Manage your 35-55 years old (depth good article)

Manage your 35-55 years old (depth good article)
Good morning, accompany you to read.

the years are not old, but another year is in a hurry.

the age of 35 is the biggest watershed in one's life.

before the age of 35, it is in the prime of life, a stage of learning knowledge, accumulating experience, and constantly making mistakes in one's life.

after the age of 35, life gradually matures, whether it is the burden of life or the gift of fate. We should take good care of everything in the present.

as Yang Jiang said, "take a good choice, don't choose an easy way, you can have your true self."

Today, Uncle Fan has sorted out the four rules of the strong in life, hoping to help you in this journey of constantly pursuing better.


make good use of the ripple effect

I have heard a very philosophical story.

A man went to the master for advice because he was depressed.

the Master took him to the lake, picked up a stone and threw it into the lake.

the Master asked, "what do you see?"

he replied, "ripples."

the Master asked again, "where do the ripples come from?"

he replied, "from the stone that has just been dropped."

the Master said, "then try to stop these ripples."

the man tried to reach out his hand to stop it, but there were more ripples as soon as his hand entered the water, and he didn't know what to do.

Master smiled: "Life is like this lake, every step you take may not be impressive at the beginning, but it imperceptibly affects your future."

after the age of 35, we are always disillusioned with success:

We always want to skip the little things in front of us and reach the pinnacle of life in one step.

in fact, the really strong can walk with their heads down and look up at the road.

because they understand that every step they take now is a layout for the future.

Christie's has a famous doorman, Jill Perez.

during his work, he is serious and polite.

when I get home from work, I often flip through the newspaper, cut out the guest-related reports and paste them on the wall.

in the long run, no matter who it is, he will be able to blurt out his name.

Jill has worked as a doorman for more than 30 years, and it can be said that he spends every working day at Christie's after the age of 35.

later, the company held an important business event and needed to find an employee who knew all the customers.

everyone found that there was hardly anyone to replace him except the doorman Jill.

Jill's accumulation over the years has bloomed perfectly at this moment.

because of Jill's outstanding performance, the business was a complete success.

in recognition of his "achievements", Christie's held a grand reception when he retired and announced that he would retire as vice president of the company.

there is a proverb in English: "Think big, do small (doing well in the present will lead to a different future)."

do a good job and good luck will come.

after the age of 35, manage every little thing right now.

every step is used to accumulate, even if only a little at a time, the trickle will eventually run into a huge wave.


Fostering "story thinking"

there is a popular view on the Internet: "the most important ability of a person is not to understand technology or marketing, but to tell stories."

Life is not a boring three-point line, but a lively and changeable real scene.

Wise people are good at using "the power of stories": to animate stereotyped questions and turn boring truths into interesting stories.

when communication becomes fast and intuitive, the original problem will be easily solved.

I have read a very instructive story.

A mother always secretly looks at the answer when she finds her child doing her homework.

as a result, she repeatedly persuaded her children: "you have to think about your homework before you can test it and improve it."... "

the result is conceivable. Instead of listening, the child is getting worse.

later, she changed her mind and decided to tell her child a story first:

there is a Sagittarius who wants to go to the country of Sagittarius to find a respected teacher to practice shooting.

he walked through the forest, over the mountain, and saw an arrow in a tree that hit the bull's-eye.

as I went on, I encountered countless arrows that hit the bull's-eye.

at last, he met the king, but the king didn't look like he had a stunt.

so he asked, "how did you manage to hit the bull's-eye with the arrow?"

the king said with a smile, "anyone can do it. You just shoot an arrow and draw a bull's-eye around the arrow."

only then did he know that the country of Sagittarius was only in vain.

after telling the story, she looked at the child and said, "it's the same with exercises. If you get all the answers right, you won't make any progress."

the child laughed loudly after hearing this, and then took the initiative to give the answer to his mother for safekeeping.

Logic is not easily convincing, but stories can give people rational inspiration.

it is far better to understand the problem in the story than to remember the truth in the argument.

some people have made a statistics on TED lectures. The results show that

speakers spend 10% of their time introducing themselves, 25% of logical arguments, and the remaining 65% are storytelling.

if you compare doing things to cooking, people who can tell stories will use dishes with the same ingredients.The "color, smell" is complete.

storytelling power is influence.

story thinking is the top thinking for solving problems.


develop judo thinking

I have heard a very philosophical story.

A big tree by the river was uprooted by the wind and fell into a stream.

the tree saw the reeds on the bank in the water and cried, "I wonder why gentle bodies like yours have not been destroyed by the strong wind."

the Reed replied, "you failed because you went to fight the wind, and we will bend with the wind, so we save ourselves."

after the age of 35, the competition in the second half of life is becoming increasingly fierce.

everyone has a process from weak to strong.

the biggest gap between people, in fact, does not lie in the strength of talent, but depends on whether to understand the law of growth.

High-level people are good at using "judo tactics" to find the key points, thick accumulation and thin hair.

speaking of Zhao Liang, a big chicken farmer, many people may not know.

but when it comes to Sandezi in the personal visit to Kangxi, everyone must be impressed.

in the play, Zhao Liang plays the role of Sande Zi, with a lot of ideas, and is a very outstanding role.

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perhaps it is because the image of Sandezi is so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people that Zhao Liang has been lukewarm after his early glory.

seeing that the age of 40 is approaching, and there are a large number of new people in the film and television circle, if we continue to suffer like this, it will be very difficult to have the opportunity to "turn around" again.

as a result, Zhao Liang began to stay away from the "storm" of the film and television circle, maintain humility, accumulate strength, and look for a broken point in his life.

later, Zhao Liang found the right time and turned into a professional chicken farmer.

Zhao Liang's life has changed greatly. he once revealed on the program that he already owns a big farm containing 130000 chickens in just five years.

humble gentleman, humble and self-herding.

after the age of 35, in the face of the "bloodshed" on the road of life, if you are not strong enough, you must use "judo tactics".

keep looking for a focus on the premise of preserving strength.

gradually magnify your own advantages, in the face of any wind and rain, there is the possibility of winning, and the road of life will be more and more smooth.


build a moat

I have heard a very interesting analogy:

if a person is compared to a castle, a deep and dangerous moat must be built around him.

it is like the core of a person, no matter how big the external threat is, it can always keep an undisturbed private land.

after the age of 35, pressure from all sides comes one after another.

without its own unique advantages, it is difficult to gain a foothold in the life of the cross-flow of the river.

No difficulty can defeat a person with core competence.