No, it's the highest state of a person.

No, it's the highest state of a person.
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as the saying goes, "if the water is deep, you will remain silent."

not to say, it is an insight into the sophisticated human feelings of the world, and it is the transparent wisdom that precipitated.

not to say, is to understand the edge is not exposed, is the expression of warm goodwill.

because I know, I am merciful.

there are six things that people with high standards do not say.


Don't gossip

there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen: "he who says that people are right and wrong must be right and wrong."

although no one says behind anyone, if one does not talk about others, if he always fiddles with his words and talks about right and wrong, he will not only be annoying and annoying, but will also cause trouble to himself.

Liu Yong, a poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, failed four times in imperial examinations.

he was so depressed that he lingered in the Chu Hall of the Green Mansion, talking to everyone that the court had eyes without beads, and wrote words saying that fame and fortune was not as good as a woman's tactful singing.

during the fourth scientific examination, Liu Yong had been admitted, but Song Renzong, who learned of the matter, criticized it on the paper with a stroke of his pen: "and go and sing shallowly, there is no need to be famous!"

in this way, Liu Yong lost his name again.

as the old saying goes: sit still and often think about your own mistakes, and don't talk about others.

gossiping, the length of others, the loss of their own self-cultivation and quality, will be unpopular with others.

so, when you speak, put away your grievances, watch your mouth, don't gossip, don't cause trouble.

the more people with high horizons know how to keep their mouths shut, they can avoid misfortune and gain happiness in life.


Don't speak angrily

the famous Ming Dynasty scholar Zheng Jie said in his book "A King of an Day yesterday": "words in time of anger are often out of style."

when we are angry, it is easy for us to say a lot of inappropriate words.

even if it's just to vent your emotions, it's hard to take it back, and it's no use regretting it.

after reading a story, I was very touched by my heart.

there was an old man whose parents said angrily, "you can never compare with your brother." The old man has been bitter for the rest of his life.

someone asked him, "it's just an angry remark, as for it?"

the old man told him, "as for!"

now when I think of his parents' words, the old man will still have trembling hands and tears in his eyes, and he can't get out of the angry words.

"Honor and disgrace of Xunzi" said: "kind words with others are warmer than cloth and silk; hurtful words are deeper than spears."

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the soft tongue is boneless, but it can break the heart. sometimes angry words can hurt people more than knives and guns, and words that are spoken are like spilled water that can never be taken back.

so when you are angry, it is best not to speak, because 70% of what is said is emotional, and only the remaining 30% is content.

people with high horizons never speak angrily on the spur of the moment, and every word they say goes through their head.


Don't talk nonsense

there is a saying in Guanzi: "it doesn't understand the importance, it's nonsense."

words, whether they are true or not, come as soon as they open their mouths. If they don't know the importance, they are nonsense.

writer Chen Zhongxin once received a letter containing an article by a young man who loves literature. The young man wants to ask himself whether it is suitable to take this road.

after reading it, he felt that the article was not outstanding, but he wrote in his reply: "your article is good" and encouraged him to continue to write.

Young people are ecstatic when they get the recognition and devote themselves to writing all day long, but decades later, they still accomplish nothing.

Chen Zhong never thought of his inadvertent remark, which delayed a young man's life, so he regretted it.

Wang Xiaobo once said: "the spatter of mouth foam makes a great value judgment on others, but the level is very low."

if you are in a high position, you should be more measured in speaking, and don't jump to conclusions, because a casual remark may ruin other people's lives.

the speaker is careless, the listener is intentional, everyone has his own life choice, not to judge other people's life arbitrarily, is a kind of the highest self-cultivation.


Don't talk crazy

as the old saying goes, "if the sky is crazy, there will be rain, and when people are crazy, there will be disaster."

if you take yourself too seriously, you will become arrogant and arrogant and ignore others.

it is inevitable to utter wild words, arouse people's disgust, and finally be swallowed up by arrogance and destroy their own prospects.

during the three Kingdoms, Wu Wei, a minister of the State of Wei, returned to Beijing for Hajj, and Cao Pi, the Emperor of Wei, asked the ministers to go to his party for a drink.

who knows, after getting drunk, Wu Wei quarreled with General Cao Zhen and said wildly, "what are you? I don't even want to open my throat when I swallow you, and I can't even use your teeth if I chew."

Cao Zhen is an ordinary person. He is the adopted son of Cao Cao. The curse caused by this wild remark led to the death of Wu, who was named an "ugly Marquis" and stinked for a thousand years.

the Analects of Confucius says: "A gentleman wants to be slow in words and quick in deeds."

people who achieve great things are all humble, put aside their arrogance and arrogance long ago, and speak neither humbly nor arrogantly, because they feel that they have nothing to show off in their life.

the flower is fragrant, not in the wind; the tiger is dignified, and there is no need to shout everywhere.


Don't say bad words

"Zengguang Xian Wen" says: "good words are warm in three winters, and evil words hurt people in June."

A truly cultured person will never easily speak ill of others.

knife sores are easy to go away, but bad words are hard to go away. a slanderous word does more harm than physical harm.

Lu Xun's prose poem argument tells a story.

A family gave birth to a boy, and the whole family was very happy.

when there is a full moon, I specially hold it out to show it to the guests, thinkingIt's a good sign.

someone said, "he's going to get rich in the future." He got a thank-you.

someone said, "he is going to be an official in the future." He received a few compliments.

someone said, "he is going to die in the future." He was beaten up.

in real life, many people are like this. when they try to be quick, they say bad things and hurt people invisible.

there is an old saying: "the mouth can spit roses as well as thistles."

it is the most basic self-cultivation that one is born to be a human being.

if you say something carelessly, you must hurt others and yourself. People are mutual. If you want to be "as warm as cloth", you can't let others "hurt like a knife."

every word you say determines the height of your life.


Don't complain

in the book the stitches of time, it is written: "to live is to try our best not to let sad fate drag us into the quagmire."

A really strong person never complains or refuses to complain, but strives forward silently.

because things tend to get worse as soon as people start complaining.

Sister Xianglin, everyone is no stranger, and she came from a miserable life, so when she met someone, she told her miserable experience and wanted to get sympathy from others again and again.

it's okay to complain once in a while, but she is full of negative energy and sighs all day long. People who originally sympathized with her are also very disgusted, and her grief has become the talk of others.

only complaining can not solve any practical problems at all, and it is impossible to win the understanding of others if you open your own scars over and over again, it will only be offensive.

more often, people are too busy to take care of themselves and do not have the time and energy to sympathize with and save the difficulties of others.

if you don't put down your own baggage, can you easily solve it with a lot of complaints?

not complaining is to turn the external blow into the energy of internal growth.

instead of complaining, it is better to change, take a good step, and the good times will come naturally.

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "auspicious people have few words, but there are many irritable words."

the more auspicious and kind a person is, the more silent he is; the more impetuous a person is, the more talkative he is.

speaking is instinct, shut up is spiritual practice, and wise people don't speak six times.

people with a truly high level know that silence has its power.

the beauty of heaven and earth is silent, Peng flies thousands of miles speechless; the flowers in the mountains are quiet, and the drops of water wear stones in silence.

May you and I understand the wisdom of "do not speak" for the rest of my life, no gossip, no angry words, no nonsense, no wild words, no evil words, no complaints.

come back through thousands of sails, not stained with the dust of the years, meaning not to say the way, quietly keep the inner peace and happiness.