on the contrary, Ji Bu's uncle, Gong Ding, was also at war with Liu Bang. Once after trapping Liu Bang, Liu Bang begged for mercy and said, "We are both heroes, so how can we kill each other?" So Duke Ding retreated and Liu Bang was able to escape.