Look at people's strengths, remember their good points, and help others with difficulties.

Look at people's strengths, remember their good points, and help others with difficulties.
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Life is like a grand performance, no one lasts until the end by acting in a monologue.

only by co-acting with many different people can you perform a brilliant life drama.

Society is like a huge stage. The way we interact with others determines how much we perform on the stage of life and the length of our acting career.

if you want to cope well on the social "big stage" and remain invincible for a long time, please remember:

get along with others, look at their strengths, remember their advantages, and help them find it difficult!


look at others, do not look at others

appreciation, look at people's strengths

there is an adage: there is no gold, no one is perfect.

all the people in this world are not perfect saints, and everyone has their shortcomings. No matter how good people are, they have shortcomings, and even ordinary people have their strengths.

No one can be perfect, but everyone has merit.

so: don't look at people with a magnifying glass and find fault with others too much. Instead, we should always look at people with appreciation in order to discover the strengths of others. In this way, you can not only take the strengths of others, make up for your weaknesses, but also make good friends, which is of great benefit to the expansion of your network.

Liu Bang, the great ancestor of the Han Dynasty, was inferior to Xiang Yu, the overlord of the Western Chu, in terms of origin, but in the end, he won the world by Xiang Yu, who was born of an aristocracy and had the courage of ten thousand men.

there are many reasons, but the main reason is that Xiang Yu is arrogant and headstrong, while Liu Bang is good at discovering the strengths of his subordinates and knowing how to make good use of them.

the day Liu Bang ascended the throne, he held a victory party in Luoyang. At the banquet, his words not only summed up the reasons for his victory, but also made it clear to future generations that people who are really able to do great things are good at discovering the strengths and strengths of others.

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he said:

he said:

however, I can make good use of people and give full play to their talents, which is the real reason why we win. As for Xiang Yu, Fan Zeng was the only one available to him, but he suspected that this was the reason for his final failure. "

this allusion tells us the importance of seeing people's strengths in interpersonal relationships.

as the ancients said: when the water is clear, there is no fish, and when people come to observe, there are no disciples.

make friends. If you are too picky, no one will want to get close to you. If you get along with others too harshly, you will be alone.

often look at others with appreciation. You will think that everyone is cute and has something to learn from. Because you are good at discovering other people's strengths and giving them affirmation and praise, others are naturally willing to be your good friends.

when you need it, people are duty-bound to help you.


Don't bear grudges, long friendship

often think of kindness, friendship is deeper

mathematician Hua Luogeng said: when others help me, I will never forget; when I help others, don't bear in mind.

these two sentences inspire us to always think about the benefits of others and be grateful. On the other hand, one's own kindness to others should be negligible.

but in life, there are some narrow-minded people who hold grudges and do not remember kindness. The behavior of this kind of person will make the people who have helped him very cold.

treat people should be broad-minded, do not always remember the mistakes of others, should always remember the good of others.

hold a grudge and do not remember kindness, that is a typical selfish villain. It is the right way to make friends if you don't remember other people's mistakes and always remember the good ones.

there is such an Arabic story:

A pair of friends traveled together and went to the seaside and had a quarrel over a trifle, and one of them slapped his friend in the face in anger. The friend who was beaten wrote words of hatred on the beach with branches.

then they came to the edge of a cliff and the friend who was beaten stumbled and fell. In the critical moment, the friend who beat him grabbed him and saved his life.

so he took out a knife and engraved words of gratitude on the stone.

my friend was puzzled and asked him why he wrote words of hatred on the beach and engraved words of gratitude on stone.

the friend who was beaten said:

the hatred written on the beach can disappear with the ebb and flow, while the words of gratitude engraved on stone can be preserved for a long time.

I don't want to live in hatred, so I want the waves to help me take it away; it's happy to be grateful for someone, so I want to carve it in stone.

this story inspires us:

get along with friends, do not always focus on other people's mistakes, remember other people's grudges, that will destroy their friendship, but also let themselves live in boredom and annoyance. And often keep in mind the benefits of others to themselves, not only can enhance friendship, but also because of gratitude, their hearts are also full of happiness.

it is inevitable that contradictions will occur in the interaction between people. Always think about the benefits of others, and don't hold grudges over trifles.

because life is full of ups and downs, the burden is great on the shoulders. Everyone will be in a bad mood, and they will inevitably lose control of their emotions and talk too much.

Don't hold on to the braid just because of other people's inadvertent mistakes. What's more, don't forget the previous love and turn into enemies because of an injury from others.

when we are in trouble, even if the kindness given by others is only a drop of water, we should keep it in mind. Because it is the duty of others to help you, and it is also duty not to help you.

only when people know how to be grateful can they win more hearts and get more friendship.


icing on the cake, everyone will send charcoal in the snow

French writer Roman Roland said: /P>

A kind person will not turn a blind eye to the difficulties and sufferings of the weak around him. There will be compassion and a helping hand.

in life, it is commonplace to add icing on the cake when others are prosperous, while it is rare to see the touching act of helping others when they are down and out.

therefore, the kindness of helping others with difficulties is particularly valuable, and it is more grateful to the victims.

Hu Xueyan, a "Hongding businessman" in China at the end of the Qing Dynasty, became a famous businessman of a generation, which had something to do with helping people find it difficult.

once, a well-known cloth merchant had a problem in his business and was in urgent need of a sum of capital to turn around, so he planned to transfer all his family property and real estate with a market value of 5000 taels of silver at a low price of 2000 taels.

when the cloth merchant found Hu Xueyan, Hu Xueyan did not secretly pick up the big bargain, but asked the cloth merchant to come back to him the next day.

after the cloth merchant left, Hu Xueyan hurriedly sent his men down to find out the truth.

when he learned that this was true, he immediately took enough money to the cloth merchant and bought the cloth merchant's property at the normal market price of 5000 taels. He also promised that he would only take care of the property for the cloth merchants for the time being, and that he could redeem the property at any time when the cloth merchants tide over the difficulties, and that he only had to pay a nominal interest at any time.

Hu Xueyan's behavior of delivering charcoal in the snow moved the cloth merchants. So later, the cloth merchants became Hu Xueyan's loyal business partner and gave Hu Xueyan a lot of help.

there is a good saying:

A person who is willing to give seems to suffer losses, but he is actually accumulating blessings for himself. Because the future of life is long and things are changeable, everyone may be in trouble.

if you often help others, you will make a lot of close friends. When you encounter difficulties and suffer misfortune, there is bound to be a group of people to help you share your worries.

therefore, when you have the ability, you should always help others in danger, enthusiastically help the weak, and give charity to the poor. It seems to have expended some energy and lost some money, but it is a way to benefit others and self-interest. You can accumulate a wide range of contacts for yourself and build up high prestige, which is of great benefit to your future and career.

interpersonal communication is a profound philosophy. You may not be able to fully understand it, but you should at least remember the keys of "three points":

look at the strengths of others, but don't stare at the shortcomings of others; remember the good of others, don't turn against trifles; help others in difficulties, don't be selfish and cold.

"three people walk, there must be my teacher." Only when you know how to appreciate the advantages of others can you make more good friends.

"A villain holds grudges but does not remember grudges, while a gentleman bears grudges." Always be grateful for the kindness and benefits of others, so that you can make more best friends.

"giving roses makes your hands smell good." Only by being warm-hearted and benevolent can we have friends everywhere and help us all the time.

if you have a broad mind, you will naturally have a broad future; if you are kind-hearted, God will bless you.