Men who can't coax their wives have low EQ.

Men who can't coax their wives have low EQ.
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I think so.

the happiness of a family depends on whether a man knows how to coax his wife.


90% of couples have conflicts

all because men can't talk

recently my friend Xiaojun complained to me that his wife was not sensible.

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he said that his wife recently thought that she was too busy to spend time with her, did not take care of the children, and forgot her birthday, so she had a fight.

I asked him, "then why don't you spend time with your wife and children and forget her birthday?"

Xiaojun replied impatiently, "I'm tired to death, and she'll be there. Don't I work for this family, too?"

I asked, "when you fight, do you talk to your wife like this?"

he nodded.

at that moment I understood his wife's difficulties.

so I analyzed to him: "in fact, your wife also wants you to spend more time with her and remember her birthday, so you should follow her words, coax her, and promise to come back early to accompany her next time and remember her birthday." Both of them are happy to communicate in this way. "

men who can't coax their wives have low EQ.

leaves do not turn yellow in a day, nor do people cool in a day.

this is a rare and ordinary thing. It accumulates too much, saves enough disappointment, and the marriage is gone.

90% of couples have conflicts because men can't talk.

wives are used to coax, not to yell.

it is a blessing for a family to have a man who knows how to coax his wife.


Love is neck and neck

Love is my initiative to throw in the towel

there is a hot story in Weibo.

when the husband is playing chess with his wife, the wife has been "cheating", so he gives way to her wife, and the wife wins in the end.

and in the following day, my wife was in a good mood, doing housework, talking and laughing, and laughing until she went to bed at night.

so the man summed up the classical law:

Home is not the place to be reasonable

Home and everything is prosperous, harmonious win-win

controlling emotions

good communication is the cornerstone of happiness

rules are dead, people are alive

and men whose wives are reasonable have serious problems

the best way to solve family conflicts is to coax his wife first and let her go. If you make your wife happy, your marriage will naturally be happy.

Don't leave the truth to her, give her love and understanding.

Women don't want much. I hope your attitude after the quarrel is good. A warm-hearted word is enough.

what a woman wants is her husband's obedience when quarrelling, and her husband really understands and loves his inner fragility.

Xiao Ai was aggrieved in the office and complained to her husband.

she said that she had been wearing small shoes by her colleagues and spoke ill of herself behind her back. After Xiao Ai knew, she was so angry that she didn't know who to vent.

her husband comforted her: "this person is abnormal, some people in the office will be out of balance, and then they like to speak ill of you behind your back and give you a bad reputation."

she said, "Oh, it's so angry. How could there be such a person?"

her husband also scolded with him: "who is this? next time you hear it, just scold it back!"

Xiao Ai said, "Oh, forget it. The contradiction still hinders the work behind, which is not very good."

her husband touched her head and said, "it's all right. If you're really aggrieved, come to me and scold me."

after hearing this, Xiao Ai immediately lost her breath, and then talked and laughed happily with her husband in the evening.

you see, sometimes, don't try to solve the little things that can be coaxed by reason.

A man will coax his wife, so that his wife's negative feelings will dissipate, and the atmosphere of the whole family will be warm.

the best love is when you cry and coax me, and you spoil me. I will share your sadness, and I will share your happiness.

how happy it is for a girl to meet a man who is willing to coax you.

A man who knows how to love his wife will learn to put down his reason and self-esteem and coax her.


Home is a place to talk about love, not to be reasonable.

once when Zhao Youting was at the "Happy Camp," he asked him, "what will you do if Gao Yuanyuan gets angry?"

he replied: basically, she doesn't get angry.

the host won't stop: what if, what if she gets angry?

he said, "if she gets angry, she can't be coaxed without me."

male homosexuals must know that they must not be reasonable and coax their wives.

Home is a place to talk about love, not to be reasonable.

A good marriage is not about winning or losing, but about happiness.

Marriage is both complex and simple.

quarrels are inevitable, the most important thing is to look at the attitude after the quarrel.

what I fear most is that men quarrel about right or wrong, be reasonable, and then blame women for being unreasonable.

Women are angry like children, so just coax.

usually say more compliments:

"wife, why are you so smart?"

"if you are smart, you have to be so beautiful."

my wife says more soft words when she is angry:

"good boy, let's not be angry, okay?" When you get angry, you get ugly. "

or buy for her:

"I'll buy you the lipstick box you mentioned last time, Bao.Bao, don't be angry! "

treat you to ice cream, hot pot and fried chicken. Calm down! "

which is not better than being reasonable and cursing each other?

in a happily married family, there is always a man who knows how to coax his wife.

when he has conflicts with his wife, he will put down his self-esteem and accept weakness, say a few words of admitting mistakes, and then say something sweet;

he will unite with his wife when he complains to him and share a common enemy.

he will accompany, comfort and encourage his wife when she complains.

there is a saying:

because of love, he is willing to be soft and let the two hearts get closer together.