Manage yourself (this article is priceless)

Manage yourself (this article is priceless)
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in Chapter 33 of the Book of morality, it is said: "he who wins others is strong, and he who wins himself is strong."

defeating others is an ability; defeating yourself is a kind of wisdom.

when people reach middle age, they go through all kinds of struggles and watch the rise and fall of the situation. Just understand: the greatest enemy in life is yourself; the most important thing in life is to manage yourself well.

manage your daily words and deeds; practice your usual every smile; be aware of your own thoughts. If you manage yourself well, your life will be smooth.


manage a rich mouth

moral Sutra. Chapter 56 says: "those who know do not speak, and those who speak do not know."

A wise man has an insight into the road, understands impermanence, and is in awe, so he does not complain about others, does not complain about others, while fools generalize, cling to their own opinions, and have luck, so they blame others and complain about fate.

A person's mouth is the channel of wealth.

always like to complain, there will be a wave of grievances lingering, thus blocking wealth, and will attract the same frequency of bad things, bring misfortune to themselves.

during the Qing Dynasty, there was a man named Li Da who made a living by farming and selling vegetables.

his wife always sighs and complains that her family is poor and the food is poor.

when farming, dislike the wind and the sun, it is too hard.

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when selling vegetables, they complain that the business is difficult and the customers are picky.

and say to everyone: "my life is really hard. My husband has no ability, and my son is disobedient."

sure enough, their family's food is always unsold, and their life is very poor.

later, the son became a county magistrate, and like his mother, he liked to blame others, and his subordinates couldn't bear his humiliation, so he killed him in anger.

as the old saying goes, "one word makes all the happiness of life."

language has its own energy magnetic field, just like a magnet, everything you say will eventually be attracted back and become a reality.

positive words bring wealth and good fortune, while negative words lead to misfortune.

therefore, managing your own words, speaking kindly and gently is a person's greatest wisdom.


cultivate a blessed face

Chapter 21 of the Book of morality says: "the appearance of Confucius, but the way is to follow."

the saints are obedient, well-behaved and kind-hearted. Therefore, the face is kind and brings its own blessing.

A person's face is his heart.

if you are kind-hearted, your face will be kind, and bright and beautiful things will come near.

when you change your mind, your face will change, and your fate will be different.

once upon a time, there was a woman whose husband had died for many years, and her son, who depended on each other, also accidentally fell into the water and died.

she was so heartbroken that she met a priest on the way and told her her misfortune.

the Taoist sighed and said, "your face is not good, your life is bitter, your life is not long, and you can only live to be in your fifties."

after listening, she was ready to lose her life.

on the way, she met a little beggar who was helpless. She felt pity and took her home to take good care of him for his study.

when the Taoist saw the woman again, he was surprised and said, "your face has all changed. It seems that you have done a good deed."

finally, the little beggar became a high-ranking official and was extremely filial to her, and the woman lived to be in her nineties and died.

the way of heaven is impermanent, only a kind man.

Life is a mirror, and all your kindness to others will eventually give back to yourself.

Lincoln once said that a person's appearance is determined by his parents when he is young, but after middle age, his appearance is determined by himself.

everything outside is the manifestation of the heart. A clean and pleasant face is the best way to cultivate a person.


cultivate a sense of contentment

moral Sutra. Chapter 33 says: "he who is contented is rich."

A person is truly rich when he knows that enough is enough, that he is full of heart and spirit.

Heaven and earth live forever, and all things live forever. And it takes a hundred years to live. We cannot possess all things, but we can use them.

always be grateful for the gifts of heaven and earth in order to maintain a peaceful state of mind and have a happy life.

writer Zhou Guoping, when he started writing, he lived in a basement in Beijing, damp and dark.

once, a friend came to see him and said, "how can you stand such a bad environment?"

he said, "Thank God for giving me such an environment. On the one hand, I am at ease, undisturbed and convenient for writing; on the other hand, I have plenty of time to think. Three things, no worries about food and clothing, and good health. This is the greatest blessing.

I think so. The happiest thing in life is nothing in the heart, three meals, and no disease.

if you are satisfied, there will be beautiful scenery here, and this place is heaven.

there is a saying in the thought of Poverty: "if you are satisfied, although you are poor, you can be called rich; if you have wealth and desire, you will be called poor."

True affluence is the state of mind of contentment and the state of mind of living in the present.

peace of mind and contentment are a person's precious wealth.

Mr. Yang Jiang said: "although people are small, life is short, but people can learn, people can self-cultivation, people can improve themselves, people's value lies in themselves."

Life is a practice, constantly improving your own practice.

during this period, we should constantly improve and manage ourselves, so as to improve ourselves and change our destiny.

manage your own morality, stop complaining, praise others, and wealth will come;

manage your own face, be kind to others, and happiness will be revealed;

manage your own state of mind, be content, always be grateful, and your life will go smoothly.

May you and I continue to cultivate ourselves, peace and calm, and all the best for the rest of my life.